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  1. Just to bring some rationality to the table, if we just assume that the silver suitcase is in fact HB’s, it is not surprising that he would bring it both on his LA trip and to Mongolia. We don’t have any proof that it is actually SYJ’s unless someone can verify it’s the same one in MITH. If the suitcase can’t be linked to SYJ in any real way I think it’s all just hopeful thinking, and doesn’t really prove anything. Hope I’m not coming off as insensitive or anything. Believe me, I would love for these two to be together in real life and would love as many pieces of evidence to support this wish, but this suitcase one seems like a bit of a stretch to me. Fingers crossed that we will discover other clues that hold actual validity.
  2. As much as I’d love to believe that HB is bringing SYJ’s bag, I’m pretty sure it’s his own bag. That amount of luggage may seem excessive for a 2-3 week trip but LA weather fluctuates a lot (cold at night, warm during the day), so it’s good to pack layers, plus golf attire, and whatever else he may need plus extra changes of clothes as I’m sure he doesn’t plan to do laundry while traveling. Maybe he planned to do some shopping as well? Who knows. Just don’t think we can assume it’s not all his luggage. Also you said it was SYJ’s staff who was pushing the cart with the silver luggage. How do you know he works for SYJ? From what I’ve seen, the male staff member who is pushing the cart with the silver suitcase at the airport going to Mongolia looks like the same guy escorting HB in the airport pics when he returned from LA. Based off that I would assume he works for HB. But I don’t know for sure. Can someone verify this?
  3. Just wanted to note that ‘3 minutes’ was the same affiliate that wrote the BJ real estate article posted on D*patch last time. So as some others mentioned it’s likely clickbait, especially since it wasn’t actually written by D*patch. By putting a disclaimer it’s a way for them to get clicks and generate traffic without putting their reputation on the line. Still hopeful that all this fluff will lead to something concrete soon!
  4. Hi! Not sure if anyone’s posted this as it’s really nothing significant but was browsing IG and noticed HB’s stylist and SYJ’s makeup artist posted the same Diptyque perfume. It’s around the time following Baeksang so maybe it’s a thank you gift? Then again it could also be a new product Diptyque is promoting. Just thought I’d share since we are all craving some new content after getting spoiled last week!
  5. Hi! I’m pretty sure that cake design was intentional. I follow a lot of pastry designers on IG and the messy buttercream with gold foil flakes is a pretty trendy design right now. Here’s an example:
  6. I believe the topic of the unique cake choice was covered in a previous post. Someone found and posted a similar style cake for another kdrama wrap up party (can’t remember which, sorry!). So unfortunately though unique, it doesn’t seem totally suspicious to have a more traditional 2 or 3 tiered decorative cake. The ahjumma comments were also covered previously. I believe someone said the teasing was directed at HB, bc he’s so swoon worthy they said they didn’t need to act. What really struck me in that wrap up viewing video where we see SYJ bending over during the kissing scene then leaning toward HB is that someone behind them takes a photo. They first seem to take a photo of the screen then lower to where SYJ and HB are sitting, but as soon as SYJ moves they quickly put their phone away. Seemed suspicious to me, like someone trying to sneak a photo of them, but of course the timing of it could totally be a coincidence. Also, I can’t tell from that angle if SYJ is actually leaning on HB bc their seats are a bit staggered so though it looks like she’s leaning on him she could just be leaning toward the right. Would love another opinion! Btw, I’m a silent fan of BinJin, and have only commented once before. I fell in love with their chemistry on CLOY, their interviews, and BTS. I’ve enjoyed reading everything on here and am totally rooting for them, but at the same time I am a realist, so I try not to read into the smallest things. So please tell me if I’ve gone off the rails with this one! Haha
  7. Hi! This is my first time posting but I’ve been following along, as I completely caught the BinJin bug after watching CLOY. Saw the post about the real estate article from Dispatch but wanted to add that I noticed at bottom of the actual article it read “<해당 게시글은 제휴사인 ‘3분’의 컨텐츠입니다. 본지 편집 방향과 무관합니다.>” Which according to Google translates to “<This post is the content of '3 minutes', an affiliate. It has nothing to do with the editing direction of this paper.>“ I know Google translator is far from accurate as many cultural innuendos cannot be translated but I thought it was important to note. So if anyone who reads and understands Korean fluently can clarify that would be wonderful!
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