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  1. Hiiiiii Sorry for my absense, been so busy. Here let me share this curious thing that recently happened on YIN variety show With Funding: The other female in the room: *Gets suspicious about YIN eagerness about marriage/honeymoon related things* and so asks: .... "Is someone coming after you?" YIN: (doesnt confirm or deny anything just) Giggles hmmm..... Suspicion mode ON for us too not just for that female there
  2. Still catching up and... WOW ep 11, SCARLETT you are one busy Queen in this episode.... Fanzoning yourself, Enemy-zoning your childhoodfriend & then bff zoning Tammy all in one swoop/episode! Congratz Miss "Smart-in-love", I foresee you'll regret this stabbing yourself in the back very soon.. My poor Scarlett x JiHwan ship feeeeeeeels!! She does indeed keep calling her cute AWWWW ....My ship! My ship is SAILIIING!!!!! <3 <3 Also leave it to Scarlett to be able to differentiate between her different cute modes awwww she crushing so hard on Tammy or what!!? SHE EVEN PROVIDES BELLBOY SERVICES THIS SHIP is so ON. ITS HAPPENING.!! The purse carrying seals the deal ok!! Scarlett defending the now-new-bff after she DUMPED her now ex-bff the-rude-richard-simmons for being so mean to her now-new-bff. Happy ending for now in this friendship love triangle (from my POV as Scarlett/Tammy shipper anyway) YAY!! ...So indeed, when you have S, who needs the boring drone-zone please-just-drop-dead-or-go-away-from-my-screen zombie Morgan. #TEAMScarlett for Tammy all the way!! She even not only drags her away holding her hand like a romantic male lead LOL but even carries her purse for her....so thoughtful this girl! MY.SHIP.IS.SAILING!!!! ....Still I care about the MAIN pairing as much as the fish in their (metaphorical) fishtanks (that they kept talking about) would care about being out from the water unable breathe in the air.... So with these thoughts, I need a new SPINOFF drama with Scarlett x Ji Hwan as main leads ASAP , where theyre in a living arrangement together with Tammy, forming a totally-not-awkawrd-at-all situation of 2 lovers with a clingy bff-wannabe-her-lover-too who behaves more like a jealous clingy romantic girlfriend on the side ok ok ok CAN WE HAVE THIS!????..... NOWW!! ....The drama can end with Scarlett ending up with BOTH, and them arrnaging a permanent unconvetional polyamourous relationship trio commitment ok ok!!! My two ships !! My fangirl so craving this spinoff!!!
  3. Okay. Just caught up to ep 5 so far. BUT. LET. ME .JUST SAY. : Park Morgan, His extreme to the point of chills agreeableness and numbness is flat out CREEPY as F . I'm sitting here literaly being creeped out and not awed every time he turns his "romantic" ROBOTIC looks at uri Tammy. To me he looks more like psychopath than a sweet male lead to be taken seriously. ( I saw the actor could act well and had very strong charms in TYH, so I think it's the writing and directing of the character that's to blame here). At 1st i couldn't fully place it why I couldnt like him or ship him w. Tammy; now I realize it's all due to his creepy fake too agreaable personality "rule-obliging perfect citizen zombie drone" nature and creepy numb facial expressions. It seems PM could be a literal robot in a scifi plot and thered be no difference compared to now! .... I should just call him Mr.Unrealistic HappyBot-The-Servant-Without-Needs and call it a day. And it's not so much that the character is written as unrealistic and not a real human, but these type of too pleasing numb people do exist in real life. Very realistic in that regard, WHICH IS ONLY MORE ANNOYING. This is why the world needs more HONEST type men to be more REAL (while still kind can be honest too) and not robotic unrealistic "I will never say or do any offensive or bad word/action ever" promising too much so-called'"men"-who-are-really-boys. The level of overt fake PEOPLE PLEASING over any type of honesty is layed on very thick w. this Morgan character so YUCK I really cant handle how disguisting theyve made this FAKE AS HELL ML!!! So unattractive. And the actor himself JKY is very attrative, wtf writer how you managed that!? Cant even get into this romance as someone who normally has a weak spot for the male-loyally-chases-cold-introvert-female-who-isnt-opening-up-easily romances! ...Can the female lead just go gay for the rightful badass way more HONEST diva Scarlett instead? Pssst Morgan-ssi, please do take some lessons on honesty from Miss Scarlett!! And while at it, take some lessons too in how-to-actually-have-an-insteresting-personality or how-to-have-emotions-and-needs-and-not-be-so-boringly-indifferent-to-everything *RANT OVER* Also the Tammy&Scarlett chemistry!! I'm squaling so much on the inside and going crazy for their scenes together and i just loooove loove Scarlett's justice-seeking rightfull badass personality can we have those 2 instead of the ML & FL chemistry-less fakemance?
