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  1. Jung Yu-mi 정유미 [ Jung Yu-mi in June 2016 | @Elle 7-2016 issue ] PROFILE Name: Jung Yu-mi [정유미] Born: January 18, 1983 | Busan, South Korea Body: 163cm | Type B Family: Parents, 1 younger brother Education: Bugok Girls' Middle School > Dongnae Girls’ Samjung High School > Seoul Institute of the Arts (Film) Debut: 2003 short film ‘Tell Her I Love Her 사랑하는 소녀’ Agency: MANAGEMENT SOOP [ Homepage | Facebook | Instagram | Posts.Naver | TV.Naver | Vlive | YouTube ] Official SNS: [ Homepage | Instagram ] | [ DaumCafe | DCGallery ] Links: [ jungyumidaily@twitter | ] [kofic] JUNG Yu-mi has a fire in her veins beneath her elegant looks. She has both passion and talent in abundance. JUNG made a sensational debut in <Family Ties>, a unique story about a family directed by KIM Tae-yong. She earned critical acclaim as she played Chae-hyun, a woman who is too busy to go out with her boyfriend as she is caring for others. As her boyfriend complains that she was too easy to woo, she simply questioned back, staring at him, “Is it bad to be easy?” which the audience found outrageously adorable. Her acting career has continued to blossom. Her credits include leading or supporting roles in various films such as <Shim’s Family>, HONG Sangsoo’s <Like You Know It All>, a sketch of the ordinary everyday life in a small town, the cult film <Chaw>, a story about a wild bore slaughtering men, and <Café Noir>, a social drama with a three-hour running time, as well as traditional melodramas such as <My Dear Desperado> and <Come, Closer>. JUNG is one of the most sought-after starlets for quality films for which she has portrayed the ordinary lives of ordinary people in the ways that are not so ordinary. <Silenced>, a film based on an actual event that disclosed sexual abuses on handicapped children, drew almost 5 million spectators and became the highest grossing film in her career. 2012 saw her team up with HONG Sangsoo once again for <In Another Country>. A year later, she teamed up with the auteur again for <Our Sunhi>. Also in 2013, she returned to the commercial realm in the drama <Tough as Iron>. JUNG and her <Tough as Iron> co-star YOO Ah-in also performed voice duties on the 2014 animation <The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow>. Later that year she appeared as a woman searching for her younger sister, who has been taken by a killer into Seoul’s sewer system, in the horror-thriller <Manhole>. A year later she took part in the action zombie thriller <TRAIN TO BUSAN>, the live action debut of animation director YEON Sang-ho. FILMOGRAPHY MOVIE (Src: KOBIS) Opening Year | Title | Role | Total Admissions (people) TBD ‘Sleep | 잠’ as Soo-jin 수진 // Yoo Jae-sun TBD ‘Wonderland | 원더랜드‘ // Kim Tae-yong 2019 ‘Kim Ji-Young: Born 1982 | 82년생 김지영’ as Kim Ji-young 김지영 [3,679,019] 2018 ‘Psychokinesis | 염력’ as Hong Sang-moo 홍상무 [990,104] // Yeon Sang-ho 2017 ‘The Table | 더 테이블’ as Yu-jin 유진 [103,054] 2017 ‘Ladies of the Forest’ (short film) // Kim Cho-hee 2016 ’Train to Busan | 부산행’ as