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  1. first time posting here ... I was in such a shock seeing the head nurse in the end ... but then i realized, it could not be the mom because how can she survive being thrown in the water and with all the blood lost? if the head nurse is MY's aunt, maybe she stayed close to the father to find out what happened to her sister. i think maybe the father just said she disappeared. i was puzzled by the title of this episode as well, but if head nurse is MY's mom's sister then it is fitting. so she got her confession from MY dad so that should be the end of her revenge, especially since the dad said MY has nothing to do with it ... unless she is as crazy as her sister (judging by the way she was acting at the end) ... maybe they were twins? How did she get that butterfly pin? Maybe both of them has the same pin? so she drew that butterfly on the wall. i was also puzzled by the "psyche" referrals... i think maybe since MY mom is a writer, she is well versed and the doctor is ... well a doctor who should know about these stuff. ... but then again, why warn GT not to trust anyone? 3 more episodes to go ...
  2. AJ's reaction to all four men defies Kdrama "you are the dad to my daughter but i did not tell you and now you might find out and hate me or take my daughter away" lead female typical reaction when meeting the father of their child after 14years. She is not so flustered with any of the men or even scared that one of them will find out they have been a dad for the last 14years. I had a thought that maybe HN is a friend's daughter that AJ had to take care of and did not want to be a burden to ODO, BUT i remembered the first episode showing AJ pregnant during RJ's movie premiere.....all i can do now is just keep watching ...
  3. Another thing that we know NAJ will end up with ODO is because ODO is the only one with another girl going after him making a love triangle and adding to the angst. PD gangster is holding a backseat right now ... I wonder if the writer will add more of him in the story.
  4. With regards to ODO and OYW being brothers (with RJ as the real OYW) just because they have the same last name might be far fetched. Usually sibling has the same first or second name that tells you they are siblings. Dae Oh and Yeon Woo doesnt sound like siblings even with the same last name. I suddenly remembered what NAJ said in the book concert to ODO, that what if he was the one that ruined her life. Which we can right away think because he impregnated her. I guess we need to see more of why NAJ was anguishing with RJ about ODO. What happened between them that NAJ was getting drunk and even ignoring RJ when he asked if she even sees him. For sure teacher OYW is not the father because he was too young and NAJ was not as flustered when meeting him again and did not try to distance her daughter from him. Maybe OYW saw that baby journal with the father's name empty and he wrote his name there because as shown with flashbacks, he desperately wanted to take care of NAJ when she was pregnant. I will be very mad if the writer insinuate even for a little bit in future episode that something happened between NAJ and OYW as well.
  5. I have not posted for years but I couldnt help it with this drama. I am happy for SJH for finally getting a good drama. I love her from Running Man. After watching ep.4 ... I am thinking RJ is the father? Reason being ... why will he panic when he realized NAJ's daughter's age if he never slept with NAJ? That rainy night flashback must have been a one night stand. NAJ broke up with ODO because she got pregnant by RJ and she cant tell RJ because she doesnt want to be a stumbling block for his career. ODO thinks he is also the father because they were in a relationship before. The thing that still escapes me is why OYW's name on the baby journal. I hate waiting for Wednesday. With SIP during pandemic, days go by slower.
  6. farstrep said: When Eun Soo's flashlight glasses went out, I half expected Choi Young to charge the battery.
  7. in the preview, ES said haraboji (sorry for the spelling) ... so, is that diary her grandfather's?
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