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  1. I don't know why, but whenever I listen to Min Kyung Hoon singing I feel like his voice does not fit him and it happened again with this OST (I like both, but I feel like there should be two different people).
  2. @triplem KJM's thumb was cut off after his death. I've actually thought that someone tried to mislead the investigators into believing that he was killed by the same guy. Unless he `insisted` on his signature, although he was not the one who killed him, nor did he cut off KJM's thumb as a mean of torturing him.
  3. That's why I said "They might think that CSI Miami is the "founding father" of forensics", and by that I don't talk about the franchise, but the a "real" forensics office. I usually hate the "simple" drama way of dealing with other cultures, and this time is no exception. People are from America, or studying in America, or looking for lost relatives in America. They have been living in Europe, as Europe is a one-language speaking country, Italians eat pasta and are coffee - any coffee experts, the Spanish play the guitar (I've met more and better guitarists in Portugal than in Spain), not to mention that Africa is just that. I usually take it easy because I am aware that I am as ignorant about Asia and other parts of the world as they are about Europe or the US and I don't have high expectations about regular people, but I still think scriptwriters should do a better job with their research. On that note, they might have said that it's all right to contact the Miami office even though she is from LA. Doesn't everyone write to the Miami experts all the time?! (I am sure I've heard CSI Miami being mentioned in another drama.)
  4. I don't think they mixed it up. It's just that CSI Miami is better known than CSI LA (or than NCIS: Los Angeles). You might have noticed, but drama references to other countries are mainly linked to stereotypes. They might think that CSI Miami is the "founding father" of forensics. I am waiting for Horatio Caine's name to pop-up whenever Sally mentions CSI Miami.
  5. The subbed one might be released tomorrow or on Saturday, as the subbed episodes of We Will Channel You are usually uploaded with a 8-9 days delay - that is if those translating the show will also translate this one (I hope they will).
  6. I remember reading about Byun Yo Han withdrawing from the drama.
  7. I am watching the last episode and I've just realized that Joon So Min is not the only one who was in dramas with both Kim Ji Suk and Ha Suk Jin. Joo Hee Bong's (Yoo Baek's agency CEO) last drama was Your House Helper. I feel like his relationship with the male lead was somewhat similar.
  8. Actually, isn't it the same number of hours even if there are less episodes? Normally an episode lasts 1 h, so we'd have 16 h/ drama. This was an 11 episodes * 1.5 h drama, so it would be 16.5 h. Which doesn't mean it was not a good drama with a nice ending.
  9. HR: You are not even a human being! HR/SN's dad: He's not, that's why he is "a son of a dog". Look at him, he even looks like a dog! SSR: I'll never get rid of that ... dog!
  10. She says she would sleep there. PS: If you still haven't, don't (watch the preview).
  11. I keep thinking about something I've heard in another drama (Ghost Detective), where ghosts kept on doing what they did the moment they died. I feel like it was the same in MotA. CHS died while fighting JW, so he keeps on going after him even after his death, Secretary Seo dies while being JW's ally, so he keeps on fighting along JW even after his death, and JW... "disappears" while being selfless and trying to "save everyone else", and he keeps on doing the same even one year later. The problem is that according to this reasoning he is now zombie Zinu but instead of going after someone, like CHS, he protects them, just like he did before his disappearance. And as I've finally braced myself and visited Alhambra, I've tried identifying some of the filming locations. The "entrance" to the dungeon and the so-called dungeon are in two different buildings, though. It was not a good day for taking photos, so forgive their poor quality. There were many places in the town that I couldn't identify, and I'll try to do that on Wednesday, after my last exam, as I am still curious where HJ's hotel is. I only know that it is not in Albaicín or in Sacromonte, as it wasn't white, so that leaves me with the other half of the old town. :))
  12. The raw is up. Now I can finally watch the previous 2 episodes...
  13. How am I to watch Lee Yi Kyeong back in Waikiki after watching him in Investigation Couple and Children of Nobody? He was all right in Investigation Couple, but I can hardly recognize him in Children of Nobody - acting-wise. He has grown up a lot since the first Waikiki series. I cannot believe that it was less than an year ago. I cannot stop wondering if it is the "seonbenimdeul"'s effect. I hope Kim Ye Won's character will be different from her old ones. I feel like it's difficult for her to escape the trap of playing the same character over and over again. I'm holding my fingers crossed. But until then, I'm (im)patiently waiting for Kim Seon Ho, Lee Yi Kyeong and Shin Hyeon Soo.
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