  4. I could go on and compare also to how SJS has behaved w. costars (Jung In sun and Son Ye Jin) once started dating JEJ proably even before MySecretTerius started. No giving hints or hopes nor doing things that public associates to costar(s). But especially there isnt any super exta caretaking mode ON towards costars, he just behaves normally. (And SJS is the very caring type too!) (Son Ye Jin was also obviously more comfortable w. HyunBin than w. SJS in interviews and now SYJ & HB have been spotted together twice lol) .SJS Protecting the GF and being normal w. the rest. Actually he even behaved almost like siblings w. JIS LOL Seriously SJS and JIS is so diffetent than uri Pichi! Actually before TeriusBeindMe started I was a bit tempted to ship SJS and JIS because why not could be fun lol but then already since day 1/presscon of MySecretTerius SJS was very clear. JIS really looked more just like little sister since day 1 LOL. Compare w. Pichi whose behaviour only made me further ship/more supicious of them since day 1 LOL. For SJS and Terius costar, there was no serious hope for shippers (nor where there many serious shippers probably for this reason). So I stopped any shipping of them RIGHT AWAY LMAO. Actually SJS even avoided having any kiss scenes in Terius LOL. He was really looking after his real girl. Even w. Yejin it was just because of knetz own delulu assumptions and not because of any behaviour by SJS toward SYJ. No supercaretaking behaviours or extra attention. He was just normal w. her. Unlike our guy LDW here who is being so very sweet to Inna and did all that super sweet caretaking. ....So if Pichi truly not together, then why is LDW leading us on then and not being clear like SJS? They are BOTH the very caring and HONEST type who really seem to price being genuine. Hmmm...SJS vs LDW behaviour is really clarifying things an giving high hopes for our couple. Can't wait to find out the truth. Simply comparing to SJS behaviour it seems now more likely that we are indeed correct.
  5. And I cheat by adding TOP 3 RECENT reasons too : Why I think Pichi is real. 1. LDW getting so emotional on PDX01 about a love song. And the lyrics fitting Pichi relationship. And no "IF" I have a lover but If "I was a singer" and "to my lover" like he indeed HAS a lover lol. Even to the point that LDWonly fans suspect he might be dating now. 2. The Frequency of the pink. and YIN post on confession day including things associated w. LDW. The public knows very well especially who Chanel watch is associated with. YIN happy dance along reactions to Goblin and TYH OST songs she played on her 4 days radio special, tells theyre relationship is good and not bad blood, while they now pretend to be strangers lol. She even played his favorite song by Twice (&then smiled at a text she got after putting on the song. Possibly/probably from LDW). 3. But especially, the contradiction.: They avoid each other in public and even mentioning each other in any way.(Also compare this to during and after Goblin and during TYH lol so different) And: so either A) theyre dating and they avoid for privacy purposes or B ) theyre not and they want rumors to stop and not lead on people, and are using really bad "stop the rumors/speculations were NOT dating!" - methods that only create more speculations And still waiting for a very DIRECT "WE'RE JUST FRIENDS. STOP THE RUMORS/SPECULATIONS.", that you'd expect if NOT together. The type that Jinshim was all ready to make even before their drama ended. Still none lol. Who woudo want false rumors, especially in k-ent where it's bad for actor's careers. I mean please remember how in TYH story too OJS was all upset about the false assocations w. her costar and wanted NOTHING to do w. it, all worried about her real boyfriend and wanting to RUSH RIGHT AWAY to CLARIFY VERY DIRECTLY the rumors as false. No leaving people hanging what's the truth. Or making post that can be