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  1. Oh I didn’t realize the LA trip is being questioned again. Trying to reason out and explain things to people who refuse to see facts is like beating a dead horse. But I just wanted to support your facts with sources: https://www.soompi.com/article/1308738wpp/hyun-bin-in-contact-with-the-legend-of-the-blue-sea-writer-regarding-potential-new-drama In this article, published in March 2019 (two months after LA), the writer states, “however, we haven’t met to discuss anything yet.” Also, if they were really in LA on a business trip, why the heck would they be at the grocery togethe
  2. Hello @binjincrew. It’s normal to doubt once in a while, but a positive mindset will help you bounce back and continue to keep the faith in no time. Literally anyone can make up a rumor and state it as fact, especially when the source of these rumors is certain individuals who have nothing better to do but ruin other people’s squee. Always check the source of the rumor. Is there concrete proof? A clear photo that shows their faces? An official statement from the agency? Comments made by the actor directly? If it’s none of the above, then you can rest assured that these rumor mongers are just t
  3. We can get more votes when it’s through a computer/laptop vs. a cellphone because through a computer, it doesn’t prompt you to choose the recaptcha images (at least for my laptop), so that’s one less step to do! Let’s do it!
  4. Awww such a cute birthday greeting to Uncle Hyun Bin! And yes, KKT AND his wife and son are close to HB Happiest birthday to HB! Hope you get to celebrate soon with your dearest ones!
  5. For people who claim to hate YJ, these bashers sure are updated with the latest news about her. If you don’t like something or someone, just ignore anything that has to do with them, right? Where is all this hate coming from anyway? Is it because she posted a picture of a cake with HB on it? As far as the public knows, HB is single. No one has a claim on him officially/publicly and it will be that way until he officially confirms a relationship. So what’s wrong if YJ posts a photo of her supposedly single “close friend?” What irks me the most is that these fan and ship wars are ha
  6. Well...HB is a businessman (CEO of VAST) and he does have many photos of them traveling together.
  7. Oh yeah I know the chapter you are referring to *wink wink* Oh another nice one is Cadence by Binjinsaudade
  8. I read them on AoS or Wattpad. I believe @wap included the links on her latest post
  9. Ooh you’re here on Soompi! I loved Sanctuary too, as you know by my comments on each chapter
  10. I read RiRi fanfic and only read Binjin ones if they are AUs (alternate universe) because like you, I’m uncomfortable when fanfic authors try to play with their real-life timelines lol. I highly recommend: At Long Last by Coolissue The Legend of Nakrang by Coolissue Death Angel by Sawyerdavenport Weathering the storm by Sawyerdavenport Front page news by Rulesthegalaxy I’ll add to the list if I can think of any more! EDIT: I also like the stories of @ednamode101
  11. But but but....they don’t follow each other on Instagram, as many have pointed out. It means they aren’t close. Kidding aside, YJ was styled by her own stylist for Baeksang. I’m sure there was a lot of coordination that went down between both stylists https://www.instagram.com/p/CBDS4-UJAY9/?igshid=jubjpf5x3r4q
  12. Yup she attended! It was the same day as the second TN promo press con on Sept. 3, 2018. I loved her Miu Miu dress when she accepted her SDA award. https://m.codipop.com/celebrity/148-Son-Yejin-at-the-13th-Seoul-International-Drama-Awards-and-Movie-Negotiation https://www.soompi.com/article/1224837wpp/winners-2018-seoul-international-drama-awards I don’t know if her fellow nominees attended though, or if it was just her because she was informed beforehand that she was already the winner. Hoping at least one or both of them win this year!!
  13. Hers only says Tuesday but there is no date. My guess is July 21 or 28, after she filmed the ad on July 16. May 19 would be too early to be doing voice overs, as she presumably only signed her contract late June, so definitely not the same day as Bin.
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