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  1. @backstreetboysfan where can we find with eng subs kf this teaser? Kim kang hoon is
  2. If you're planning to watch Law School, you have to set your brains with law terms plus your eyes in reading subtitles. I find these articles helpful to catch up if you don't want to have a brain freeze (again)1. The Three Questions that ‘Law School’ Threw at Us From the Start2. Law School Premiere Review: A Class that Fails to ImpressOnly, Yangcrates can make a courtroom a lecture room haha Kim Myung Min will always be a legend in his own right. I love him! Prof. Yang Jong Hoon fits him very well. I'm on ep 8 btw Enjoy!
  3. I'm checking my upcoming kdrama list (on top) of my on-going and looooong list of pending dramas *sighThe normal trend is when I finished 1 drama, 3-4 dramas are trying their best to barged in my fully-loaded watch hours. Check below who are saying hello to me XD1. Doom At Your Service released new stills. Yes I'm doomed since Seo In Guk's charm is teasing me. Source: https://www.soompi.com/article/1467893wpp/seo-in-guk-enters-park-bo-youngs-house-without-an-invitation-in-doom-at-your-service2.Racket Boys. Airing on May 31 penned by Prison Playbook writer Jung Bo Hoon and Kim Kang Hoon! Source
  4. Waaaaaaaaaaa mixed nuts! But I am certain that SYH is Ji Eun's son. IN THE MEAN TIME... “Mouse” Returns To Air With No. 1 Ratings + “Sell Your Haunted House” Sees Rise | Soompi On May 5, the mystery thriller drama starring Lee Seung Gi made its return to air after a one-week hiatus. According to Nielsen Korea, the latest episode of “Mouse” scored an average nationwide rating of 5.0 percent and a peak of 5.4 percent, marking a slight increase in viewership from its previous episode two weeks prior.
  5. Please NO baby switch. JBR/JH is the son of Dr. Lee's friend? So Sung Yo Han & JBR have the same age? He's not the son of HH... The writer showed as a backstory was Han Seo Joon's case (involving Moo Chi & his family) as the start of a very complicated puzzle. So with the style of storytelling & treatment, the writer made us believed that JBR is HSJ's son but it is really Sung Yo Han BUT he didn't showed any signs of being a psychopath to Ji Eun (his mom) instead, he is the genius one. ORGANIZATION OF PSYCHOPATHS???? (Moo Chi mode)
  6. Just started 18 Again! I’m on episode 2. I’ve watched the American (movie) version a few years back because of Zac Efron. I just love how this drama emphasizes that giving up your dreams to raise a family (early) is always a sacrifice but to have that “last chance” to achieve your dreams for yourself will heal you. These reviews helped me to continue watching: Reasons To Watch 18 Again Reviews from mydramalist Premiere reviews
  7. Swamped with work, finished Vincenzo first, started law School then will try to binge-watch when ready haha I think I'm on Ep 3??
  8. A friend sent me this Unreleased BTS huhuhuuhuhuuh That's why they barged to the 6th spot in tvN's history (highest rating) Source: https://www.kdramapal.com/vincenzos-final-episode-logs-6th-highest-rating-tvn-history/
  9. @suzy0604 watched this earlier. I was LOLing and amazed how good they were. Our monks are sooooooo smart. And Monk Jeokha is the funniest! The Scream of Silence is really one of the best games of Na PD.
  10. Too many suspects! Binge watch ep 4-6...Didn't realize that we're almost half-way...1 month flies so fast by just waiting for on-going dramas. I wasn't surprised that Kang Sol B's father is KJM. Looks like ALL of Them are suspects..and I will not rule out Lee Man Ho. Kang Dan might be YHJ's apprentice?
  11. When was the last time, Song Joong Ki had a fan meeting?? 2016? 2017? after DOTS and he's with Song Hye Kyo. If I'm right, Park Bo Gum, Lee Kwang Soo & Lee Jun Ho (2PM) were there. Even Jo In Sung made a special vid appearance then Song Hye Kyo appeared. I'm excited! According to this article, (Source: Song Joong-ki to meet fans worldwide through live YouTube event) he wants to do a fan meeting, as he feels regretful about not being able to see his fans personally because of the current health situation. Aww dont be regretful, we're here to support you! No need for subs, only
  12. @Gamechanger11 SANA ALL means “I hope everyone experience that" Thank you for the links! I'll watch the 2nd part later. They're a lot of Filipino Airens. If only LSG is fluent in Tagalog & you're not familiar with him, you will mistake him as South East Asian guy.
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