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  1. Ok, hello again chingus! After reading all the about how guys would never post loves songs on their SNS much less admit to listening to it or admit enjoy listening to it, I totally agree with it. However, I thought I needed a reconfirmation, so I asked my husband about it. His answer was a resounding, "HELL NO!" So, there you go. All respect to our man LMH for being so brave. He is THE man.
  2. Done reporting that account on Twitter. Such a nasty piece of lowlife junk that person is!
  3. I'd say, "There is always a first time for everything." People change and especially as we get older, our priorities change and with that the desire to do what is right in order to get what we want most in life even if it means doing things differently than before. LMH has matured and they cannot expect him to make the same choices he made when he was younger. I am just hoping that his fans grow up along with him and respect the choices he makes in life. Like what sensible fans say in our country about the controlling, bordering on obsessiveness, and overly entitled fans, we are mere fans. We do not own our idols, and if we truly love them, we should give them our support for the choices that they make especially those that will certainly make them happy. If you can't accept your idol's choices, then maybe it's about time you stop being a fan and concentrate more on your own life. I was able to read through a lot of the comments on his late night post and, man oh man, I actually saw comments there of ladies shipping themselves with LMH, and they were NOT subtle about it! I guess, a healthy dose of "reality check" wouldn't hurt, ayt? We all do, at some point.
  4. Thank y'all so much for the welcome. I hope to be able to post more from here on forward provided work and RL allows. Have a great day ahead chingus!
  5. Hello Chingus! I am new to this thread though I've been a lurker for quite some time now. I've been reacting to many of the posts here while trying my best to rein in my shipping heart trying to let reason take control, albeit with utmost difficulty. But I just cannot contain it anymore, and I just have to express how happy I am to have found this thread and all of you who love and support MinEun as much as I do. Coming into all of this, I started as a KGE fan. I came to know her via Goblin. Though I must admit that I watched that drama because of Yoo InNa-ssi (I am a long-time fan of YIN). However, as I continued to watch said drama, I saw how good of an actress KGE is with her being able to pull off a character almost half her real age with flying colors. It is definitely a feat in itself. In Goblin, KGE won me over with her acting but learning about how an authentic of a person she is and despite all of the hardships she went through in her career with the fans, being able to stay strong and still manage to remain positive through it all, was what made me fall in love with KGE. I stan the authentic person that she is… no pretensions at all, so humble and sweet. As for LMH, I knew of him and watched some of his previous dramas and do know that he is someone with a good heart and has never let stardom, considering how big of a star he is worldwide, ever affect his person. Despite this, I am not a really a fan. Let's just say I appreciate him as a person and as an actor, but do not fangirl over him. So, let's just say that my bias coming into TKEM was for KGE. The girl is just an amazing actor and person. I was thrilled about the pairing though when I learned about whom she would be acting with in TKEM. I was thrilled for her and intrigued because I wanted to see how they would be as a pair, and they certainly did not disappoint. Contrary to what most had said, I already saw the chemistry two episodes into the drama, although it is understandable why many could not notice it right away what with JTE being antagonistic towards LG in the beginning not to mention being weirded out by him and by everything about him while still trying to be sane. If I was in JTE's shoes, I'd run a mile towards the opposite direction in a heartbeat if somebody would come to me and tell me he knows me and that he comes from a different parallel word. HECK NO!!! In TKEM, I appreciated LMH more and watched how he has matured as an actor, and I certainly appreciate how he can match KGE with how he is able to convey so much emotions through his eyes. Though that part did make me wonder how much of that is acting and how much of it is his true interest in her shining through, BUT I will elaborate more about this in a bit. As the drama progressed, the chemistry between them became more and more apparent and I am loving it. With that increasingly apparent chemistry though, came along something unexpected. I began to sense a sexual tension between them even when they are acting, and more so in the BTS. Sometimes, I can feel it so thick that I thought I can actually pierce it with a knife. I have seen how KGE interacted with both GY and LDW in Goblin. She was close to them and playful, but there was never that sexual tension that I see present between her and LMH. I apologize to the GY-KGE shippers here, or at least those who used to, but I just never saw anything between them more than a brother-sister kind of relationship. GY is obviously fond of her, but he looks at her and treats her more like a little sister. Back to uri MinEun couple, I certainly was surprised about this palpable tension between them. I feel that they are shy towards each other because they both know there is this "something" there between them; comfortable with each other but also shy. The kind of shyness that you have when you get to interact with someone you are attracted to. And so, I started shipping them. As hard as I had tried to resist doing that, I did. So then, I came here to see if there are also others who think the same as I do, and I was not disappointed to see you all in here thinking the same way and feeling the same way I do about them. Now, about me wondering how much of the emotions I see in his eyes is acting and how much is not. LMH is a great actor, especially now. But then, there is just something there that makes me wonder if part of the intensity I see is REAL and not just acting. I certainly saw some of those stares he gave her in the BTS, and he does it unabashedly so when they are not on cam. Yep, those BTS' certainly tell me the guy is INTERESTED, to put it mildly. However, if I am to be frank about it, I would certainly say the man is W H I P P E D! Like, man-you-got-it-so-bad-you-have-a-hard-time-coming-up-for-air kind of whipped. The look he gave her in the BTS when they were in the police department and the looks he gave her during that press conference truly made me go "hmmmmm… I see something there." He is too conscious about everything that she does. He seems to notice her every little move and seems to hang on her every word, and it seems every little thing she does just makes him smile and giddy that he cannot hold it in and just bursts our laughing. He is TOO AWARE about EVERYTHING KGE when they are together. Anybody who sees that and denies that it is what it is has got to be blind. Who wouldn't become hopeful after seeing and feeling all that tension between them? Right? His post during the early morning of KGE's birthday really did me in. I had to cover my mouth while screaming fearing my husband's parents might burst into the room thinking something happened to me. Our man has completely fallen and he ain't afraid to tell the world about it. KGE is one lucky girl! I am over the moon about his gesture and immensely appreciate and respect him for it. Yesterday was indeed a day of celebration. I shall continue to pray for their happiness and pray the hardest that they be the next Rain and KTH. How, I would love to see little versions of them in the future. I know I am thinking way ahead, but what can I do? I just find them so perfect for each other. They are two beautiful souls and they deserve each other. Anyway, thank you Chingus for creating this haven here for all our hopes and dreams for uri MinEun couple. I am eternally grateful that I am not alone in my wish for them to be together. FIGHTING!!!!! ****I sincerely apologize for the long post. I had been keeping it all in for a while now, and when I wrote my thoughts here, it was like the floodgates had opened and the words just could not stop coming. PEACE Y'ALL!