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    kpop, anime, art, photography, k-dramas, jpop, jrock, alt/emo rock, lofi, pop, yoga, books, witchcraft, animals, shopping, fashion, food, roleplaying, plants and nature in general, otami games and gaming in general, pokemon, conspiracy theories, acoustic guitar, singing, pastels and aesthetics, medical related stuff, poetry, dancing, plushies and stuffed animals, sleeping, talking to people, sewing and needlework, cooking and baking, and the paranormal (more like ghost hunting and that sort of thing, not the hardcore gory horror stuff). i also love being gay trash lol.

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im just your typical 21 year old trans boy. im gay and proud of it. i love to talk to people, and im very open and friendly. i love to make others happy, mainly because i don't want them to suffer like i am. i am very lovable, but if you cross me or hurt someone i care about, i will become a monster you wish you had never faced. i have a love for oversized hoodies and stuffed animals, and in my free time you oftentimes find me in my room listening to lofi or kpop while drawing or on my phone. i almost always have a snack with me, whether it's chocolate or chips (i especially love the barbecue or seasalt n vinegar ones). i do have a job, and i work most days, so i unfortunately don't have much time for the internet. i am a 4'11" shortie, with hazel eyes and brown hair. im oftentimes wearing oversized hoodies and skinny jeans, with converse tennis shoes, a beanie hat or backwards baseball cap, and a necklace on which i keep a protective amulet. i tend to get distracted easily, and im pretty much a softie and i am very mellow and warm. i sometimes scare people when they learn about my past, but just know that i would never hurt anyone without good reason. so yall are safe with me ^^ anyways, i don't have much else to say. thank you for reading, friend! much love <3

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