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  1. i'm quoting your post @BJHope in it's entirety, cuz ^that^ deserves to be republished and re-read over and over again and hopefully many if not all of us will be guided by sobriety and discernment in this tough shipper life, going forward. And thank you too @TotoroSY for always reminding shippers to be mindful of what we put out here and elsewhere, and for sticking out your neck to protect BinJin even at your expense. it's ridonkulous how things escalated yesterday that suddenly you were the bad guy? Duh. How fked up is that. Billie Eilish called, she wants her line back!
  2. I wouldn't say "hides" cuz that may have implications on tax haha. i guess she'd rather not disclose unless really required imho. It's open secret she's k-ent's biggest star and with that comes $$$ you can do the math from there (Smart alone allegedly paid --- unconfirmed amount lol). YJ also seems very humble and down to earth basically not materialistic, so it makes sense that she keeps it low key. Being named top-paid actress is not a concern, but being top-awarded+being cow yejin are what's important to her.
  3. Queen @lovelyzfirst of all... ^that^ is a long as$ receipt that could fill Binnie's grocery push cart! I am absolutely floored how many receipts we have as of date! Hopefully our shippers, old and new, will stop neglecting them and just continue sailing with our ship and even in these troubled and shaky Soompi waters, we will prevail... we are definitely nearing our port of call, so buckle up shippers, it's gonna be a helluvah ride!!! Again Lovelyz for gathering everything in one glorious post complete with your annotations..im keeping your post bookmarked, its something
  4. Alright obligatory Flashback Friday to TN days... HB smiles at YJ like all of his facial muscles from the side of his eyes to his bottom chin are getting flexed = genuinely happy Anatomist Duchenne's study has showed that a smile he called the "smile of joy," the muscle that is just to the side of the eyes (called orbicularis oculi) is activated. When this muscle contracts, it creates creases, sometimes called crow's feet. He called this the "true smile," the pure smile of enjoyment. Duchenne concluded that the mouth smile obeys the will, but the eye smil
  5. Thank you @Chewy i thought the person spoke with you as journo and not you just reading such unsubstantiated claim from a random person somewhere... anyway i guess i misunderstood what you shared. @TotoroSY thanks for that share! I love how Japanese media still being intellectual and FACTUAL in how they dissect CLOY ... Japan is still whipped and gaga over CLOY but they stay classy with their commentaries i guess.. there's one japan-based shipper here right? Arigato! meanwhile i echo this observation by one twitter user: and if i may also add, Jinnie likin
  6. thanks @Restless_Hearts for taking your "doubt" back.. i was about to remind gently of that time, not so long ago about the many skeptics here who didn't believe SYJ would accept to do a CF for a product she does not personally use or that she wouldn't accept cuz she wouldn't wanna further fuel the persistent dating rumors.. if i may throwback to my old post when Smart was still in the early stage of wooing SYJ: btw, thanks again to @cris_feliz for some crumbs she shared a few weeks ago.. she is one worth her salt and with credible inside info and she's not even a journo
  7. Who is that korean man outside a resto tho? "Treats her like his baby"? Korean men talk that way IRL?
  8. YEH is the girl from Coffee Prince right? I think i also stumbled upon an old clip from her talking about how she met SYJ and she said even when our queen was so tired that day from the shoot (i guess it was Personal Taste?) SYJ still met her, helped/coached her with her acting as she was a newbie or something like that.. i really love love YJ (and HB too) being generous to younger actors.
  9. Is this for real? Bench real estate plan for Binnie billboards? And then add Yejin's Smart billboard (will likely temporarily replace HB's Smart, or atop his?)... Might as well rename Guadalupe bridge to BinJin Bridge lolz In other news... Seoul Drama Awards will be on Sept 10, without spectators... most likely Hb won't be there, right? Cuz even if he finish filming early he'll need to self-quarantine upon return for 2 weeks?
  10. @TotoroSY you nailed it, as always! and i love that you love the same things i love about our beloved OTP and this shipping love business! and that photo!!! I've always considered that day as the most flustered TN promo for HB, he was literally all over Yejin! Like he couldn't stay still! Im like whats goin on with this guy, he's got no chill yo! Yejin puts down her mic and he went to pick it up and gave it back to her lol..,next thing you know he's was he fixing or picking something on the floor.. then he caught her arm when she almost tripped.. i was half expecting him
  11. Doesnt work for me for some reason... even after more than an hour has lapsed since i last voted! Even used different browsers, VPN, cleared browsing history/cache, on/off the wifi... Arggghh that site is wonky. anyway what's the catch for the winner? Is kingchoice popular in SK or any place in particular?
  12. Is this new or just new to my eyes? Hehe whatevs BinJin on a roll rn
  13. For spoiler use the button with an eye <o> for your timeline research, really helpful! Im amazed at everyone really spending time to sort out all these details for us to delulu properly and responsibly! @Shippers imho fanfic is not equal to delulu per my understanding. i think there's a Soompi fanfic section so any fanfic dropped in here would be more appropriate in that section. Just a thought As for double standards... i don't get to read everything in here, but i've seen a few slips that's true. But also i do believe we self-regulate quite eff
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