Sung-kyung 성경 [11,565,479] // Yeon Sang-ho 2015 ‘The Himalayas | 히말라야’ as Choi Soo-young 최수영 {cameo} [7,759,473] 2014 ‘Manhole | 맨홀’ as Yeon-seo 연서 [133,663] 2013 ‘The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow | 우리별 일호와 얼룩소’ as Il-ho 일호 (voice) [43,888] 2013 ‘Tough as Iron | 깡철이’ as Soo-ji 수지 [1,209,363] 2013 ‘Our Sunhi | 우리 선희’ as Sunhi 선희 [68,770] // Hong Sang-soo 2012 ‘In Another Country | 다른나라에서’ as Won-joo 원주 [30,590] // Hong Sang-soo 2011 ’Silenced | The Crucible 도가니’ as Seo Yoo-jin 서유진 [4,662,822] 2011 ‘The Winter Pianist’ 2011 ‘List’ (short film) // Hong Sang-soo 2010 ‘Cafe Noir | 카페 느와르’ as Sun-hwa 선화 [7,070] 2010 ‘Come, Closer’ as Eun-hee [12,082] 2010 ‘Oki's Movie’ as Ok-hee [37,086] // Hong Sang-soo 2010 ‘My Dear Desperado’ as Se-jin [699,973] 2009 ‘Visitors: Lost in the Mountains’ (short film) // Jeonju Digital Project. Hong Sang-soo 2009 ‘Good Morning President’ {cameo} 2009 ‘A Million’ [438,833] 2009 ‘Chaw’ [1,799,356] 2009 ‘If You Were Me 4: Relay’ 2009 ‘Like You Know It All’ {supporting role} [39,914] // Hong Sang-soo 2009 ‘The Room Nearby’ [304] 2009 ‘Oishii Man’ [8,569] 2008 ‘Lovers’ [1,855] // collection of 11 short films from Kim Yong-kwan 2007 ‘Skeletons in the Closet | Shim’s Family’ {supporting role} [321,654] 2006 ‘Family Ties’ {supporting role} [221,925] // Kim Tae-yong 2006 ‘09:05’ 2006 ‘A Puppy, Our Family’ (short film) 2005 ‘Sarangni, Blossom Again’ {supporting role} [165,538] 2004 ‘A Bittersweet Life’ {supporting role} [1,271,595] // Kim Jee-woon 2004 ‘How to Operate a Polaroid Camera’ (short film) // Kim Yong-kwan 2003 ‘Tell Her I Love Her’ (short film) {supporting role} 2002 ‘In Between’ (short film) DRAMA Year | Network | Title | Role TBD JTBC ‘When the Day Breaks | 아침이 밝아올 때까지‘ // Lee Jung-hyo (filming: Feb 16 - early Oct) 2020 Netflix ‘The School Nurse Files | 보건교사 안은영’ as Ahn Eun-young 안은영 // Lee Kyoung-mi 2018 tvN ‘What‘s Wrong with Secretary Kim | 김비서가 왜 그럴까‘ as Lee Young-joon’s friend {cameo} 2018 tvN ’Live | 라이브‘ as Han Jung-o 한정오 // Noh Hee-kyung 2017 JTBC ‘Woman of Dignity | 품위있는 그녀’ {cameo} // Kim Yoon-chul 2016 JTBC ‘This Week My Wife is Having an Affair | 이번 주, 아내가 바람을 핍니다’ as Han Joon-hee 한준희 {cameo} 2014 KBS2 ‘Discovery of Love | 연애의 발견‘ as Han Yeo-reum 한여름 // Jung Hyun-jung 2013 tvN ‘Dating Agency: Cyrano | 연애조작단: 시라노‘ as Bong Soo-ah 봉수아 {cameo} 2013 KBS2 ’The Queen of Office | 직장의 신‘ as Jung Joo-ri 정주리 2012 tvN ‘I Need Romance 2012 | 로맨스가 필요해 2‘ as Joo Yeol-mae 주열매 // Jung Hyun-jung 2010 KBS2 ‘Drama Special - The Great Gye Choon-bin | 위대한 계춘빈‘ as Gye Choon-bin 계춘빈 2007 MBC ’Que Sera Sera | 케세라세라‘ as Han Eun-soo 한은수 // Kim Yoon-chul ENTERTAINMENT (Under construction) AWARDS [2021-02-09] The 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards: Popular Star (Kim Ji-Young: Born 1982) [2020-11-11] The 40th Korean Association of Film Critics (KAFC) Awards: Best Actress (Kim Ji-Young: Born 1982) [2020-10-22] The 29th Buil Film Awards: Best Actress (Kim Ji-Young: Born 1982) [2020-06-03] The 56th Grand Bell Film Awards: Best Actress (Kim Ji-Young: Born 1982) [2019-12-16] The 