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  1. Youngbin (Chani's co-member in SF9) had a vlive and he talked about SKY Castle most of the time. Chani unknowingly spoiled the story behind Hyena's death. https://twitter.com/vayargh/status/1082657010896850945?s=19
  2. There are tons of hints that were missed. There's the dead bug. There's the year that it happened. Some are saying that Hyena's death will. Actually happen in the last episode. Some were saying that Woojoo will be investigated. Some were saying that Woojoo's personality is not what it seems. Some observed Woojoo playing with a cutter and he's always wearing a watch. But these are all speculations...
  3. If I am as rich as the Kang's, I would've hired the best P. I. to do a background check on Coach Kim as soon as I smell something fishy. I mean, they're rich right? Why don't they hire a P. I.? About Coach Kim, she uses the desires of the student to get into SNU. I want to know more about Kay and her husband... Hyena is now the scariest person in the whole bunch. She wants to replace Yehseo. In her imaginations you can only see her dad and Yebin who accepts her. SeoJin and YehSeo are nowhere to be found. Actually, all the kids in Sky Castle are ticking bombs. I want to know more about them too.
  4. I don't know what Coach Kim wants to happen now. She wants HyeNa to live with the Kangs? Oh my goodness... I don't know... I know that the main story focuses on the Kangs, but I hope that the other families will have their own time to shine too. As I've said earlier, I like the Woo Family. I just hope that Dr. Kang won't make his usual mistakes with Dr. Woo and make him a cripple. I want more of Prof. Cha and his family too. As for YehSuh, she's a driven character who wants to be on top of everything. But I think the most confident person can also be the most insecured person. She has no friends and she knows it. She acts almighty but she knows that no one really cares about her. She's doing her best because in her mind, being the best is a way to gain the attention that she wants and needs. But she's also a brat. The problem with her is that she's being trained to live that way like she's the queen of the world. Everything will crumble now that HyeNa's going after her father. Coach will use that. Coach uses pain to motivate her students. Maybe before without HyeNa, HyeSuh will be able to pass Coach Kim unharmed but now that HyeNa is someone else, HyeSuh is in danger. Woojoo liking HyeNa made her so mad what more if her dad who she wants to please would love HyeNa more than her because HyeNa is his daughter to the woman that he really loved.
  5. https://youtu.be/FDYlBiWYqBs Now that Hyena's mom is dead, YehSuh better be ready. HyeNa has nothing to lose now. Anyone here who knows Korean? I only have limited Korean language skills and I heard the word "daughter" here, so, is HyeNa really Dr. Kangs daughter?
  6. Just finished watching episode 7. I hate how KJY motivates her students to get to the top. She uses their weakness to manipulate them. It's painful to watch and I suddenly pity YehSuh because instead of her becoming a better person, I'm getting scared of what might become of her. I'm just so bothered with it. As for JinJin (as he husband calls her) I like her. I like how real she is. She loves her family and you can see that in their interactions. It's just sad that connections are so important to her. But I hope Dr. Woo will get the best surgery.
  7. We still don't know Hyena's relationship with Dr. Kang or if they are even related. What we know is that Hyena's mom is his first love and that mom is reaching out to him to help Hyena but as I've said it's still not clear yet. As for the money... Are you talking about the preview? That is Do Hoon's mom, she's the mom that HSJ was talking to when she was looking for a study group for YehSuh...
  8. LSI is like a trigger of some sort to the women in that place. I like LSI's effect on NSH. During the first episodes, NSH was just a "stupid, no backbone" wife. She follows everything her husband tells her to do (grudgingly). She does love her kids and we can see that when she made them get out of the house during that snowy night. She wanted to protect them but she doesn't know how. LSI made her realize that she can do something about it by starting with what is within her control. And by taking that first step, she realized that she can do more, much more than she expected. LSI's effect on HSJ is making her act who she really is with no pretension at all. Since LSI is the only one who knows HSJ's past, HSJ just all out richard simmons out on her. She curses, threatens and act crude to LSI in contrast to her refined, elegant and composed self when she's with her "friends". On the other hand, LSI and JJH is just a funny combination. It's like watching Queen bee's minion fight the heroine of the drama. I hope to see her on LSI's side someday. It will be fun. Just a little trivia tho I don't know if it's related to the drama. The Hwang Family's name 황 also means "ruler, pheonix, bright" among others. Maybe they were born to rule Sky Castle. Or maybe they are like a phoenix, they were burned to ashes before (death of first wife) but they rose from the ashes and came back gloriously.