directly associated w. the costar. ...Here's the contradiction: If all avoidance is just because theyre NOT dating and dont want any false rumors/dont want to lead on ppl.... then why contradict your super careful behaviour of avoiding topic of each other and avoid seen together by then making a post on CONFESSION day about "CONFESSING" which includes things which the public knows very well is assocaited w. the other (ahem Watch. Even a Pichi cap there too lol)??? Ppl will SO stop thinking that youre dating by doing this YEAH RIGHT LOL Or him starting to AFTER TYH wear someth much more frequently than before (PINK. He didnt do this after Goblin) which fans associated AFTER TYH w. the other (YIN) ...YEESHS you two, ppl will totally STOP thinking that you're dating! or... consider this: Would Oh Jin shim have made any type of post which can be associated in any way w. the costar w. the false rumors she had ? OF COURSE NOT. Especially not after the drama has ended. She'd be nowhere EVEN NEAR to doing this. She was all ready to rush and tell "NO WE'RE NOT DATING. STOP IT." even before their drama was over. It's upsetting for the actors for false rumors to continue, especially after the drama. Especially when there's another significant other. ...so what's up w. Your post YIN!?? CONFESSION post that can clearly be associated w. LDW, Hmmmm.... And some other things making me supicious Im not ready to talk about. yet. Maybe later. Maybe. Now LDWOnlyfans thinking he might be dating. Then just thinking about it from LDW point of view, why wear that pink so much now, talk about and get all emo about that love song which sounds like describing ldw&yin relationship, talk about hurrying up on Vlive fanship (which looks like he's hurried about celebraing YIN birthday w. her), NOT avoiding things assocated w. YIN (Whilst avoid directly talking about her). He could've made it clear that he WOULDN'T be spending YIN birthday w. her, like I've BTW seen some k stars do when in false rumors w. other k stars. They made it VERY CLEAR no birthday spent together to dimsiss the rumors and speculations. Unlike our guy here who is doing the very opposite and almost like hinting he's in a rush to spend YIN birthday w. her LOL. So if theyre NOT dating why would LDW falsely lead ppl on, which wouod later only create more hate for real gf later if there is another? Where is the "protection instinct" for said possible gf? All protection instinct I see here so far is towards YIN on the other hand. So let's wait and see what happens. We have to wait to know 100%. One day we'll know the truth. If the ship sinks I'll just move on then. and enjoy them separately as actors. If we get the news we hope for I''ll be happy but also move on eventually, while casually waiting for their cute kids and possibly Variety show apperances together. Once the truth is out, shipping isnt as fun anymore. Once a ship has sailed all the way until marriaige you get your PEACE OF MIND over the situation and stop caring so much and only casually wait for the cute kids. This has happened w. my previous shipping expriences. It's after all another person's love life, so why care so much once it' all clear and happening or when it's sunk. Unless you're totally crazy, you move on either 1st saddened by sunken ship or you eventually only care casually about the alive and married sailing ship. Human nature. Unless you've really lost your marbles. Nothing lasts forever. My married ships will always be cute but that's it. No need to be so invested in the relationships. Of course you may always really look forward to variety show apperances and the like, but the initial super excitment and mega investment over the ship doesnt last. Not even to the very cutest ones. I'm mainly waiting now to find peace of mind by seeing the ship either sail or sink. Now LDW & YIN please dont make it 3 years. I hope it's all clear by end of 2019 or start of 2020.
