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  1. Hello chinggus! I have been a long-time lurker in this thread and have only been reacting to most, if not all, of your posts here. Thank you to all of you amazing people for loving our couple. As for the aforementioned video and the women in it with V, this is my take. While it initially caused a sour taste in my mouth, I quickly realized that the vibe between V and said woman had a businesslike air to it. I am an account agent, and when I have clients whom I especially want to keep (especially those who have brought me good business), I would usually cater to them when they ask me
  2. W H I P P E D Couldn't find another word that could best describe our man LMH here. UGH, who you sleep? I can't get through the day without watching TKEM. Seriously needing a big loaf o' bread from uri couple.
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