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  1. First of all, I just want to point out the character description for CSH on the first page. I watched the first two episodes and I did not see CSH as having a child that is why I was confused with the character description of her being a divorced mother. Secondly, I was skeptical at first regarding this drama. I love SHK, and I think PBG is cute, but I did not think they will look good together. I did not want to see SHK as a "cougar" and PBG is just too boyish looking, plus I did not like his hair in Cuba (I am glad he got a haircut before he started working at the company), but the directing, writing and acting skills changed my mind. I find myself laughing and giggling at both of their antics during the first two episodes and really enjoyed the drama. I look forward to future episodes.
  2. I havent seen the newest episode even in raw version, but based on the recaps and feedback it is full of flashbacks .... there were so many flashbacks in this drama that I feel like they are trying to stretch the scenes too much to fill each episodes. Writer-nim please do better in future episodes. I love our OTP, but dont cheat that way ... We want new screen time for our OTP and better story flow. Somehow I think YJ getting upset at the news about WH is bipolarish?!?!?! I dont understand that reaction. Why would YJ be so upset? Seems like she loves WH so much that she is willing to lose everything, and yet she can not entertain an explanation? What is up with that reaction? WH is with her now, even promised her not to change and she knows about the chaebol woman who wanted WH so bad and how WH feels about that woman. Why cant the story be both of them fighting all these fake news instead of helping the fake news win? Please give more credit to YJ. She is more intelligent than that. I think I might skip watching this episode. I am saving my tears for future episodes.
  3. CWH's doctor friend and YYJ's CEO looks good together (hospital scene when they were standing next to each other) ... I wouldnt mind a love line there ...
  4. I agree, she looks better when her hair is "tied up loosely" (like when she was surprised to see them come to her home) ... which is different from her hair "tied up in a bun" (like when she was at CWH home helping him with chores)
  5. watching raw, i think YYJ or YEH looks much prettier without her "makeup." I really dont like her lipstick colors, but I dont blame her since her role is a famous actress who has to be conscious of how she looks all the time. She is too thin to have her hair up in a bun, she looks better with her hair down. Her face has become so small that her thick lips are more prominent now. At the beginning of the drama, I had to look back at her coffee prince photos to see if she had her lips done and I am glad it was the lipstick colors and her smaller face. When she was exercising outside, I wished he went outside to see how sexy she is!
  6. Not sure if anyone mentioned it, viki sub is pretty slow, but I did see this one. CWH put down YYJ name in his phone book as "Good Person." YYJ dad told him that he has to marry someone who is a "Good Person." I dont know if they have shown CWH's name in YYJ phone book yet. From the beginning, he must have been attracted to her (she is a gorgeous actress, who wouldnt be!). There were so many hints as to his feelings for her, such as staying with her all night every time she gets hurt, getting upset when he saw her poster on the floor and immediately cleaning it up, getting upset seeing her close to another man, wanting to introduce her to his "father," etc. Just thought I'd share that. I rarely visit soompi, but this community is the only place I can share my kdrama thoughts to .
  7. As expected of someone as successful as MY, she showed how smart she was by planning ahead and recognizing that SH is the best person to become her adult guardian. Some might think it should be HS, but she chose SH because she saw how responsible and honest she is. HS will not be able to handle or protect her and her property. The emotional pain will be too much for him. Her decision-making skills are top notch.
  8. Thank you for this! I am sad about MY ... I hope the doctors can prescribe her some medicine to slow the dementia down.
  9. my thoughts... OMG ... I cant believe MS made me cry ... he is human after all ... I guess exposure to the Parks has really melted his frozen heart ... oh wait too dramatic ... his heart was crushed by DY ... there simple as that I hope WAM will be as honest with SH like she was with MY ... they should leave WAM alone in that apartment .... ET is in panic mode ... let's just have a triple wedding!
  10. my thoughts... MY should not have told JJH about ET/ES relationship. It should have come from ET. HH's reverse psychology on MS did not work ... i wonder how she will clean that up. MY was impressed at JH's maturity in that he wants to handle the matter between him and MS without the help of the elders. ET should make it clear to YH that he wants to marry her because he loves her and their daughter and not because he wants to secure his role as ES bio dad. Applause for KS for not condoning his mom. Somehow he grew up well despite his mom being a witch! LOL
  11. Not much development with ET/YH, but I am glad to see MS is getting more comfortable with the twins. I just hope discovering DY/JH relationship will not affect their relatioship that much. Maybe MS is smart enough to know that having a family is more valuable and that he can always meet someone else who will like him for himself, the new MS who is emerging like a butterfly from his cocoon. His cold ways melting away because he now has a family who will love him. I think that is why he is so desperate to bring back his dad, so he can have a whole family. Bringing back and forcing his irresponsible father to MY will just make him more miserable because it will never work and his father will just be dependent on him. He has a better family now, a loving and warm family with lots of siblings to boot. He just wants to be loved and the Park family is the best family for him. Thank you HS ...