  6. 1. LDW's ahem...interesting behaviour toward YIN even already since Goblin days (& even before). - Telling her "I fell for you 1st" on 1st day of filming Goblin BTS WHAAAAT WOOKIE LOL!! - His reaction to her cuteness/messing up her line in MAMA2014 is really whoa It also reminds me of the "Lingering look which is the tell that a guy likes a girl" that YIN talks about on Cafe Amour lol. From own experiences I agree w. what Inna said as a great tell. - "Let's go back and forth" trying to make the kiss more hot/real on 1st kiss filming already - "I need to look good!" (for filming kiss scene w. YIN in Goblin ep 12) which had KGE all giddy and BTS staffs stare and go all "OMG!! WHAT?!!" w. their reactions - Goblin presscon the overt praising of YIN by LDW that had even KGE and GY roll their eyes - LDW blushing so hard in Goblin special commentary when YIN called him cute - KGE shipping them moments. -Some interesting Goblin presscon behaviours -Some things that happened between Goblin and TYH -In Goblin presscon, LDW Unable to take his eyes of off Inna when she was smiling all embararsed when they talked about YIN smile being so amazing. The others= normal. LDW=Wont stop staring w. admiring look LOL. ....all of these is like a guy who is crushing and not just a friend. ....but the cutest ever and most telling imo of has to be When LDW was filming Goblin last day on "their bridge" alone and throwing a tanthrum how "YIN SHOULD BE HERE WITH ME! (Should be there filming w. him on last day) *insert sad puppy eyes* 2. TIME or rather the more objective lens gained by time and non-attachment: Sometimes ppl get overtly eager and biased caused by how excited by this "recent exciting thing" only to later on realize it wasnt so great as they thought and they we're just on a temporary high over something. Or their emotional attachment clouded their judgement, only seeing things more clearly and objectively once calmed down and attached less emotionally. ... ...I watched quite alot of pairings before and after and in between Goblin and TYH, even shipped some others too in between yet the suspision over these two never went away. In fact considering how many onscreen pairings I watch I rarely seriously ship actors off screen. Yet w. these two... even during periods when during these 2 years betw. Goblin when I wasnt as emotioanlly attached to Pichi as a couple even liked others more at that time, yet I could never quite say these two where behaving like two normal costars and instead always felt different. More like the ones who actually ended up dating than the majority of normal behaving boring ones who off screen had nothing. ...Time passed, less attached yet never could quite say there was nothing, the supiciosn always remained even when my priorities lied elsewhere. Something always felt fishy about this just "friendship". My intuition about these two just says there's something here. 3. Their difference in behaviour in TYH compared to Goblin times. Wookie was always nice to her. But now suddenly in TYH era he is being overt taking care of her suddenly like a bf lol. (btw even for him Mr super nice, I dont see this overt caretaking behaviour w. other costars of his. Just to Inna and the ex. Can talk about this more some other time) And before in Goblin Inna was all fine kissing him but suddenly in TYH she is all shy shy shy giggly girl in their 1st kiss filming. WTF?? BTW she was giggling nervously too when filming kiss scenes w. her ex. in QINHM too. (I rewatched some QIHM BTS after TYH).... so supicious much lol So wtf...She was able to kiss him and be normal in Goblin now suddenly she gets all nervous??? Saw her getting shy shy around him on other occasions too during TYH era. And he too. Lol what's up w. the nervous awkward rambly behaviour in their kissing BTS lol. And the way he looked at her... And the openmouth kisses in TYH too like mentioned by others too lol. The alley reunion kiss and sofa kisses still get my heart razing, now that im more unattached to the story. It looks more and more like Wookie and Inna kissing w. feels rather than their characters...It's so different compared to for example Bubblegum where I needed to be attached to the story to get the feels over their kiss scenes. Later rewatching long after finishing BG I felt no feels over those kisses lol, even while some of the kisses are hot. Frankly before TYH started airing I was going to be all low-key shipping and keep low expecations whilst suspicious but not really expecting anything BUT THEN SUDDENLY these two started behaving so suspiciously starting from day 1 of TYH LOL Not to mention that Live drama chat which meant no edited but raw LIVE behaviour yet their behaviour there the most suspicious one lol. Their bodylanguage especially...interesting lol.
