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  1. Thanks Yappy, she is absolutely stunning in these short clips. There is no way that SSH is not infatuated with SJH. Looks are stunning but something about SJH discipline and intelligence is the most desirable asset.
  2. Looking at the photo above you can tell he worked to get himself super fit. I wonder why? I will put it this way in that this his photo here, he is as thin as I have seen in 15 years. Not that way in December. Others please share your thoughts. Even his skin seems to be getting better and clearer. Many similarities to SJH especially her skin shine and lightness. Sometimes it is the little things that show the improvements.
  3. Thanks Yappy. First time I have seen SSH speaking English. Overall his English appears to be decent. This tells me he will be doing some parts in English in Voice Four. This also tells me a US trip is likely in the future along with bringing a special someone. Potential landing spots would seem to be major cities (San Francisco, LA, San Diego, New York and Chicago, probably the first location being Honolulu and or Maui). Their projects are soon ending so timing appears perfect.
  4. Just notice this and started laughing my Behind off. Sorry not DM related but it could be. https://www.instagram.com/p/CPlPy00j_AC/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet Now if we could only get this for SSH now that would be funny so will share and maybe one of us can creat something similar. It iwas brought to me that SSH appears to have lost some weight. Yup he went to JEJU island were he worked out all the time to get in shape for SJH. People tend to get in shape when a big day is coming. Just saying. Dude looks good in both black and brown leather
  5. Hi Dianna, Welcome to our group of individual that love DM and our leads. Thank you for your first post, happy to have you join us. I hope you will continue to share your thoughts more often. Yeah this is also my happy place. My read on photo with the flowers is that I think it is SJH. I would focus on shoulder line which appears to be smaller, more rounded, the oversized sweater, and on her hand holding the arrangement. Looks like her pinky although others may think differently and share their thoughts. Fiona several of the pictures from your past pages hav
  6. Thanks Fiona, these five pictures I have not seen and look at the smile on SJH and that is one of the warmest smiles I have seen by her. Where is SSH right hand in the last picture looks like on her back or high left arm. Looks pretty friendly between the two. Strange: DM international sends gifts and I have to say it has been really quiet. The longer with no response the clearer this becomes. There is so much smoke going on here because this fire is already lit. Think about it, if you get gifts that are special from your international fans; a market that both truly appre
  7. Interesting video from Bestie that is on Instagram. Bestie is playing golf and is not a hack either. This tells me that SJH plays more then we realize. We know SSH plays. The group is pretty fun and Bestie is such a good soul and a blast. These girls are so silly and cute. Nice crumb. https://www.instagram.com/sunmin0310/
  8. I was looking at the last two pages and I wanted to point out that page 150 and now page 151 are some of the best pages we have had. When I started following DM here I think the ladies we’re 67 pages in. One of my favorite writers continues to be HRK Harris. The two postings on 150 were an absolute treat to read especially the second one. The correlation between various movies/shows and DM were accurate one on the money. This is what a 150 pages and first year anniversary can bring which are a true celebration. I had to open a bottle of champagne to do it right and it was ea
  9. The gifts from DM international fans are tremendous and the ladies did a tremendous job of coordinating the deliverance of the gifts. Thank you to all. Happy one year anniversary. Miss these two. My hope is that they will appreciate the personalize art and maybe we can influence them in re-appearing in a future project. Yeah maybe even a wedding ceremony. Thanks Fiona for the clip. Watching the hour interview you pick up ti bids of items, example how often she taps him. It must be fifty times. SSH is like looking for her scolding of him. He needs SJH’s attention and at ti
  10. This artist Kfanghori does these drawings and this is the first time I have seen this with SJH Tiffany’s shot. Was only able to load link. https://www.instagram.com/p/CFPUKg-pudL/ The picture that was provided by Janeozten is one of my favorites because SJH look in black and white is so powerful. I have seen the same picture in color and it is not as dramatic.
  11. Janeozten, agree with what you just said she is book smart and he is investment smart. This makes for a great couple. With this said I wanted to thanked the group that we have gotten to a 150 pages at the one year anniversary. Time to celebrate our couple. Pages Way to go all.
  12. After watching SJH I had a new appreciation of the artist. In many ways it showed a side that was so raw and vulnerable. It also showed the strength of the lady and the drive she has to look her best. Many actresses would never of shown their side of no make up. With SJH you could just tell she is comfortable in her skin. What I also found great was her unit was simple and not over the top. This was one of the a great step for SJH to remove some of the stereotypes associated with the actress. I am sure that it probably was not the easiest thing for her to do and I am sure she was very n
  13. I am really looking forward to Voice Four. The preview clip looks pretty intense. I have not seen any of the Voice seasons and this is peaking miiy interest. I am sure that SSH will be great in this because it is in his wheel house. I got got a tiny bit concerned when Smoopi was down earlier today. Big Thursday and Friday coming up this week. Besties swim suit picture is really pretty. Is she going on vacation to somewhere like say JeJu were her & hubby would hook up with say SJH & SSH? https://www.instagram.com/
  14. More pictures I have never seen. That banana yellow looks so impressive on her. What is interesting is that SJH continues to be more impressive as the days move on. This picture is of 2013 and I believe she is like a Fonsecca Port that is just aging beautifully and is prettier today then in 2013. Think 1977, 1984, 1991 and 1998. The 1977 is rated a 100 and is considered one of the best ports ever made today.. I believe this bottle is getting close to 1k in value if you can find it. She is as fine as this wine. Perfection.
  15. As has been said by Fiona if there was a commercial with the two of then it would be Epic. Not a slight on anyone, example Park and Lee were really good together but too young to make it memorable. Now Bin and Jin were incredible in their Vogue photo shoot and it was memorable. If SSH and SJH did a photo shoot like Vogue it would be more magical then the cab scene similar to Tiffany. Why are they so good together? i think height is one factor that makes these two so similar and the other is that they are so much fun when sharing a scene. There is a lot of give and take going on. I kn
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