  9. I honestly don't really know if Kay is a boy or girl. I just said "he" coz it's what I saw in the subs. I don't speak Korean so I'm also not sure... hehehehe... Sorry about that... One more night and Sky Castle will air again. I really look forward to this drama's next episode. I know more revelations will come tomorrow night. My favorite scenes in Episode 6 are the noodles. Hehehehe... Maybe I'm mean but I'm always happy when Prof. Cha is unhappy... hahahahaha....
  10. I guess it was Kay that Coach Kim was watching in the monitor when HSJ was begging her to take YS back at the end of episode 5. I think it was one when Kay was having a tantrum and she saw it in the video, she was perplexed but of course, HSJ didn't notice it for she was busy acting that time too. I said acting because after Coach Kim agreed to take YS back, we can see how she wiped her tears at the hallway and had that smile. It was not a smile of relief because Coach Kim agreed to take YS back, but more like a smile that says, "I got you fooled." HSJ has been acting for the longest time in her life. Her life is all an act. She will beg if she has too, like how she did with her mother-in-law. Begging Coach Kim is nothing to her as long as she gets what she wants in the end. At the same time, I think she trusts YS and her ambition. In contrast to her relationship with YB, she really knows YS well. She knows that her daughter is just like her, very ambitious and would not be contented to be just the second best. That's why she was shocked when she heard from Coach Kim that YS likes WJ because it was out of character for YS. YS's character is the most transparent one among the kids. She's just an annoying self-centered, ambitious brat. Her mom made her like that. It's like HSJ is giving her everything that she didn't have before. HSJ molded her to be like that and that's the reason she can tolerate YS's unhealthy character. I think the writer will make YS's life more complicated now because she will finally realize that she can't have everything that she wants. Can you guys see the similarities between the life of YS and HN? KJS first love is HN's mom. HSJ did something and was able to break up KJS and HN's mom. Now, YS is in love with WJ who is in love with HN. What are the odds of that happening? Let's see of YS will be as successful as HSJ from stealing the heart of the person she likes. Sorry for the random ideas that popped in my head...
  11. I'm so glad that this thread is getting more mature viewers. It's been a long time since I've waited for a drama like this. I hope more people will watch it and learn the lessons that this drama is giving us. I'm scared of what can happen to these kids. This is just the surface and we don't know what really goes on underneath. Yehbin's story I think is the first one that they will tackle and I hope all the kids will have their own arcs.
  12. Sky Castle keeps on impressing me everytime a new episode airs. I like that it teaches me how to become a better parent to my children. I'm so glad that with only by word of mouth it was able to gain the attention of viewers. I found a comment in one famous drama blogger that this person didn't even know about Sky Castle until it was already airing. Someone also was quite disappointed because Sky Castle is giving the drama that it likes a hard time to get a higher rating. I know it's not just about ratings but it's still making me happy to see that a good drama is getting the recognition that it deserve. Sky Castle is called as the underdog for this particular timeslot and I agree. The rival drama is being starred by hallyu stars which are very skilled and famous but I guess people can relate more with Sky Castle. Now to episode 5 and 6. I love the children including the annoying YS. The Kang and Cha family made me realize again that favoritism and making siblings compete with each other is really unhealthy. I can easily relate to YB since I also have a sister who excels in everything (tho my sister is much sweeter and kinder than YS). YB being rebellious is a lesson to parents coz it really happens. Parents won't admit that they have favorites but in reality they do and the children with less attention suffers from it. I really hated Professor Cha when he said that his sons should be competitors first before being brothers. I'm like, "what the hell are you talking about?" I haven't met a person like him yet and I hope I won't ever meet one. Making siblings compete with each other is really not healthy. The one that will excel will have more favors which will just make the other one insecure with his achievements. Everytime Prof. Cha suffered in episodes 5 and 6, I celebrate.. hahahahahaa... Both the Hwang and Woo family have one child each. I like that both these families love their kid unconditionally. The kids there fortunately are less damaged and more happy. JJH's sweetness towards her son is so welcoming. I guess that's the good part of her character. She openly expresses her affection to her son and it was just so sweet. LSI parenting skills comes from her years of spending in the orphanage managed by her parents. She was able to meet different kinds of personalities there and it helps her deal with the children in SC. YB is the golden child this week. I'm emotionally invested in her story since I can relate to it. HSJ loves YB child but unconsciously she favors YS more. It's the classic drama where a mom compares her children and demanding one child to be like her sibling. It will be hard for her to accept that she favors the other one more. How do I know, coz until now my parents denies that they favor my sister more. I'm scared with what the writers will do with WooJoo's story. He appears to be too kind like he's the perfect child. If the writer will take his character to a much deeper case, it can be scary. He keeps things to himself as his father said. For five years he didn't complain and just took it all in. It's like he hasn't acted out yet. I get a bit scared when I saw HyeNa's reaction when WJ offered to carry her books. She looked at HS first, accepted WJ's help, walked in front of him then looked at HS like she's saying, "I got the boy that you like." She might break WJ's heart and this can be the start of WJ's dark side. HN's story is still a mystery. We still don't know if she's KJS's daughter. But she's very competitive towards HS. She even said that she will not lose to HS. Maybe in her mind HS is her complete opposite. HS is from a rich family with complete parents while she's poor with just her sick mother. She has a lot more to offer in this drama and I'm looking forward to it. I have said a lot and I'm sorry for the long read (If you read the whole thing).