  7. According to this https://www.soompi.com/article/1333341wpp/some-yg-actors-reportedly-considering-leaving-agency-following-controversies "Actors A, B, C and D" are considering leaving and are in contact w. other agencies". Since theyve now begin cancelling/not make some deals out of fear w. YG artists. ...Since they dont mention names and keep it anonymous for now as ABCD, who's to say who they are as of yet, maybe Inna is among them considering leaving. Hopefully. At this point I'm practically begging her to. Unnie please just do it ok ok! (I even had a dream last night that she left YG...the level of disappointment once I woke up realizing it was just a dream! ) and while at it, drag Jang Ki Young and Cha Seung Won out of there too...
  8. Hello older HJM fans! So I just finished my 1st ever project that Ive seen HJM in a couple of days ago (Cain & Abel w. SoJiSub. Im Jisub fans thats how I watched CAA and discovered HJM. Before this I'd briefly heard her voice only in MasterInTheHouse, where I really liked her easygoingness, so I thought "okey one day I should try watching her in something"), and I'm really liking this newly (for me) discovered actress. Really seems like her personality is very lovely and easygoing too. Actually I found her quite relatable, I think she's similar to my own personality, only less introverted and more easy going. But I'm appreciating the difference, her easy-goingness really makes her look so lovely. <3 Anyway since I'm such a SUPER ROOKIE when it comes to HanJiMin could I ask you older Jimin fans to share any recomendations of which of her older projects to watch 1st? I'm going to watch the LightInYourEyes drama next, her latest costar is a bit boring to me (but Ill prob watch that drama too at a later time), but from her oldest projects are there any must watch stand out dramas? How about movies? My prefernce is darker tone and less comedy type projects. Also if there is any interesting trivia/info about her that you older fans want to share and/or links to it? I'd really appriciate it. Also I'm really looking forward to seeing her cast in a new project soon enough, since that will be the 1st live watching Ill get to do w. her. Also im not so into posting in actors threads so maybe dont expect me to be active here, (much more into following my faves on IG and having more of the visual experince and discussing more in the drama threads while a drama is airing) but Im looking forward to live watch discussions of her upcoming projects in the project threads
  9. I know right #SuspicionsRising lol It's not like they asked Inna "Are you dating him? "Do you have a boyfriend?" "What is your irl relationship like?" or anything personal. Actually the question "Would you work with him again" is just a very professional question lol and easy to answer with something like "Yeah I dont know if producers would cast us again a 3rd time its so rare but who knows could be fun/I could consider" and the like. No "giving away personal info" or any of the sort w. that kind of answer. Actually that would have looked less weird so why not answer like that lol Skipping questons about each other honestly just looks awkward My delulu take on why she couldnt answer the question: ...so a K actor saying they'd work or consider working w. someone (again) that they're dating irl = will not settle down/marry/oust themselves/take the relationship to serious level anytime soon or for a very long time. Avoiding saying they'd work together (again)= might settle down soon. This is K-ent 101. No bending of their stupid no-'"real partners"-under-any-circumstances rule means they cannot have an intention of settling down any time soon with the person they said they'd work with at the same time as wanting to work with them again. However in this case w. Pichi, take it as just PURE SPECULATION, not too seriously but just as a POSSIBILITY. It may be avoiding it because theyre really together, so avoids it for settling down purposes (lets hope!) or theyre not together and she's simply playing it safe thats why no answer. ....Either way, Im actually happy she DIDNT say she'd work w. him again cause that equals KILLING THE SHIP or at least NO OUSTING THE COUPLE FOR VERY VERY LONG, when you take into accaunt the k ent background that you have to take into account when considerkng K actors. Strict Knetz are very strict about it like they are about many things sigh ....So pheeeeew for us on that one, I honestly wouldve given up the ship had she said that Or it's just Possiblities possibilties....Hard to know for sure w. these two very private persons. We can be certain only that these two are now being VERY CAREFUL when it comes to each other. What's very funny though is even during TYH Live Drama Chat they were asked very personal questions of how they get along irl/their irl relationship LOL....and (while still looking careful then) they didnt skip even personal questions but actually carefully answered them.....Unlike now when the questions are even very IMPERSONAL they skip them, when before they could answer even private questions Whatever the real situation, it's clear they're both now suddenly, unlike before, being very careful... even TOO CAREFUL w. skipping questions, their behaviour only looks funny and weird LOL EDIT: OOOPS Sorry I wrote like a novel. My only excuse is I really like writing, but oops so sorry lol
  10. Ooo I forgot to mention where. Yeah @pichicouple specifically mentioned the question was in Sinamoles vid. Inna simply talked about her character instead there lol. But it seems in the actual Sinamoles's clip that part was cut at the beginning and only Inna's avoidant non-answer remained.
