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  1. I agree with you... And I have also read that book... About five languages of love. It's a really good book and a total eyeopener. I will recommend it to everyone. It really makes us understand how we feel loved and how we love can be totally in different ways for different people.
  2. My take on the drama till ep13. There are all kinds of dramas... One that excited you in the beginning but goes downhill somewhere in the middle, one that is awesome but crash lands in the last episode, one that shines through out, one that grows on you slowly and steadly MMS for me is of the last kind. One that you love more and more after each episode passes. The initial episodes were a little haphazardly managed, but the drama managed to put that in the past and is becoming more beautiful and thought provoking. A drama which improves overtime is 100 times better than one that goes downhill. So I am really really happy for MMS. I really loved how the various characteres are changing for the better. Even the annoying Byeom Shim redeemed himself when he decided to take a step back in consideration of his son. And one of the most beautiful scenes in this drama was when Dong Chan assures Dong Ju that she is his precious little sister. And again in ep.13, I loved the talk between Dong Chan and Ha Young. This clears up many things and gives an essential closure to Dong Chan and also us audience. Finally we get to hear what was in Dong Chan's mind. We get to see explicitly how Ha Young's betrayal affected Dong Chan. Till now this was not elucidated, as Dong Chan seems to be the type to hide his sorrows deep within. He is headstrong and the type to do what he thinks is right, without much thoughts about consequences or spend long periods mulling over things. This trait is again reinforced by how abruptly he decided to resign, without discussing it with anyone. So when he felt betrayed by Ha Young, he left her not looking back. But he was definitely bothered by her reasons for the betrayal. And finally Ha Young offers up some kind of explanation. Now since Mi Ran has witnessed Ha Young hugging him, she will be angry at him. And I am looking forward to how DC will win her back. Till now DC seems to be having easy romances. Both Ha Young and Mi Ran fell for him easy enough and he didn't have to do any pursuing. So now I want to see him put some effort into getting back Mi Ran. @Mai Stars I also really loved JCW's take as the currently unemployed bum. And this is my personal opinion. I like him more in scenes like these.. showing raw human behaviour and without much make up. I think his potential as an actor shows in these kinds of scenes. Ofcourse when he is doing the cool roles, and all suited up, he shines very bright. But what made me JCW fan was the range of his acting ability, how quickly he can shift from one emotion to another, or transform from one personality to next one. This was so much evident in his character roles in Empress Ki and Healer. So it was very refreshing when he transformed from a flawless PD to an unemployed son getting lectured by the family. I was really happy after watching that scene.
  3. @Mizzy My take on why Dong Chan fell out of love with Na Ha Young... He wakes up and goes to her, but she treats him coldly initially.. He is confused. But then he learns she helped cover up his dissaperence and did not try to look for him. He is upset, and he confronts her She responds, that she waited for any news about him, even of his death, so that she can have peace of mind. Damn... Honestly I would be more surprised if he still loves her after that dialogue. Trust is the most important part in a relationship between man and women. She breached that trust when she decided to prioritise her job over his life. If you still can't understand DC falling out of love, just tell me this... Would you be able to love back someone who didn't care whether you lived or died, didn't lift a finger to find you, when you disappeared.? Well I can't. On top of that She acts different, she looks different, only DC is stuck in time. For her, the event happened 20 years ago. But for him it's like she betrayed him yesterday. He was so much in love, and hence it will hurt more and make him hate more. It's because he remembers his love, he protected her, and hid the facts about her betrayal. But that doesn't mean he wants to continue to be in a relationship with her. In fact he will always doubt her sincerity towards him. So he naturally fell out of love. About why DC falls for MR: I read some comment somewhere MR is just a rebound for DC. Forgot who said that...anyways my take on it: And yes may be Dong Chan stared loving Mi Ran at first as a rebound. It also started from him feeling responsible for her. But it really has gone beyond it by now. There is no chance he is gonna rebound back to Ha Young. And these kind of things happen in real life too.. Relationships beginning as rebounds growing deep enough to get married and have kids. I know people like that in real life... Nothing wrong in moving on and finding happiness with the right person. DC and MR match each other well. There is no need to be tied up by their past failed relations.
  4. It's been happening over several episodes. It started after Dong Chan realized Na Ha Young covered up his disappearance. Well it's been pretty obvious to me actually. His love grew from him feeling responsible to Mi Ran, finding her cute, Need to protect her etc... It was very clear after she kissed him in the rain, that he was affected by it. Episode 9 was both of them indirectly confirming that they liked each other. I especially liked the scene when Dong Chan is peeking at Mi Ran, when they are working together. He couldn't take it anymore and sends her home. Lol. They confess to each other in ep.10 with their talk in the bunk room ( I need subs to confirm it. But pretty sure, that's what they were talking...about liking each other) ,and finally sealed it with the kiss. And about the kiss... Awesome....simply awesome.. JCW never dissapoints..it's the best kiss of the year. FOR SURE. ( well unless JCW gives even better) The drama is picking up. It's getting better and better. On a lighter note: The phrase 'get a room' is now officially changed to 'get a freezer truck'. Yes they should totally convert a freezer truck' into their bedroom...*cough* *cough* And they never edit their programmes at TBO. The editing room seems to be perpetually empty..always waiting for private conversations. Lol!
