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  1. I'm preparing to drop this drama; it's lame. I'm over the overbearing masculine wife & wimp-simp cowardly husband trope. I see no chemistry between the leads and as much as I sympathize with the grandaughter, I can't stand her nor her sassy mouth. I don't understand the purpose of the Atypical Family story and I believe the writers don't either.
  2. KBS casting needs to stop the foolishness of casting people of the same age or younger as someone's mother. They have done it twice on this show with both families.
  3. Kdrama healing with the magical bandaid in Hye Won's head is giving me life along with her occasional fainting spells.
  4. I don't think so. She hates Monet because of what she did to her child. It is implied that she saved her mother because she made a phone call to get a female dead body presumably to have proof of death for Monet's mother. They can all kill each other for all I care. The showrunner and writer have been greedy for a longtime. It has finally caught up to them. They should have wrapped this garbage up during the 1st season.
  5. Maybe that's where they need the camera so we can see the behind the scenes drama😆
  6. Whoever wrote that article needs to retract it because this show was not a hit and its ratings was a failure. This writer her formula to predictably thin which is the reason I was never fully invested in the Penthouse. When I see a drama with her namw on it there is two things I know: Predictable & more than one season!
  7. They've been extending all the series!Ten extra episodes...What the heck is going on? Unpredictable Family has been extended and now they pushing Who's the Father and a Monster-in-law scenario!
  8. @partyon he is the WORDT, but he is still hot though. Murderous, psychotic, and hot! He needs to go down hard!
  9. @agenth where is Queen Woo playing?
  10. This is ridiculous! I only tuned in this week because I thought this junk would be over. KBS needs to get their act together with these extensions. Why even bother getting out his mama early if they are going to string this out another week? They should have left her behind in a mental health hospital.
  11. @africandramalover that's the reason Hyun Bin, Jang Hyuk, and Joo Sang-Wook is not on my list either. I have to believe they are unattractive due to their marital status.
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