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  1. GOSH!! Okay guys so I just semi-accidentally uncovered something Very interesting. So in my attempt to go backread the pichi forum from the beginning to try to find the Pichi cap to compare with that pic just now, I found evidence of something more interesting. ...Do you guys remember that in the TvN official Youtube channel playlist for TYH some videos got deleted/privated? I just saw from this post on page 3... which video was the one that got privated!: Link to post w. the privated clip: https://forums.soompi.com/topic/432094-official-%E2%99%A5lee-dong-wook%E2%99%A5-yoo-in-na-%E2%99%A5-pichi-coupleointment-couple/?do=findComment&comment=21421617 Link to the privated video: https://youtu.be/Cl7FFnkC2Xs So it was that BTS clip where LDW&YIN comfortably spoke to each other in banmal (while YIN also spoke to AlwaysCeo actor more formally/not as comfortably) & where ....so very interesting how TvN thought this clip was TOO PRIVATE to continue to have on their channel LOL, especailly given what that BTS clip contained But! IT DOESNT END HERE. Now going back to that playlist to try to find that spot where the privated video was marked in grey, suddenly that has also been deleted by TvN! : https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdyB3s37qpTPqadshajltg3eUcLE5w-6V There used to be 2 Spots/Greyed out videos before, 1 deleted video and 1 privated video. Now suddenly there's only the 1 deleted video left and the privated greyed out video IS GONE. LOL TvN So they decided to private the video. But then realized the evidence they left behind of having the privated video marked in the playlist, so theyve deleted that Greyed out video too. ( EDIT: So I realized this part of my post was just EXTRA INFO/RAMBLING, so I put it in tag to shorten my post. Read if you care: ) So now the video is completely deleted and not just privated. Try clicking the link to the video which was posted on that post I posted above (found on page 3 in pichi forum) (aka. this video link: https://youtu.be/Cl7FFnkC2Xs) It now shows it has been deleted. And then look at which spot on the TYH playlist the deleted video is on, the deleted video which is still left now that the other greyed out (privated)video has been deleted: https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdyB3s37qpTPqadshajltg3eUcLE5w-6V This was NOT where the privated Banmalspeaking&LDWStareAtHer BTS was before it got deleted. From my memory BUT ALSO if you look at the other videos and think about which scenes had aired at that time. The playlist shows quite logically the clips in the episode airing order. ...That yellow couple shirts kiss aired and its clip was published AFTER this Banmal&StareBTS clip was published, yet the greyed out video still left in the playlist is AFTER the yellow shirts kiss BTS. AKA. THAT deleted video still in the playlist is something that got published AFTER the yellow shirts kiss. Banmaltalking&stare BTS however was published BEFORE the yellow shirts kiss! So conclusion from this: The deleted video still left in the playlist is NOT the banmaltalking&stare BTS but a DIFFERENT CLIP. ...I regret so much now that I never screenshoted the playlist before when both 2 greyed out video where still there, I always meant to but kept putting it off lol. So now I have no picture proof of how the playlist used to have 2 GREYED OUT VIDEOS, HOWEVER you can see from the LOGICAL CONCLUSION that can be drawn (see above), that the greyed out video still left in the playlist IS NOT THE Banmaltalking&stare BTS but ANOTHER video. Then look at the link of the banmal&stare BTS video now and see it no longer works. Then I think you people can also (not just me) remember it having actually BEEN part of that playlist before, but now it isnt there anymore. FINAL CONCLUSION: There was 2 greyed out videos. One deleted one (identity of video still unknown) & privated one (BanmalSpeaking&stare BTS). Sometime after the privated one got privated, they realized their mistake in still having the greyed out privated video in the playlist and deleted the evidence of it from there too. SPECULATION TIME: Why does TvN see the BTS as TOO PRIVATE ? and why later even hide the evidence of having privated it and then deleted it? Especially if supposedly there is nothing going on between these two? Shoutout of THANKS to @Far^away for sharing that video on your post, (even though you innocently just shared that video before not knowing what will happen because of this action in the future. Life is so interesting, 1 action can lead to more than can be predicted&intended ) ...without your innocent post I wouldnt have found the evidence of the video being the privated one and 2 videos being privated&deleted. Shoutout thanks also @MsMagic , without you mentioning the Pichi cap i wouldnt have gone to backread and woudlnt have found the evidence either. Oh life. and btw sorry for VERY LONG POST EVERYONE, I wanted to make sure to be clear and include everything important. Started rambling a bit too because just so fun doing detective work NOW LET'S DELULU ABOUT THIS
  2. YIN: "Fans, I hereby confess to wearing couple watches with LDW!" ...Hmmmm especially the part about wanting to "EXPRESS HER " to us is....especially interesting "I declare my heart belongs to LDW, just look at my watch!"
  3. Them actually being seated next to each other makes the taking SEPARATE pics w. the SAME ppl look all the more funny Isnt it much more convienient to take the pic just once rather than twice lol. Since sitting next to each other it would be the much faster way lol. And also with 1 pic show theres nothing to hide, rather than take separate pics and none together making things only more complicated. If they want to show there nothing there simply take pics normally and dont behave like ninjas , that would actually work much better in making the dating rumors/speculations die down lol
  4. Funny how life goes sometimes... It's the quiet one who later ends up with the 20 minute shipper video lol: From quiet to getting close
  5. Ok bit of an update that's not directly related to Pichi but then again it is, so putting it in tag :
  6. If LDW has not yet pursued/got YIN, now would be a good time aldready. With so many attractive eligible men (still none of them can live up to Wookie imo) in marriage age returning one after the other from the military lately and forward better be quick Lady's options are constantly expanding ya know, and the men have been without a woman for 2 years.....The hungry huenas are coming But then again... "Ive never met an actor like LDW" "LDW is irreplacable, the only one" "His smile makes me faint"(insert the giddy fangirl expression she used while saying this) "He makes my heart beat so fast" "LDW is like Superman" "The poster isnt good. LDW is much more handsome than that" -YIN <<< she was like (even looks like her w. same hair and all lol) and especially since "YIN always gives compliments sincererly. She really means what she says" -LDW and KGE who were fanboying and fangirling over her sincerity.
