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  1. From the way HS treated Mr. Kang (and the way she looked at him) after he agreed to donate his liver, I think she is starting to accept him, or at least no longer treat him with hate and contempt like she used to. In the preview HS looks concerned after seeing the ultrasound, so I guess it is HJ who's pregnant. HS might be starting to accept Kang as a person but it'll probably take her some more time to accept him as family. DY, on the other hand, is still a fouled-mouth brat who has absolutely zero respect for anyone.
  2. Agreed. I want YR to dump DY, but I also hate infidelity, so part of me doesn't want him to actually have an affair with the other girl. I just hope that he'll soon realize how toxic DY is and dump her for good.
  3. I hope someone gives DY a real, literal slap in the face. Multiple slaps would even be better.
  4. Whoa, just when I thought the writers had forgotten about YR's employee! So we might get to see YR dump DY after all bwahahaha I bet DY is running her big mouth and talking trash about Mr. Kang and DR again. If HJ is pregnant, DY will probably tell her to have an abortion. Ugh, does she have to speak in every freaking ep???
  5. The preview looks fun, but I wish Jin Kyung (HJ) were there as well. I guess she's busy promoting her movie, since I haven't seen her in interviews together with the rest of the cast.
  6. Oh right, I completely forgot that HJ's reason for returning to Korea was to look for a sperm donor :))
  7. Logically speaking, HJ is the least likely of the 3 women to get pregnant, but I guess at this point it'll make more sense for HJ to be the one pregnant. (Also this is Kdrama so logic is often ignored lol.) Then, if Mr. Kang doesn't die, he'll get to do what he never got to do with DR, i.e. raising his child.
  8. I saw that too. That shameless woman, I have no words for her... Actually what I wanna see now is WDR and TP working together to help clear Mr. Kang's name. They both love and want to protect Kang and DR, and if TP really has the educational and social backgrounds as we predict, it'll be easier for WDR to work with him. I know dramas where the first and second male leads end up working together to help the female lead, so I'm getting my hopes up for this drama.
  9. Oh okay I watched that scene w/o subs so I didn't know, though I have been thinking it'd be great if TP had a law background (like, can the writers suddenly turn him into a lawyer please? ). Speaking of which, what in the world happened to DR's dream of studying law? I bet the writers have completely forgotten that... That's exactly what I've been saying! Mr. Kang and DR deserve much better. I'm one of the few people here who do not want DR to reunite with WDR. And I love the Kang-HJ couple, but unless she cuts ties with her family (which I guess is not gonna happen), I'm afraid I don't want them together either. Btw it's the liver, not the kidney
  10. That's true. But what I don't understand is why they have to make him have a chaebol background? Like, what's the point of writing that background if they're not gonna make use of it?
  11. Apparently Koreans are still very much interested in this drama. The ratings reached a new high today: 46.2% nationwide, 44.7% Seoul. Good for the cast and crew; at least their efforts are not going to waste
  12. WDR will try to find out the truth next weekend. Go WDR! Make me believe in you again!
  13. That's basically what I've been doing - just watching short clips w/o subs lol. And I don't even watch all the clips KBS posts on Youtube, just those related to Mr. Kang. Can't be bothered to check out the others honestly.
  14. And with the way he's living, you'd think he'd be better off in prison... =,=
  15. Ugh that loan shark, I can't believe him! He needs to see how much Mr. Kang has suffered because of the false testimony.
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