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  1. BinJin: Yes, we're dating. BinJin Nation worldwide: BinJin for not making us squeeze into our suits! Game is officially OVER, y'all!
  2. I've had so many words prepared for so long for these two if they ever revealed but now that the moment is finally here..I'm utterly speechless. O.M.G!!! WE DID IT, GUYS!!! Good things really do come to those who wait. WORTH.THE.WAIT!!!! HAPPIEST NEW YEAR, BINJIN NATION!!! HERE'S TO TRULY A BRIGHTER AND BETTER 2021 for everyone including 2020's biggest grocery-shopping, golf-playing, close-friend, clown-trolling OTP!!! FLIP THAT months (yeah right, sureee guys ) sideways into , BinJin! Words cannot fully do justice to how emotional and monumental this
  3. RI-LY CRASH LANDED ON YOU Cloyversary Bonus Edition Poem by: RiRiGaGa Inspired by: CLOY's Ri Jeong Hyuk & Yoon Se Ri Dedicated with much love to: BinJin Like a surprise crash landing, you enthrall me Like a helpless moth to a flame, you draw me Like courageously hiding a deadly secret, you conceal me Like gentle medication to my wounded soul, you heal me Like two separated worlds existing in unity, you feel me Like a scented candle lighting the dark
  4. That Man Happy 38th Birthday to the one and only Kim Tae Pyung, our very best boy You are such a brilliant shining light that brings us so much warmth and joy Understanding what all women, men, dogs, cats everywhere want to feel Never compromising who you are, always staying true and keeping it real Before our very eyes, you have evolved from a lovable boy to an incredible man Intelligent, kind, considerate, passionate, humble, hard-working, delicious and tan Navigating 17 years in the industry yet still reminding us why you’re still around
  5. One Day in September To The Last Princess of my life, I could have typed this up on my phone but it takes too long to poke with my index finger. I know, I know, I should be using my thumbs too but I only want to reserve my thumbs to rub your delicate hands. You know that I much prefer writing old-school letters to my fans. And who’s my biggest fan but you? Yes, this ahjusshi loves to write you love letters and you know you love it. By the time this snail mail makes it to you, I might be back in your arms already. I am crying Secret Tears righ
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