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  1. this sounds a lot like self righteous behavior to me to justify his jerkiness.. i mean how does he even know? isn't he always busy working or something? unlike the doting husband/father he is to haeshim and bora
  2. If they didn't film the second bed scene because of the cold weather, then they could have at least filmed the husband untying wife hair part after the kiss and SB pinning CJ down and fade out instead of kiss and then fade out.. then it would have done us fanservice preserve the script integrity
  3. I have something to add on this. Some thought that people who are unhappy about the KSY endgame disliked or even hated KSY character, while this may be true for some or to a certain extent, I think they are missing the point here that it is not mainly the character that have people unhappy about, it is actually in the way the story is told about her. It is like a love story where one party ends up with a stranger and the other party suffered an amnesia and whatever transpired over the bulk of the episodes is as good as a dream that JBH had when he's in vegetative state. On KSY c
  4. Here's another review that I identify with from https://seoulbeats.com/2021/02/mr-queen-funny-at-face-value/ (copy and paste under the spoiler tag for reading convenience). Tbh in years to come I probably wouldn't really remember the story details of Mr Queen but I will never forget the sizzling chemistry of KJH/SHS. In my limited and subjective world view I don't know any onscreen couple that moved me as much as our royal couple do. Not even BinJin, Brangelina who went on to date in real life.. To nurse my post Mr Queen syndrome, much appreciated if anyone can suggest any onscreen couple who
  5. Yeah let's see the narrative twist that put people off: 1. We were led to believe SY is gone for sure and then the end beyond imagination that the production team has given us was peekaboo here i am right at the end. Poor BI served as plot device to tell us that SY is there just because SB has her memories and a uneffective one.. 2. The disconnect between villainess mode KSY before she jumps into the lake and then the progressive, magnanimous version after she got her body back at the end. Though one might argue that she has changed for the better after going through BH
  6. @Sandy Prater I could be wrong but GPG is a web drama which was why it could be more liberal in its portrayal. There were alternate endings made, not sure if it was made to appease unhappy viewers. In any case, it seems challenging for this sort of story to have an ending that pleases everyone.. especially also since this story features historical figures. I love this revisionist what-if version of a historical puppet king but it didn't sit down well with historical pundits or nationalists..
  7. @N. S. yeah that would simplify things a little bit more. Although I wouldn't argue that the girl power spirit has been largely brought about by BH's modern viewpoint but were it been a girl instead then there wouldn't even be a question of whether if it was because a man is needed to give the impetus towards realizing her girl power. Also arguably this would have given the production team a bit more latitude to give a sobong-king endgame. Then again a lot of us gravitated towards this show in the first place because of its complexity. It would have changed the flavor tremendously
  8. Hello all, it's day 5 post Mr Queen! here's a little something to sooth our Mr Queen withdrawal symptoms.. Because I can't wait for the proper sub version, I found this translation credit to erisintrouble in Instagram: It's rather long, so I'll put it in a spoiler. Parts highlighted in yellow the only thing that can distract our workaholic king from his mission..
  9. @cenching Well, it wasn't much but the drama did got us guessing if it was SY or BH there making out with the king.. yeah still agree it's lame.. the way they have executed the drama makes KSY endgame felt like an afterthought rather than planned from the beginning. Having a prequel kinda make the story gap look even more obvious to me although I do enjoy the comedic and lovey dovey parts of it
  10. @cdcotr Unfortunately i do think it's implied that SY is there all along, hiding. However we are only given that knowledge/ confirmation in episode 19 (you know, like right at the end) and I bet it was also news to Sobong when BI brought up that SY must be still in there hiding since she has her memories. At first I didn't really pay too much attention when BI said that. I was, like whatever, the dude's still deluded. But what he said did come true at the end. When KSY wakes up in her own body, she's aware of what's going on and smoothly resume their ongoing mission. It doesn't look like she d
  11. I find KJH after smooch stare real sexy here I wonder if SHS really put on a lip mask for kiss scene prep
  12. Chingus.. would this alternative have made the ending more palatable? What if KSY personality shows up earlier in the show? Not in the subtle way that have us fantasizing or guessing whether that's BH or KSY making out with the king. And the SY/BH split personality was acknowledged and accepted by the king earlier on in the drama? And king also accept the idea that BH is from the future. I think it will be quite interesting if at times SY wakes up in some kind of situation of BH's doing and vice versa. Something like KSY waking up suddenly when JBH was in Oktajeong something like that. Or
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