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  1. She looks so young in that video...they can really be a couple like Song2x couple. Her instagram post was 4 days ago and he posted the "sleep well", 10 hours ago, ha ha probably not a reply to hers. Yea, you're right they are making our hearts flutter....:)
  2. Yea, even my heart flutters as a viewer...how much more themselves? Humans are humans, they can feel at least a little euphoria doing the kisses...unless they are stone-hearted...well....can't say anything more
  3. We never know...look at SHK AND SJK...have shipped them and our ship had reached its destination...
  4. Why chocolate? Chocolate is a gift of love on Valentines Day. Chocolate is the best selling item during Valentines Day. Eating chocolate is linked to love and romance, according to scientific studies @katty27 I agree with you...When I was in high school, I hate being courted by my classmates, but one Valentine's day, I received a box of chocolates and roses...My older sister saw the chocolates, she told me that chocolates means KISSES....daebak, they kissed a lot in the drama...so it is another ITEM.....hahahaha!
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