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  1. @hush puppy yes! I can see both of the pictures.. tq SWL always stands out from other people doesn't he? But yes he looks a bit tired though.. I do hope someone from his team has the time to read all blogs, forums & comments on SWL & maybe pick up all the good points. I do hope the same for his career. BTW, are you guys from China as well?
  2. @hush puppyyes! Finally managed to see one.. I purposely watched Jing Boran's film so that I'm able to gauge his acting skill. Since Long Long & JB have started shooting in a shaky ground, I really hope they can work well together. Can't wait to watch it
  3. @hush puppy he is indeed rare. His dedication to his every role is admirable. I have always wondered, as someone who is so bashful & shy, how did he managed to act during his kissing scenes.. he must've been so professional! I always pray that Long Long will find a good girl for him. So that he has someone to fill his void. Much like LJJ to LX.
  4. I did! But it didnt come out Im so new at this forum hahaha.. i need a lesson please
  5. How about this one.. he's even more unrecognisable! I'm sharing to think SWL is a chameleon. He changed colours yet again. Or is it maturity?
  6. Tq for all the updates my dear.. Have been enjoying reading each & every one of them. Is wishing all the best for SWL's future undertakings.
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