  12. SH's WAM is the typical opportunistic leech in dramas, always wanting a better life off of someone else's fortune. Grooming her son to catch a rich wife to depend on, but unfortunately, her son is not good enough to grant her wish. He has no skills, no smarts, just a mama's boy who grew up weak. And yet, fate was still nice to him, giving him a good and smart wife in SH, who came with a good family as a bonus. WAM is not able to appreciate all her son's good fortune in SH and is forever blind to his incompetence. She just wants to give him an easy life running a rent-free cafe. Good thing MY knows exactly what kind of person SH is and that WAM's demands are utterly beyond SH's character. I am glad the nosy couple were able to figure out WAM and inform MY. I cant wait for today's episode because I want to see how MY shuts down WAM.
  13. its 6pm, VIKI has Ep 38 100% subbed, but I dont see the subs! Why is it that the only thought that runs through my mind when I see ET ... how effing unfortunate for ET to have fathered a child with the woman he loves, but yet to sleep with her!?
  14. Being the perfectionist that he is, CSW treated ES with disdain because she did not turn out to be the perfect child that he wanted. Per YH, CSW was looking for the perfect donor so they can have a child that will take after CSW. To him, ES is a failed experiment, a sickly female child which he has no use for. The one and only reason he wants to take ES away is to save himself from being caught guilty of theft, no matter if his uncle gets ES's inheritance. He envies how ET has such freedom to live his life the way he wants, for all we know he wanted to be ET so he stole ET's child. Maybe another reason he wants ES back is because its eating him up that somehow fate is returning what he stole.
  15. ok just finished watching subbed episodes. My guess was right. ET did not want to have children because of his rare blood type and did donate his "little guys," but for research. Since CSW idolizes ET's dad and giving up his medical career puts an end to his dream of living like his idol, what's the next best thing for him? Why not have a child (maybe he is hoping for a son) that has the genes of that famous doctor. A perfect child (YH said he was a perfectionist) who can live his dream for him. He just did not expect to get stuck with a sickly child, not knowing that ET had such a rare blood type. It shows on his incredulous face when he found out that ET donated his blood to ES. CSW envies ET and might feel insecure towards ET. ET is living the life he wanted (well, was living that life before he met YH). And now ET has his family, the woman he loved so much that he gave up his dream. In the end he got what he deserved after he threw away his family, Too bad for him that it was all part of fate's plan. Like ET said, YH and him were meant to be together. Nice work writer-nim. I hope I can watch next weekend's episodes. I will be out of the country, but I will try my best.
  16. Oh and if ET is ES's abeoji and the writer somehow decides to use this for the couple to break up instead of celebrate ... I will be truly pissed!
  17. Forgot about this ... in the US a parent cannot take their child out of the country without the other parent's consent. In ES case, CSW should not be able to take her out of Korea without YH being present at the airport to give consent. Or if YH has to take her out of Korea, she has to bring the court papers that shows she has full custody of ES and does not need CSW permission/presence. So what CSW did was attempted kidnapping and should be prosecuted by law. Oh and this also applies to getting ES passport/ticket, but I guess the Chae's are very powerful people in Korea and can get around getting a passport/ticket for a child they don't have custody of.
  18. I cant help but comment (have not been in SOOMPI for a long time) ... but the plot that ET is ES's abeoji is really proof that this drama is fictional LOL ... I am so curious how the writer will resolve that. - I dont see ET going to a sperm bank to donate. Most guys who does that needs extra cash so they sell their "little guys." ET does not need that kind of money. Still, ET should know not to donate because he has such a rare blood type and freely doing so can create a problem to any child born with the same blood type. - So, did ET decide to preserve his "little guys" in case he needs them since at that time he decided not to get married? - And did CSW find out that a precious set of "little guys" from this famous korean doctor's son is available and stole them with the help of that korean-american doctor that YH spoke to on the phone? - Why is CSW so scared for the truth to be revealed? Because he can be guilty of theft? Or since his family is in the medical industry, is he guilty of performing some kind of illegal experiment? I cant wait to find out how this will all fall into place.
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