20th Women in Film Korea Awards: Best Actress (Kim Ji-Young: Born 1982) [2017] The 17th Korea Youth Film Festival: Popular Film Actress (The Table) [2014-12-31] KBS Drama Awards: Excellence in Miniseries, Best Couple with Eric Moon, Netizen Popularity (Discovery of Love) [2013-12-24] Cine21 Movie Awards: Best Actress (Our Sunhi) [2013-12-06] The 14th Busan Film Critics Association (BCFA) Awards: Best Actress (Our Sunhi) [2011-10-07] The 20th Buil Film Awards: Best Actress (Oki’s Movie) [2011-08-31] The 33rd Gold Awards Festival: Best Actress (My Dear Desperado) [2010-12-31] KBS Drama Awards: Excellence in 1-act Drama Special (The Great Gye Choon-bin) [2006-12-15] The 27th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Supporting Actress (Family Ties) [2006-04-14] The 42th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actress (Blossom Again) [2005-12-12] The 25th Korean Association of Film Critics (KAFC) Awards: : Best New Actress (Blossom Again) PHOTOS SOOP | Post.Naver | VIDEOS SOOP | REVIEWS Family Ties: DarcyParquet | In Another Country: AdamHartzell | Kim Ji-young, Born 1982: DarcyParquet | PaulQuinn | ACC | Like You Know It All: AdamHartzell | Oki's Movie: AdamHartzell | Our Sunhi: AdamHartzell | PierceConran | Psychokinesis: KyuHyunKim | PaulQuinn | ACC | Silenced: DarcyParquet | hangukyeonghwa | PaulQuinn | The Table: PierceConran | ACC | Train to Busan: KyuHyunKim | PaulQuinn | PierceConran | ACC | NEWS [2020-08-13] The School Nurse Files confirmed for September 25 release [2020-06-03] Jung Yumi wins at 56th Grand Bell Awards [2020-01-25] The Chameleon Talents of Actress Jung Yu-mi [2019-12-16] Jung Yu-mi, Yoon-ah recognized in 2019WomenInFilmFestival [2019-12-10] Winners Of The 20th Women In Film Korea Festival [2019-08-27] Shinhwa’s Eric & JungYuMi Turn Down Roles In “QueSeraSera” Remake [2019-06-06] Shinhwa’s Eric + JungYuMi In Talks For 2nd Season Of “QueSeraSera” [2019-01-10] LEE Kyoung-mi &JUNG Yu-mi Join Hands for Netflix SCHOOL NURSE AHN EUN YOUNG [2018-01-08] GongYoo-JungYuMi Deny Marriage Reports: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 [2017-05-23] JungYooMi In High Demand For CFs After “Youn’s Kitchen” [2017-05-01] “The List 2017” Reveals Their Rankings For Most Lovely Female Stars [2016-07-26] 4 Male Actors Who Fell In Love With JungYooMi’s Charm [2015-12-22] JungYumi Is Benefit’s Beautiful New Muse [2015-04-30] Netizens Forcing JungYumi to Refute Dating Rumor W/ KangDongWon [2015-02-08] KangHaNeul: There is an actress that I like—JungYooMi sunbae (senior) [2014-12-31] The Winners of the 2014 KBS Drama Awards [2014-05-26] Eric Mun, Jung Yu-mi together again [2011-10-07] RyuSeungBum-JungYooMi Best Actor-Actress at 20th Buil Film Awards [2006-04-14] 42nd Baeksang Awards Nominations [+Winners]: x Data: gathered/translated/updated from namu | soop | kobis | kobiz | Images: re-uploaded from Naver + CTTO (all copyrights/credits belong to original sources/creators) RULES [ Soompi ForumRules | K-Dramas/Movies/Actors/Actresses ForumRules ]
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