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  1. Yes, I was recommended by AvenueX. I am not really into body swapping trope, and modern chinese drama is not really my thing as I find they are usually boring. But this one is a gem. I binge them. This drama is really funny. So anyone who is hesitant need to give this drama a try. Now I am a fan of ZXC, he is really good acting as Shengsheng in this drama. I really laugh a lot during the walnut scenes.
  2. OMG... YES..!! I saw this one and this one was the funniest of all. And ZY is so badly off key that I can't. I cannot stop laughing during the part. Even the MC was like, son in low please pay attention to your expression, this is Axiang that was singing. Lol. Their expression like 'huh' 'what the ...'. Agree ZY is worst that GJ. But GJ did extremely well in rap, surprisingly. So sad that they cut those scene. I also did not watch them on live. Now, we can only see the clips, and not as a whole concert. They cut the juiciest part... Btw, I hav
  3. @Wuzetian Did you watch it on YT or Youku app? I prefer to watch on YT because I can actually watch it on TV instead of laptop or phone, but the thing they are subscription and it is only for a month. So I am debating if I wanna subscribe. I still haven't had time to watch bcos of work. So I just saw the clips from twitter as in for now. XD
  4. thanks @Wuzetian and @kur4p1k4 LOL. For episode 17, they added the stare for seconds. I didn't notice the different until I saw it on twitter. Better and smooth transitioning. But lol... I am happy they added the lao wen 3x by ZZS for ep 12. Someone pointed it out in twitter, it is like we are collecting glaze armor. Collecting bits and pieces of different version from different platform.
  5. @miaka fy Nah... better watch it later. I also have work. So I am not going to watch them live. I am gonna watch it after I'm done with my work. Lmao. Good thing you can watch it anytime for 10 years. XD Hmm... not sure, it may be 2 different concerts or maybe the same concerts. LOL. Double interactions with ZZH and GJ, I have no complain. Or double 'wedding ceremony'. Lmao. Yes, ZZH with longer hair, I love it. I like him with his longer hair, looks good. I prefer him with slightly longer hair. Now, you are giving me an idea to vote more. Off to download W
  6. @Wuzetian Yes. I did. For both days. Yeah.. I am using iPhone, it has Apple Pay. I think you can also buy it thru computer, but I think you need to have Alipay or WeChat Pay. But I'm not sure how does that work. Unfortunately it seems that if you are in US, you cannot use WeChat or Alipay since it is banned.
  7. Poster of the people who will be in the concert. Also, of all the the poses that they can choose, they need to choose the one WKX looks at ZZS longingly. @miaka fy I hope you get the tickets for the concert. I also saw it, the one the actor playing ZJ posted photos him as a female. I think he also posted videos of him turning to women in the pink hair. He is hilarious. Nah.. episode 27 is the same version of the previous one. I think that footage was never use. It just bts. But at least we got that version as bts.
  8. Guys.. It is official WOH concert on May 3-4 Credit to the owner. Here are the list of people joining so far. It seems like Qiye (Miles Wei) is not able to attend. Credit to the owner. It said that the concert will be available live streaming from Youku app. Paid.
  9. @Wuzetian I only manage to vote the one in WeChat. The gold black one. I cannot vote the red white one. It keeps giving me error. Oh well. OMG. OMG!!! I can't breathe guys... I'm dead. This definitely will not pass censorship. But... it is so sweet. OMG... This is newest bts. Credit to the owner.
  10. @kur4p1k4 OMG! I also feel that when using the original voices, it feels much more sweeter . Also, did they trim down this scene. It seems like ZZS didn't call him 3 times. Need to go back to rewatch. Are we going to get special episode again? @WuzetianThanks for the video of AvenueX. I really like this scriptwriter. She is able to add more layer to the characters without changing the core of the characters. She just assimilate them and add more depth towards characters.
  11. @kur4p1k4 Wkwkwkwk~ Even the group name was hilarious. LOL... The pun name was genius and cheeky too... Yes, it is funny that WOH is no.1 on romance category. But they are indeed bRomance. But all the cast has a sizzling chemistry, even Scorpion King and Zhao Jing. Also, the actress who play Beauty Ghost hinted there might be smtg going between Beauty Ghost and Tragicomic Ghost. Lol. Wow.. Where did the fans get that money from. That's expensive. And it is only for one costume right? Wow... I wonder how the line up for the concert will be. GJ's Wuh
  12. @kur4p1k4 All in all. The outcome turned out great for all the cast and the crew members. and also for us. . We have new CP to support. I hope they add more scene for the upcoming episodes. Youku is smart to keep traffic going and have us the one that already watched till end to keep on paying attention to the on-going episodes on Youtube Youku. But 3 episodes per week is so slow. Congrats WOH for getting no. 1. . Is this for romance category? I saw there's several of the Mouyan category somewhere. And WOH is no. 1 on romance I think. I cannot read chinese, and so I just se
  13. Wow. wow.. If it is true. that is super low budget. Good thing they manage to secure Wolong nut to add some more budget. But still... and ZZH really take a paycut if it is true. He is not that popular but he is well-known. He really must be glad and all the cast must be glad taking this project. I also read on twitter that ZZH fainted (almost?) and vomits during the shoot, because the weather was so hot and their costumes were so thick, because they were supposed to shoot at the end of the year when the weather is cold but bcos of covid that they shoot during summer. Glad that
  14. @miaka fyWait... How do I vote on WeChat? I wanna vote... Yes, I really like Gu Meng by Zhang Zhehan. Keep replying the first play ost that you gave me. Gu Meng is one of my fav song. ZZH voice is good. Get well soon.
  15. Congrats ZZH. So happy for him after all this year. And congrats to the rest of WOH cast. Wow, ZY and MWY are higher than ZBB too.. wow.. @kur4p1k4 No wonder ZZH looks so off when he was on variety show wearing those costume, and added that he also gain more weight too. But I totally agree, ZZH went from those manly vibe to beauty vibe at WOH. And they added those filter to smooth his skin. LOL. Even tho I don't like it those smoothing filter, they really look really jarring and distracting, but sometimes those filter makes ZZS so pretty, especi
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