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  1. may we talk in private

  2. My dog just died :bawling:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. oh-no-i-lost-him
    3. /\mirmz/\


      okay i hope she is in doggie heaven <3 <3 <3 

    4. oh-no-i-lost-him


      now there will be 4 ghosts in my home because the dog that just died my grandma and her dog and someone who lived here before my grandma moved in 

  3. its okay too cry if your sad i cry everyday over a dumb boy i cant get over just let it out ill be here too support you threw it
  4. thanks lmao at first i thought u were calling me 3 @AgentQuake
  5. I have a couple of suggestions for you if your crush hates you. 1. Tell them how you feel and tell them sorry if you did something wrong and if that dosent work i would move on from them if were you i would not talk to them. If you want try another one of these things and see if it works for you. 2. If there being rude or hating on you i would agree because then they will realize its getting boring then they will stop being rude and then after that shoot your shot. 3. Ignore them and tell them that u will ignore them in till they are willing to be nice too you. or just block them and move on and find someone else then them. Good Luck! If you need help with anything else just say what down below.
  6. True next person hates spicy food
  7. Hello everyone welcome to The song writing crew tell us about a song u have made or list ideas for songs people could use!
  8. update5: hewo yall big update today so David showed me Sean saying im annoying and i noticed that Sean told David i love u he said he always says that but boys never tell there friend that around this place and definitely not at  there school so theres a lot of drama right now. also im working on a song right now all my followers will get it after its done only if i trust u a lot so yup! ill make another update tonight prob

    1. /\mirmz/\


      r u saying that u think the dude is gay?

    2. oh-no-i-lost-him


      yes yesterday he said he  didnt mean to text me Ugh how about we just date what if thats for sean

  9. my talents are eating singing sleeping cuddling Ceo of being 11 lmao
  10. hello yall i just woke up i changed my mind my update will be tonight cause im busy and theres a lot to write about but yeah tonight or moring for any of u

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