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  1. In my opinion, they are both smitten with each other. The feeling is mutual. Also, HB will not pursue SYJ if he doesn’t see any potential or if SYJ does not reciprocate his feelings. Being Asian myself, I don’t show my affections to my hubby when in public even way before when he was just my boyfriend. Asians are more conservative with regards to that matter. And the more SYJ will be reserved because they are public figures. As shown by their interviews (TN and CLOY) and BTS. They both enjoy each other’s company. One of the many candies is during The Negotiation Star Movie Talk, both HB and SYJ are like high school students, seated beside their crush. The way HB lean towards SYJ, the way he smile/laugh and how SYJ would laugh and tuck her hair behind her ears. When I was watching them, I would ask myself if they are highschoolers?? Well, that is just a BINJIN shipper’s opinion. Do Koreans have courtship period? I do not know their dating culture. Does dating for koreans mean they are already in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship?
  2. For me, as a BINJIN shipper, there is really SOMETHING going on between HB and SYJ. The grocery photo is my ultimate evidence. At first, I asked my husband (for a male POV) and he said that it is possible for a male and female friends to go grocery shopping BUT when he learned that they only used one cart! Oooohhhh he said, they’re a couple already. For my husband to tell that is really something because I always tell him about BINJIN and their interactions and he will just say, People see what they want to see...
  3. Just watched the wrap up party video, it was nice to see that the first thing HB did when the lights went on was to look at SYJ and hugged (friendly/co-worker hug) her. They really have that extraordinary chemistry. As what my husband says, I can see their chemistry because I’m a chemist by profession.lol
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