  13. Does it really matter? But I think it's Yum Jung-Ah (Han Seo-Jin). I think this will be like Desperate Housewives were all the moms are the main actresses of the drama. Actually aside from Chani there's another actor from FNC, he's Jo Jae-Yun (Woo Yang-Woo), the suck-up father/doctor.
  14. No wonder all the kids are good actors. 1 in 200? Wow... that’s lot of child actors. So we can say that these young actors are the creme of the crop? Hehehehe... I’m sorry, I’m really a fan of Chani and I’m proud that he was chosen. I began to be his fan even when he wasn’t an idol yet. I guess Soompi saw the value of this drama. I also hope that more fans will come here and discuss the drama with us. There’s more to this drama than meets the eye...
  15. It's been years since I've been active here in Soompi. I think the last drama I was really active in was Reply 1988. Sky Castle makes me want to be active here again because it really is a good drama to discuss and share POVs. I admit I checked out this drama because of Chani (yes, I am a fan of his group), but after watching it's first episode, I realized that I'm hooked. I like all the actors, no one is irritating me with bad acting. The story is solid and there are a lot of things to reflect with in this drama since I'm also a mom of two kids. Each family has their own dynamics. I called the Kang Family the pretenders. The Dad JS is pretending to be this cool person, unaffected by things around him but in reality he is ambitious and wants to be the head of the hospital. Mom, SJ is the most pretentious one to the point that she changed her name and wants to forget her past. YS is pretending to be this above everything girl but in reality she insecure and thus she wants to have the best tutors and everything. YB is also pretending to be a rebel because all she wants is to be noticed by her mom who is just focused on her sister. Now let's go to the Hwang family, my favorite family. I call them the ideal family. They are actually far from being perfect. SI is not the biological mom of WJ as discussed earlier. So we can say that the reason why they know how to value a person is because WY and WJ lost someone important to them. They have been through a heartache and they have survived it. We can also see how WJ goes the extra mile to make SI feel that she's really part of the family. He appreciates her plants and even joined in the book club when SI didn't even tell him to join. WY is naturally a good person since we've seen him discuss the interns situation with the president. I love that SI is not a pushover but someone who says what she wants and stands up for what she believes in. Now to the Cha family aka the broken family. It's almost perfect but the Dad, MH is just terrible. He is so ambitious that when he can't get what he wants, he demands his kids to get it for him. I know he is driven but he's too obsessed to become the top person. It's a good thing his wife somehow balances it for him. She does all she can to save the souls of her twins CSJ and CKJ. The boys are nice because of their mom but somehow broken because of their dad. CSJ has insecurities that he tends to get attracted to the person he thinks is superior (YS). CKJ is already acting out because of his dad's weirdness. The last family, the Woo family or the suck-ups. They are the comedic relief of the drama but sucking up to whoever authority they are currently facing. From the father YW who sucks up to JS, JH to SJ and their son YJ to YB. They may be suck ups but at least their family is a more ideal than the Kangs and Chas. I'm looking forward to this drama. I'm intrigued with what the coach was watching while SJ is begging her to tutor her daughter again.
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