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  1. @Thirtysvn37 you really have a very wild imagination...ha ha...when a paparazzi will come to the picture, it's when news about a loving relationship bet. them will be fast circulating in Korea and every reporter wants a SCOOP! and ohh, the closeness, it's given for both managers to be comparing notes and all, cuz of their protegees, the lovers, ha ha,my delulu? KDW is so cute, is like a child having to be engrossed in baseball games....maybe MGY got jealous....kekekeke, am I making sense?
  2. Great news guys.... Find Me in Your Memory is listed as the TOP3 'National Drama' by AjuNews"FMIYM's success to maintain its rank on TOP3 wave weekly chart. This was Kim Dong Wook's first melodrama & Moon Ga Young's first lead role. Now they've became one of a melodrama King & Queen" Credit to kdwmgy.cp IG So grateful to this recognition..they are slowly (but surely) picking up in their career. Cheers!!
  3. Your points well taken @Thirtysvn37 Anyways, MGY said during an interview that KDW is very reliable and she did not feel the age gap. Makes sense haha...and now they are even discussing about the baby addressing him Anchor-nim... You should register an account with Kakaotalk using Google Chrome.I had a hard time doing it becuz it's not all translated in English. I had to copy paste the Korean at Google, a lot of times... so I could understand what it is saying and I did it successfully.
  4. @Sortie15 many thanks sissy for guiding me into viewing the teaser, it really stirred my imagination, as I did not understand any of the conversation...ha ha But anyways, i have read some of the English translation over here, over Twitter and IG. That's good enough! Soon, we gonna find out the truth..... once again @Sortie15
  5. It depends really on her...ha ha...But if KDW's serious, he would understand and wait...kekekeke...
  6. Oh, gosh, what's the fuss in here!! I saw on a fanpage in IG, that news of the teaser...and they said we should not post it anywhere.... So no way to view it guys? @lhynne, i'll just follow you, whatever and wherever you decide to hide just so we can discuss crumbs you, @Thirtysvn37 @Sortie15 and the other guys gathered...will be "gippueda" Cheers chingus...
  7. Happiest birthday Kim Dong Wook!!! I hope that your birthday is as wonderful as you are into our eyes....all of us here in this ship....Stay happy.... If you are reading comments.....then maybe you will read this....ha ha
  8. Many thanks for sharing @ImAryaStark I'm grinning from ear to ear....So lovely to hear those crumbs....For me as well, whoever Kyo will end up with and that makes her be pleased as punch, will support her all the way...Thanks a ton for this group....Cheers!
  9. Deafening silence is far better ha ha...there's definitely a mystery behind it.
  10. I am more of a Kyo fan, but I practically knew HB, only I've missed some points in that interview, .... thanks @Lola
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