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  1. You got my heart on overdrive with your info, chingu, that I am breathless. My delulu self says it now all makes sense.
  2. I'd like to indulge my delulu self and say our boy got it for her.
  3. Oh how you fuel my delulu heart and mind chingu on top of that "mind stimulating" caption! LOL <3 <3 <3 I bet they're both really hungry. Maybe she has come to love pinks a lot now especially since the color is closely associated with strawberries, and she likes to be called Ttalgi. *delulu mode ON*
  4. Hmmm… Has anyone of you noticed YIN's reaction after CEO Yeon walked out of the dining area after OJS announced that she and KJR were dating? That part where she stuck her tongue out while holding up their joined hands? I've always thought YIN's "acting" in that part was too real considering that sticking her tongue out seems to be a mannerism of hers, or so I've noticed in some variety shows that I've seen her in and in her other dramas too. Anyone care to share their thoughts on this too?
  5. I looked at his reaction, and he actually looked worried about her here. Maybe worried that she might get hurt while practicing trying to hurl herself at him after her shoe caught in that scene.
  6. This particular evasive tactic, in my opinion, actually does the opposite of what we think they are trying to achieve. The tactic instead raises more questions and invites more speculations. LOL
  7. This is just a hunch, but after TYH both LDW's and YIN's status as products endorsers have risen, so probably their fees have increased also. So, having them together in one CF means the product must have a big budget. However, this is just my opinion based on what I know from artists/models in my home country.
  8. So, I'm now wondering if those "couple" clothes that we've all noticed in the drama were actually theirs then. I mean, THEIR couple clothes IRL.
  9. InNa-ssi WAE? WAE? WAE? Are you trying to tell that "someone" that you're thinking about him while you're at work?
  10. YES, I DID! Imagine how much delulu mind soared after hearing him call her attention with his unique & tender tone for her, his hand lingering on her should then resting in that area afterwards. I did not want to bring the latter part before though because of the "troll" experience we had here before.
  11. THIS! And with the speed that she answered the question, it means (for me, at least) it is a ready-made answer in preparation for such a question should she be asked about it. Thus, the immediate, no-thinking-about-it answer. Like what I've always maintained, I'd rather they go ninja on us now and only let it out when they're ready and about to tie the knot.
  12. Thank you very much for the compliment. I love it when somebody appreciates my ideas and how they are presented. I pick the second choice because YIN trying to pull LDW's lapel was clearly something that was unconscious on her part but that she caught herself just in the nick of time and stopped mid way. It seems to be something she does a lot when they're together and was about to do the same; only, there were a lot of people around and stopped herself. Then LDW responding with that thumb rubbing is GOLD. Maybe he remembered something brought on by that botched lapel-grabbing that I think were VERY good memories (if ya know what I mean ;D); thus, the full on flirting completed by the look he gave her.
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