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  1. It's funny how at the beginning of the episode Jongkook was sulking. Before the fortune reading he asked SoMin which element is not compatible with gold (Somin's element), SoMin said fire and he said he must be a fire lol. But later they ended up getting paired up. Although during the fortune reading, the fortune teller said that SoMin and Sechan were quite compatible but Kookmin are more compatible. 

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  2. 2 hours ago, Rida Live said:

    Yeah he was just being a hater in that scene lol. That part of the dance doesn't come till later in the song but Somin did it to show she knew the dance. Even yjs came towards to say she did the part in the wrong time. He was just being salty. He never cheered for her throughout the dance segment. Come to think of it, he never does when she dances. But this time around even people that didn't bet on her hailed her but he just looked on with a smile or protested lol. He is so weird lol. Even when Jinyoung guested, he kept protesting, stop dancing cutely, stop watching him, like what exactly do you want her to do sir??? One time she danced and got the moves right, he immediately said I will cheer for Han Na out loud. Like lol why the hate kookie, why the hate:lol:. He might say otherwise but he definitely enjoys it

    He probably wasn't in good mood that day lol. After what happened in the previous episode he might want to be more cautious when he interacts with Somin. He can't always defend and compliment her 

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  3. On this new episode, when SoMin danced to HOT, she ended the dance with a race dance (the caption called the dance move a race dance) and then Jongkook stepped forward protesting. He made a cross with his hands to the pd. SoMin usually does that (making a cross with her hands) to say no or to protest or show objection. And we can see after making that cross with his hands he also pointed at Somin who was still sitting on the floor. He did that 2 or 3 times. I think he was showing his protest towards the pd. His face looked upset too. I wonder why cause later Hana also did that race dance but he was laughing. Does anyone here have any idea as to why Jongkook did that?

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  4. On 12/9/2019 at 11:47 AM, Rida Live said:

    Don't know if anyone noticed but during the dance segment when jsm was dancing and yjs asks her to go and dance in front if ysc and she does. Everyone is laughing then kjk says "this is embarrassing, she decided to find love instead" (lmao so salty). Then jsm stands and looks at him, can't see her expression cause her back is to the camera so I don't know if she was giving him an upset expression or opposite because all of a sudden kjk switches his words to "Good job" and starts fumbling with his bag. I say it's him she was looking at because of her body angle and also lks and Haha were avoiding eye contact with her and he looks at her says good job and starts looking for God knows what in that bag of his lol. Wonder why he said it was embarrassing lol, it wasn't. Just funny. I hope she scolded him with her eyes, he was being too much for no reason:joy:

    I noticed that too the first time i watched it. Maybe she was giving him a glare lol.


    I was expecting them to mention the coffee truck, Jongkook, Haha and Sechan sent to Somin. But i'm relieved they didn't. So the coffee truck wasn't intended to promote chanmin

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  5. 8 hours ago, Rida Live said:

    I also noticed when they were in the bus and jsm was talking about Haha's drinking habits. Kjk was the only one responding. Ysc and lks looked lost. They obviously hang out and drink with Haha too but I think that particular story she was talking about, it was her, Haha and kjk that hung out which is funny seeing Haha is the only married one there. Kjk probably asking Haha to third wheel lol. How funny is that if it's true.

    I also think that that story about Haha when the three of them were hanging out together. Or probably Byul was there too making it look like a double date lol. My delulu mind :P 

    Why do i think Jongkook scolded SoMin "you need a beating to come to your senses" was because he was flustered by SoMin asking him "do you like me?"? I think he scolded her not because he was annoyed with her aegyo but rather because SoMin asking him that question in front of everyone and camera really made him flustered. Although SoMin did that to save him from an akward situation . Probably in his head he was scolding her "are you out of your mind? Why are you asking that here in front of everyone?" But of course since i'm a shipper i read anything related to Kookmin slightly different sometimes lol

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  6. A love triangle :lol: yaa pd nim leave our Kookmin alone. Don't you dare ruin our precious Kookmin. Like all of you here i also don't want Kookmin to get highlighted. But i'm really curious to see how Jongkook will react when JaeSuk teases him like that. 

    Kookmin are sitting side by side in the bus and in the preview we can see them sitting next to each other during a game. So probably Somin wanted to make it up for Jongkook lol. Well later Kookmin (along with KwangSoo) got penalized together so Jongkook got to spend more time with her :D

    And it's interesting that a few days after shooting this episode, the two guys that involve in this "love triangle" sent SoMin a coffee truck. A very bizarre love triangle lol

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  7. Hmmm it looks suspicious lol. I also suspect that it was Jongkook's idea to send SoMin the coffee truck. But since i'm a shipper so it can be just my delulu mind thinking lol. If it was Sechan's idea he could have sent it with KwangSoo cause them both sent one to Somin last year. The picture of SoMin and Sechan on the top of the banner i think is meant to be a joke. They know the fans know that SoMin and Sechan have a loveline on the show. Or maybe they put that picture to lead fans to think it was Sechan who came up with the idea to send the coffee truck. 

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  8. @kookminclan RunningManfeeling curious to know whether Jongkook continues his loveline with Eunsoo or not. If he does, how SoMin will react to it. When Jongkook made an acrostic poem for a guest in ep 474 i felt like SoMin was uncomfortable with it. She was smiling but her smile looked awkward to me. Idk maybe just my feeling. I too find it strange that when other members have said a couple times that Jongkook has changed but they never question his changes. They never ask him why with the changes. They don't seem curious to know. 

    When they teased him for wearing bright colour, all her said was it's nice. He didn't come up with any excuse (maybe because he couldn't) unlike months ago he said he wears bright colours during summer. Maybe it's just me but i think they chose their outfits to impress each other lol. Jongkook clearly said he liked SoMin's outfit. And Somin seemed to like seeing him wearing bright colours too. 



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  9. I want to see Somin do insta live and Jongkook start trolling her again lol. I get that they might wanna tone done their interactions on sns but seeing Jongkook teasing her on sns just makes my shipper heart so happy and fluttered :D . When SoMin said Jongkook taught her how to eat cold noodles, i assume they went to eat cold noodles together and that's when Jongkook taught her how to eat it. Just the thought of them going out to grab something to eat already makes my heart flutter lol

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  10. 7 minutes ago, Rida Live said:


    I'm sorry but Haha kills me:joy:. He's always the middle man. See how he's pretending like two people aren'tinteracting beside him. But omo kookmin is so cute when they think the cameras aren't on them. See how playful are:wub:

    Haha be like "why am i sitting in between these two?" Lol i wish Jongkook had caught her hand when she was playfully trying to hit him

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  11. 4 minutes ago, Dandelion said:

    is he hers ex. i don't remember she mentioned him as her's ex i thought she mention her current boyfriend. 
    what do u think guys? 


    Sorry for my bad english :D

    They were talking about their past relationships. Cause SoMin had said before that she is single.

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  12. Maybe i overreact but i seriously feel worried about SoMin. Most of her haters come from that country. They have anti fanpage on Facebook with over 100k followers. I know they won't harm her physically but they will hurt her emotionally. A Vietnamese fan said the haters are planning to make banners that only include 7 members, shout SoMin out and stay silent during her introduction . They will try anything to humiliate her and show her that she is not welcomed and is hated. Can you imagine how SoMin will feel?

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