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  1. Thank you everyone I love seo joon answers, he is so witty lol. My baby have suffer so much but that made him more mature and now he is one of the best actor in SK <3. I also love the nick name mood prince but I want to know the explanation, why the name, Prince i agree but mood Prince ?!
  2. https://www.soompi.com/article/1426391wpp/park-seo-joon-and-peakboy-show-special-chemistry-as-they-discuss-their-close-friendship
  3. I was just smiling without understanding anything. My bro was like you are not even understanding anything why are you smiling Lol he is such a baby
  4. Did you all watch the live? I only understood few word and sentence but couldn't make out what they are talking about lol but seo joonie voice <3
  5. I actually love him in RomCom, he is just so great( romcom king for a reason ) and even if he did romcom he did different type of roles but still he started to get typecast. People start to thought he only does romcom because he is comfortable in it, so I am glad IC happen. Now people can see his range. He can step out of his comfort and did something completely different what he used to do. Yes he is ROM COM king but his range is not limited to that only. IC made viewers to see PSJ in new light. That's why I want him to do different genres and challenge himself.
  6. I dont think he will do another rom com I heard some where WWWSK is his last rom com drama. I am not sure but I guess he doesn't want to get type cast. I really want him to do different genres but first I want to see him in medical drama Omg they look so cute and seo joon get frozen for a moment lol
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