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  1. Hi All. Supposed to be MAnila FM today and although Its all for the best, I was a little bit sad. Its a good thing that I’m available on June 22 and hopefully and praying no more nature intervention. Although its our company outing on that day (which I already inform the management that I wont participate). Told them I’m not available but they not yet ask the reason ( I don’t know their reaction when I will tell them that my priority is to attend FM of K actor) Thank you all the updates and keeping this thread alive. So busy with works but on Manila FM i will try to updates you and share my experience. So happy to meet new friends because of Bogum local and International fans.
  2. We know JJY commit a crime but he already acknowledged his sin and hopefully He can be a better person at the end. And for KJH and Defcon I admire them because they really a true friend who know all your fault but still love and support a friend who they consider a family. Miss 2D1N!
  3. First time to post here. Really like his character in Your Honor. Need to watch his other drama. What he need right now and all his 1N2D team is praying and strong faith to overcome this challenge. God Bless
  4. I read from twitter that the show is permanently cancelled. So sad. Its only the variety show I watch
  5. @gumtaekThank you for all the updates. Based on all fan meet and the testimony of all who encounter Bo Gum how can we not love you.
  6. Back reading I'm now at page 873 2017 Bo Gum Arrival in Singapore. And current page 2019 Bo Gum arrival in Singapore.
  7. Hi Chingus me too like the DVD not for the BTS alone but the insights and interview of PD Writer etc and their preparation. BTS is an added bonus. @bebebisous33again thank you for another blowminding analysis.
  8. @NongpeePThanks for all the updates. The more you know watch and read all about PBG the more you admire, respect and love him that is why he capture all fans from all ages.
  9. Thank you all Chingus for the updates. PBG Fan meeting is like a mini concert. I admire him more because I know that fan meeting is His way of appreciation to all his fans for always supporting him. More projects and CF to come for our Bogummy. Miss also his long hair.
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