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  1. Hi yall. I've been a silent reader here for almost a month already, I think. And now decided to finally say something. lol
    I agree with everyone, this is a shipping thread where we share our thoughts about what we observe/d. They maybe called delusions by others (and by us too), but they are actually our observations with what we see in their interactions in their BTS. And most importantly, I think, we all are determined about this ship because of the 'I like you' confession of SSH. We are not yet really 100% sure if they are already dating but let's just continue to be positive and not be negative about their different actions and affections. hehe Let's just keep this ship sailing as long as we can, especially tomorrow is SJH's birthday. Let's her all the love she deserves. Lastly, regarding the Oct. 8 interview, we might not get what we are expecting from that interview but it's not bad to be optimistic and excited, right? Have a good day everyone! :)

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