  7. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2017/07/yoo-in-na-describes-how-goblin-impacted-her-as-an-individual Talking about how Goblin/KES really saved her and turned her acting career around. Very similar to a LDW interview about how GongYoo saved his acting career and turnd it around with Goblin. Crediting others over themselves. These two always say the same things in interviews. Always so humble and real the both of them. Like two drops from the same ocean, yet their personalities are opposites yet very complimentary too. Really no wonder they get along so well.
  8. It was in the clip you shared before lol: "I know that" but but office manager the character literary didnt know that lol : And before this the Office manager actor also teased LDW about kissing scenes w. YIN : "Congratz Kiss Master!"
  9. You stole my thought exactly exacty! Before when it was discussed honestly I didnt really agree, but now with clearer engsub...whoa! I mean!!: OJS: KJR has a GF Office manager: Duh! Of course! It' so obvious etc. WHAAAT But this DOESNT MATCH with the STORY. The characters wherent written as knowing/suspecting that KJR&OJS were dating, only the noisy woman did. Had this comment come from the noisy receptionist who knows all office secrets, it wouldve made sense as being part of the story. But they hadnt written/shown Office manager as suspecting KJR & OJS of dating, much less it being "obvious, duh!" to him. So it looks like Officemanager actor is like "Duh of course LDW has a GF, it's YOU, YIN!" Or he's just saying "if course duh!" About their characters, but its WEIRD since characters not written as obvious from the coworker's point of view lol ...Especially since the whole cast laughs, after the office manager's statement, like they agree w. office manager "ahahha so accurate!" , when in the story they were being pretty clueless Indeed delulu mode ON about this lol
  10. Oh gosh that YIN vs Press vid is just so priceless So accurate too. I died laughing
  11. So K celebs actually read Soompi. : Wookie, Inna you reading here? (Note: Dont take this too seriously ) Side note: My mind is B.L.O.W.N. over the pronouncation of "Soompi". I always somehow had thought it was pronounced "Soom-PIE" not "PI"
  12. Miss Sunny happy-go-lucky lady is recharging Mr Moody Man's batteries. He looked happier and happier the more TYH went on and as he got to film/spend more time w. Inna. I wonder if the writers took inspiration from LDW&YIN in real life for this scene similarly to the giving warmers to OJS scene and the "I want to be the one to make her smile" scene, since they were so super obsessed w. making references.
  13. Yes I wholeheartedly agree with you. I wanted to write an objective post 1st simply writing down my observation without making any kind of judgement on it. But my opinion on it is same with you. Psst Wookie and Inna there's the very simple and very effective tactic of just...behaving normally LOL Overall to me at this point it's more likely that they are dating than they are not. I know many of you have stated that you feel awkward watching LDW&YIN w. others but actually I strongly recommend you to do so. The more I see them w. others the clearer it becomes that they behave differently w. each other compared to normally w. others. Though I think shippers need to always be ready for whatever outcome in the end. Be ready to possibly being heartbroken later on no matter what and not lash out on the actors and try to force anyone to date, if ship turns out false/sinks. In this case though they are legimately behaving weirdly and acting like they are hiding something versus being open and normal. I speak not only of now after TYH but ever since start of drama already. So outcome might turn very good for us in the future. Let's wait this one out and see what happens. Inna has openly stated wanting to marry. One type of annoucement of either sinking or swimming will happen one day. We need only to wait. Even if waiting is indeed very annoying lol Just now I saw someone comment that they ship LDW and KGE LOL Which is extremely hilarous to me since they literarly behave like a big bro with his cute little sister But oh well its their business if they wanna ship that lol
  14. Inna: *openly spends time w. other TYH casts except Wookie* *Mentions Goblin, TYH and talks about wanting to invite TYH cast members on radio show but avoids mentioning Wookie. The guests talk about Goblin and TYH too but none mention Wookie either. (Wae wae did they all agree beforehand that it was a forbidden subject to mention? lol) LDW: *Openly spends time w. other costars (JRW, KGE etc...) except YIN* Only each other it must be meeting in secret. XD Either it's just their tactic to avoid anymore dating rumors/speculations or it's their tactic to date in private. Either way, it's very obvious theyre avoiding to openly spend time/mention each other only while the others are just fine to be normal and casual about LOL
  15. ahhahahah imagine the major TWIST that if they suddenly reveal they already have children since 2 years back! It would be the most hilraious thing if this were to happen. Noone even knew they were dating much less married w. children already On a more serious note, yes hopefully no need to wait for a full year, especially given their ages. Practically speaking need to have energy to raise children well ooo DARK LAKORNS love those! (korean melodramas too!). Actually I normally dont even like too lighthearted genre but LDW & YIN have somehow made me love TYH despite its lighthearteness over even some darker great melos Please do tell what dark lakorn that is, I need recommendations. Also good if you can mention any other nice dark lakorns and/or great dark korean melos. I'm in such a bad asian drama slump thanks to these two peaches who have magically erased any and all chemistry between any other leads for me in comparison
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