  11. Okay so I accidentally lied there without knowing. Amazingyooinna @pichicouplejust messaged me to correct this. : ...It turns out Inna actually WAS asked by the host about LDW. She was asked if she'd work with LDW again because TYH so popular over there in Taiwan. But Inna pulled her Pro Ninja and completely AVOIDED ANSWERING that and just said what she said of Jinshim instead. Thanks so much @pichicouple for correcting my error. Now for my own add in about this new info: I did wonder why she suddenly looked so troubled and nervous there but couldnt place it/come up with why, especially since I dont speak the language made it hard to know for sure. ....She was asked about LDW LOL thats why nervous there Innaaaa-shiiiiii hide your nerves better girl I not only saw it but also empathetically felt it from you very obviously and intensily!!
  12. The 3rd slide, so interesting: YIN mentions how the best traits of Jinshim is her honest and sincere and hardworking character. She especially kept repeating how attractive the sincerity is. Cant help but notice how "most attractive traits" that she wont stop gushing about so eagerly, are exactly what LDW has in spades!.... Then I also remember her ideal type being "the honest, simple and natural type who makes her laugh and takes very good care of her" *ahem ahem* Literary descibes LDW *ahem ahem* Btw has that "takes good care of me" being part of her ideal type being mentioned here before? I think it hasnt. Sometime after TYH ended I saw some old article where she mentioned this. Totally squee-worthy considering who takes indeed "very good care of" her. Sidenote: She looks very happy here. . Also Goblin and TYH gets mentioned. Luckily for her no questions related to LDW she gets to avoid that in line with avoiding being seen together/mention each other directly other than in indirect hinting that theyve maybe been doing lately lol Looking forward to hearing about her next project. Hopefully this time sooner than 2 years, Im too impatient to wait another 2 years (or 2 years can be good too for next drama/film if her next news after TYH is marriage :p ) Thanks sinamoles for the Engsub , so nice to hear her talking again and to actually understand .
  13. Are they copying Junrok&Jinshim's incognito "I love you" during a live fan chat not only once but twice now? Especially since Inna has said that she likes it if a BF does that lol Hahha maybe maybe not. But since the writer wrote that and because of what Inna said, now were always gonna wonder if any of the things said there are really secretly meant for each other and not just fans, everytime there's a chat with fans wont we?
  14. Still cant get over this: How happily she was even glowing And this was in the middle of filming alot w. LDW/Spending lots of time together. Being so happy at that time. It reminds me of this Bts too, where you can see her turn around and you can see how happy she is.: It's different than when the cam is straight on your face where youd be more on guard right but here she seems to have forgotten the cam for a few seconds (because it's around her back almost/she was looking the opposite way focusing on LDW so she cant see it yet so easily until turns around) so there's a no-holding-back-happiness vibe.
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