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  1. That Man Happy 38th Birthday to the one and only Kim Tae Pyung, our very best boy You are such a brilliant shining light that brings us so much warmth and joy Understanding what all women, men, dogs, cats everywhere want to feel Never compromising who you are, always staying true and keeping it real Before our very eyes, you have evolved from a lovable boy to an incredible man Intelligent, kind, considerate, passionate, humble, hard-working, delicious and tan Navigating 17 years in the industry yet still reminding us why you’re still around
  2. One Day in September To The Last Princess of my life, I could have typed this up on my phone but it takes too long to poke with my index finger. I know, I know, I should be using my thumbs too but I only want to reserve my thumbs to rub your delicate hands. You know that I much prefer writing old-school letters to my fans. And who’s my biggest fan but you? Yes, this ahjusshi loves to write you love letters and you know you love it. By the time this snail mail makes it to you, I might be back in your arms already. I am crying Secret Tears righ
  3. Guys, I think with BinJin trolling us constantly and with international media worldwide throwing us SO MANY BinJin crumbs left and right almost on the daily that we have to remember to take with a "grain of salt," we're all getting a little bit salty. Let us all: Dang it, Binnie..now we're THIRSTY again! To the maker of the nearly see-through fabric white shirt above, To the company that thought it'd be smart for the person who makes us all thirsty to sell us the water to relieve our thirst? Brilliant!
  4. Happy to help, @QueenieBee! I agree that it does seem a little conflicting/confusing that she didn't want to expose them but did expose them anyways. I gather from the timing of her post and what she expressed that maybe she is speaking up now due to the recent ex rumors about HB. I think this was maybe her attempt at debunking those rumors by saying that HB is a standup and respected man and famous actor so he wouldn't risk his reputation by being unfaithful if BinJin are indeed truly together. @NonKoreanMango: The rumors she's referring to are the recent HB getting back with ex
  5. Hi, BinJin fam! It's been a while! Hope everyone is doing well and are keeping their Binjinsion symptoms under control. I know it's hard! The struggle is REAL! It appears that the lovekpop article that was shared used Google translation so it's not very clear. I just wanted to offer a clearer translation of what the Vietnamese celebrity said in her FB post: "OMG, I have HOT news since April but I've been uncomfortable (like exploding inside) because I couldn't expose anything and also, I was afraid the news I knew would not come true. I just hope that Bin oppa and Jin
  6. Back on One Day in June (June 8), I created this math metaphor about counting the important things about BinJin, adding up their very long love receipt. I had originally only purposefully written this receipt to be 22 items long since we all know that 22 is an important representative number for our RiRi BinJin couple. But what is a shopper to do when this receipt just keeps getting longerrr and longerrr by the day? Well of course, I have to be responsible and keep crunching the numbers. If you add more items to the cart, then you need to keep adding onto the receipt. I’m Asian, we’re always e
  7. BinJin Fam! My mood enduring the last 48 scary hours and now finding the MT working again: Missed y'all! Hope everyone is healthy and doing well! Let's not part again, k? My fragile heart can't take it! Waiting for the BinJin announcement vaccine amidst the constant trolling is about all I can handle! I need my doses of Soompida or these Binjinsion symptoms will seriously become deadly! Desperately tried a dose of Twitterex today to hold me over. It's fast-acting but not quite as stable and effective as a Soompida dose. Great to see y'all again, BinJin
  8. Mom and Dad for continuing to make it during this whether it's via trolling crumbs or not. As they say, "Beggars can't be choosers"!!! Keep that public playlist rolling for however long, MSTeam! We'll catch it! Meanwhile, really hope Dad had registered these guns before unleashing these weapons of mass destruction in Jordan! Don't want him to be deported for terrorism! Keep these babies tucked away safely, Dad! Mom is DYING to fall back into those deadly arms soon! Meanwhile, BinJin Nation be like for that 2020 marria
  9. In times of drought, BinJin nation, don't let our plants wither and die! Treat it like a pet and keep nurturing it! BinJin Love Plant Me, daily: 1) Ri-play button 2) "Close Friends" 3) TN promos 4) Grocery shopping 5) Real Reel CLOY BTS 6) Instalike-gate 7) TikTok ShipDok "We, Us" 8) MetroStyle dimple smile 9) Syncing Olympics 10) 2020 Marriage announcement Have you said your 10 nice things today?
  10. Sooo..That SUPER awkward moment when it’s almost 4 AM and you can’t sleep so you pop in your headphones and your Caucasian hubby (who has never watched a single K-drama) who was fast asleep next to you gets woken up from the light of your laptop and he catches you watching zoomed-in videos of BinJin kissing. And all this time, during the day, the only shipping activities your hubby has seen you engage in is writing classy love poems, metaphors, and interpretative analyses about two classy Korean actors you really admire and would like to see end up together. Anddd then your sneaky, Pervy Ahjum
  11. Your Humble Way Made Me Tumble and Sway Poem by: RiRiGaGa Inspired by: BinJin interactions since TN throwback days Narrated through: Jinnie’s POV In the K-industry where any small scandals can ruin big careers I kept my cards close to my chest, afraid to show my inner fears Double standards exist for women who strive to break the glass ceiling So, I put in the blood, sweat, and tears; I toiled, I hustled; I kept o
  12. First of all, wanted to give a very special Happy Birthday shoutout to our dear friend and in-house Ra-Ra-Rasputin, Russia's greatest love machine Korean love language extraordinaire, @celest1al!!! Also, a very special belated birthday to Ms @SHpectator whose bday was last week! you both! Seriously, what would we do without @celest1al's mad awesome translating skills? Oh I know, we would still be watching Ra-Ra-Rasputin, Russia's greatest love machine on loop without understanding a darn thing! One of the Binjinsion symptoms for sure! 3 hrs. of Baeksangs in Korean? Pshh..no p
  13. @ElectricHearts Ohh I'm glad I inspired you to start Ireland! Hang in there! Ireland is certainly a tough watch but it is definitely worth it for HB's newbie character and how much he breaks your heart. The emotional range that he is able to pull off during his first major drama role is definitely impressive! Yeah so while the drama might be a tough pill to swallow at first, just wait and stick it out. You will see all kinds of similarities between the savior/protector/broken persona of Kang Gook and RJH. It's hard to not see the connections between Gookie oppa and CLOY. You'll see what I mean
  14. OMG! I better hurry up and post this before we get shut down again! Grab your candies and receipts and hoard them ppl! It's ARMAGEDDON out here! Must mean the end is near! It's Throwback Monday b/c who the heck needs to wait until Thursday when you're suffering from Binjinsion symptoms all day long and then the forum takes away your Soompida doses for hours repeatedly? BAM! Withdrawal kicks in! So every day is a BJ throwback day! Here's an adorable compilation of these two silly clowns/expert trolls/flirty teases cutting up in their old interviews when th
  15. In the interest of good communication and open dialogue, I wanted to add my thoughts to this discussion. To preface this, I am not picking sides, policing, or engaging in any fan wars. I am simply stating my subjective opinions and personal thoughts. I think BinJin fans are VERY grateful to have had 2 projects featuring such masterful acting and sizzling chemistry from both HB and YJ. I think it's the admiration and the discovery of such explosive chemistry when they share a screen together that inspires and sparks a desire within a lot of fans, both old and new, to want to see bot
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