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  1. SYJ's beauty, charm and wit indeed let's her get away with a lot things, and HB is almost always willing to indulge her. I wonder was there ever a time (captured in BTS or interviews) where it's the other way around, it was HB who joked or did something to tease SYJ and she got annoyed or less than amused. HB probably go into panic and self-blame like how could he have upset his pretty lil Jinnie and i wonder what they look like when they're actually fighting. still adorbs with pink bubbles all around, i would assume
  2. Son Ye Jin currently with 671847, up by 65K from IU... HyunBin at 632,475 leading by about 80k... damn it's a BINJIN's world, we only rent in it LOLz Mad props to hyperfans, so dedicated y'all! let's keep voting like there's no tomorrow!
  3. mass gathering is not allowed even in downgraded quarantine (GCQ), so i assume this would be more of virtual meet and greet or remote media launch or something
  4. Is this true and would it affect Baeksang event? (Wanted to search Korean-based news but i suppose it won't be in English)... https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1282557/strict-social-distancing-reinstated-in-seoul-for-2-weeks
  5. Could i get confirmation, does the autoclicker really work? The vote button gets deactivated after 5 votes for YJ have been cast in one device per day, right? im also using an iphone but too lazy setting up the autoclicker if not sure it will 100% work..
  6. I think the Man.yo is the brand of beauty products featured in CLOY? Like the liquid oil/moisturizer which RJH bought for Seri and which she applied on the back of her hand?
  7. wow with the rate that he's going, HB's gonna be Forbes' certified ultra-rich in no time! SYJ's iron-resolve not to accept similar endorsements and CFs is puzzling. (I assume there are tons of offers to her as well... it's just not likely only one of them is being rabidly chased down by these brands!). Making me really suspicious.. is she really this picky in the past?l or she's just really, really tired... or something!?!
  8. I voted yesterday and was able to vote 3x for each HB and SYJ, even when i clicked the share button today i was able to vote 5x each no share needed i first used my phone with VPN on (US IP) yesterday and its all ok but today i got "vote failed".. when i turned it off the votes went through i dunno it made a difference or just coincidence/glitch in the system
  9. conjecture begets conjecture no biggie seems even journalists/media are feeling the drought, but she gotta turn in somethin' to earn the day's pay
  10. you beat me right to it! I was watching SYJ in The Pirates and Zhang ZiYi of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon fame came flashing in my mind. Whatever happened to ZZ? Sorry off topic. surely SYJ and HB will get a lot more foreign interest (ie, Hollywood) esp if CLOY smashes the award season. And they so deserve every bit of the global attention.
  11. i am really hoping they win and do a shout out to each other and then they will tear up and then omo i dont know im not crying you're crying huhuhu
  12. @Loveumore honestly, normally i avoid putting "malice" into Yejin's arm-grabbing of HB as i believe it's normal gesture for her. she did the same with so ji sub and with SITR guy who even held hands with her and she didn't seem to mind--she sees him as a younger brother lol... but then in that IG montage you shared it consistently showed YJ's eye smile turning into eye heart everytime she looked at him, which i never saw with her other male co-stars. so yeah that's as swooned as she can be (also probably indicating how relieved and appreciative she was that HB got them through that interview scot-free)
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