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  1. okay, so. i have been dancing for several years now, and although i love doing it, im tired of dancing by myself. and i really like the idea of a k-pop dance cover group like those i see on YouTube. so, im looking to start one of my own. although, yes, dancers are crucial, there are other positions that are needed as well. but we will get into that. before agreeing to be a part of my group, just know that it is hard work and will take up a lot of your time. if you're willing to sacrifice your free time for practice and performances, then feel free to ask to join.
  2. okay, so i don't know if any of ya'll actually saw RM's recent livestream on BTS's v-live, but in it RM is about to begin a v-live livestream when Jimin and Taehyung come in. they say they're bored and the three of them start talking. but taehyung acts really strange. in other words, he isn't acting like himself. although he's laughing and engaging in the conversation, he mentions drinking, and other stuff goes on. he just didn't act like he usually does. and at one point Taehyung acts extremely weird, and it's obvious RM was really uncomfortable and seemed to want to end the live. apparently
  3. i think the number one country i wish to go to would most definitely be Japan. i plan to go to Tokyo with my best friend in the next few years. her and i are still planning it out, but we're really excited, and im pretty sure it's going to be an epic trip. i have a feeling im going to be bringing home plenty of otaku stuff. my next country i would love to go to would be South Korea, just like every other kpop fan. i especially would love to go to Seoul. another country i wish to visit is England. it's a beautiful country. i would most certainly love to take pictures of
  4. i need opinions on the k-drama Shut Up Flower Boy Band. when Joo Byung- hee died in the third episode, it hit me so hard. he was my favourite character for sure. he never got the chance to tell Im Soo-ah he loved her before the truck hit him. he was the life of the show. so when he died, i never got past that episode. i just didn't have the strength to continue. i just knew the show wouldn't be the same. i literally cried for three hours. i just want to know what opinions you all have(if you've seen it, of course). do you think Byung-hee should have at least had a chance to tell Soo-ah he love
  5. Angel's Last Mission: Love Boys Over Flowers Crash Landing On You
  6. thank you so much for the encouragment and support, it means a lot <3 im trying my best. if i can make it a whole month without cutting, my friends will take me out to dinner at my favourite restaurant to celebrate, so im really hoping i make it.
  7. breakfast: scrambled eggs with american cheese, a bowl with kiwi, watermelon, and pineapple, turkey bacon, and cranberry-raspberry juice snack: dry frosted flakes and an apple lunch: tomato creme soup and saltine crackers dinner: taco bell fritos burrito and cinnamon twists (usually pretty good but this time it was awful. i didn't eat more than three bites before throwing it all in the trash :/ )
  8. @MayanEcho im currently going to therapy and my therapist is giving me a lot of coping skills to help with the stress, anxiety, and depression. ive managed to go three days without cutting, and though its really really hard, ive made it this far and im hoping that i can keep going. and, yes, i always take my meds on time. thank you for the support, love. <3
  9. im currently reading What I Lived For by Joyce Carol Oates. a very mature, adult oriented book, but also one of the best i have ever read.
  10. Fae

    hey, i have a question for you. is the thing that says i have to wait 24 hours to post more after three posts only for new members? because after my first three posts it said that i had to wait for 24 hours before posting more. im just wondering if it's just for new members or not, because i really would like to post more than three times each day :/

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      oof, i meant im at official member status lol. thank you again! ^^ @mirmz so how are you today?

    3. mirmz


      pretty good @Fae 


      how bout u?

    4. Fae


      that's great ^^ 


      im hanging in there as best i can. not too great, but not terrible, either :)

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