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  1. Happy new year everyone I know I am rarely coming here but please don't forget me lol. I will try my best to visit this thread this year regularly I am waiting for seo joon's new year post. Our seo joonie is now a manager. From part timer to manager <3.
  2. @Anjalifairy thank you so much. The more i read about him the more I fall for him deeper and deeper. This man is worthy all the love praises and support. Truly we choose the gem as our idol<3
  3. My god he is so cute. Didn't understand anything but I love when cringe after his wink and said sorry too . His fan service is always best. Now just waiting for eng sub to know what they talk about
  4. Even I want to know his earnings per episode lol but also I am glad he never brag about his achievement and always talk about how he wants to improve himself. My man<3 I really choose the best one I love his recent iv he gave where he said about beauty being subjective and depending on situation and person that why rather than following external standards, we should efforts to create a healthy inner side <3. I think he talked with his own life experience. Remember he used to thought he is not handsome enough according to Korean standard. I think it was after SWP success
  5. Ya it has already crossed 290 million. When I checked yesterday it was 286 million and in less than 24 hour it has 4 million views lol. I think in 7th September it had crossed 200 million mark and in another month it will cross another 100 million milestone
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