  5. Just 3 words... I LOVED IT. I loved ep.9 enough to watch it twice, once without subs and later with subs That according to me is a good sign that I am enjoying it and that's enough for me. Now waiting for ep.10. There has been significant improvement in OTP interactions, more screen time for them and also plot is also moving forward... Have a good time watching ep.10 guys...
  6. Yeah..the kiss sure was hot. I also agree it's sad there is nothing more to the love triangle than her one sided pining, because the reason for their breakup is to strong to prevent anything more happeninh. It's very easy for Ma Dong Chan to let her go because what she did was horrible. So for me that means, there is no room for her character anymore, and she now feels like an unwanted extra. Hmmm.. may be if her reasons were a little less selfish...like someone threatened her family. But now I don't even know why that character is still relevant. So I also agree it's really not up to Yoon Se Ah's level. But yeah... I enjoyed the kiss.
  7. Annayesayo chingudeul.... I like the drama so far. But I have to say, it's not one of the best works of JCW. My main issue is the leads are getting way less screen time.... Cry cry. For eg. I dont know why I must invest so much on the relationship between Mi Ran's ex and her friend. Ugh But I so am looking forward to their son's reaction when he finds out the noona he has a crush on is his father's ex. I also really wish he gets more screen time than his annoying parents. I wish they will give more screen time to the leads, letting them grow their affection beyond Dong Chan feeling responsible for Mi Ran. Anyways I have not been posting much because I thought I must not overanalyze the show. That said, even though I have issues with the show, I dont think it's on the level that I will drop it. (I will never drop a JCW show anyways) But what I meant is I won't drop it even if it's not a JCW show. Because till now, the plot lines and character behaviours are ok with me. So I really really hope the drama picks up steam from next episode onwards. Fighting MMS!
  8. I agree with you one hundred percent. I came for the fun, and I am pretty sure it's gonna be a fulfilling ride. I also don't want to analyse and nitpick too much, because it's like putting breaks on a fun ride. And also it ain't that bad. Seen dramas with worser storylines, and humongous plot holes...lol. I loved the second episode way, way more than the first. Now waiting for the 3rd. Yay!!
  9. I want to give my opinion to your questions 1. Yeah, even I am curious, how they found the prof. Hope it's addressed later on. 2. Mm.. about him suddenly waking up. I think he is kept sedated but there are times the sedation wears off and he is kind of aware of what's happening around. Though I wish they explicitly depicted it. 3. He did not wake up the other four because they are people who gave consent for long term freezing. There is no need to wake them upI. It's said in the first episode. You can watch it again. But as for the Mi Ran and Dong Chan, they are people who came to help him and was supposed to be frozen for 24 hrs. So ofcourse he would want to free them specifically. 4. Both of them woke up separately, it's clearly shown, and it's possible they missed each other. But I wish they clearly showed how they found their belongings, their way out, and how did they manage to come to the middle of the city, from that forested area. 5. Biotechnology and autism: I think it's in the level of gene editing to prevent genetic disorders and defects. So once again, I don't think she is explicitly thinking of curing her brother per se. When he talks about cure for diseases she just thinks about her brother. It's a normal reaction and automatic response for people who have loved ones afflicted with any incurable disease. Dong Chan clearly states... It may be possible in future to even cure people. What they are talking is the potential of biotechnology, not that the doctors experiment is directly related to cure for autism. The doctors experiment is crucial in expanding the research on biotech. So if biotechnology develops, in future, there might be cure of diseases that are unthinkable now. It may not help her brother now, but may help others in future.
  10. Regarding the reason she agrees to signs up... Every one here seems to be fixated on her vague desire to cure her brother.... But I think there is more to it. Yes, she considers it for a moment, but the immediate cause that prompts her to join is the break up I think. I am not saying she didn't consider the cure factor. But don't forget she experienced a breakup and might have thought. "What the hell, I am so depressed now. Participating in the project will take my attention away from this depressing mood. There is risk, but the PD himself is doing It anyways and there is good money in it too" Also I don't think she is literally hoping to cure her brother. She might be thinking on the lines, "if development of biotechnology can correct defects in babies in future and help prevent sufferings of other kids, then I will consider contributing what little I can do for the cause." This is my analysis. It's what I will think if I were Go Mi Ran. What do you guys think?
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