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  1. Someone commented on YouTube asking why would Jongkook go eat waffle. And i started wondering myself. Why would he go to a dessert store and eat waffle? It's full of calories.
  2. Jongkook what did you do? PS: look at Haha smiling when he saw what Jongkook did
  3. It was like they were on a date lol. Jongkook paid for the taxi, their food and drink. I wonder why other members didn't tag along with them. I mean after they recieved their mission we only see 6 of them came out together. So SoMin and Jongkook had already decided to go together by then. Jihyo, Haha, KwangSoo and Sechan chose to play rock, paper scissors to decide who three of them could go together and one should go alone. One of them ( either Haha, Jihyo, Sechan or KwangSoo) could have just tagged along with Jongkook and Somin since it was only both of them. It seems like the other members didn't want to interupt them and decided to just let them have their time together. Or it could be noone wanted to be the third wheel lol
  4. Second slide, Jongkook is blushing lol. Awwww you can see how red his face is. Really can't wait for the subs to come out
  5. Ok lovebirds don't you two realize that there are cameras? Lol
  6. Jongkook in pink shorts wow even Soekjin was wondering and had to ask him "what happened?" i think they were quite shocked to see him wearing pink shorts. But Jongkook was trying hard to convince them that it's nothing out of ordinary for him to wear bright colours. He then said he wears bright colours during summer. Jongkook, admit it, someone has been brightening up your days and making your world more colorful
  7. Did anyone here notice that after Haha pulled SoMin's sideburns you can see Jongkook was like muttering something to himself?
  8. And it wasn't the first time. They had posted something around the same time a few times before. I wish Jongkook had commented on SoMin's ig live like he had done before. I miss seeing their interactions on ig. I think maybe they're trying to dial down their interactions on social media. Maybe they're aware of the attention they've got from the fans and also the media.
  9. And also when Jongkook lost to Somin in rock, paper, scissors game, he didn't look upset at all. He was laughing. He looked too happy for someone who just lost a game. He's very competitive and always tries to win whatever the game is but he looked happy that he lost to Somin
  10. In the bus, when the members were teasing SoMin saying SoMin liked Sechan, Jongkook patted Somin's arm and asked her "what do you like about him?" Why was he curious to know? Oppa got jealous? Lol
  11. I know we should ignore them. I usually ignore them unless they come to SoMin's ig and leave nasty words, that's harassment and i just can't let it. I used to reason with them or talk back to them. But now i just report their comments if i find them on SoMin's ig. Cause they sometimes don't only call her names but i have found a few times they also threatened her like i'll kill you or i'll kill your family. They really cross the line. Even after 2 years they don't get tired yet. And i don't think they will soon. I know Somin is strong cause she has been enduring this bullying for 2 years and yet she still all smiles and is cheerful as always. But we all have our limits. We have that one point where we just can't take it anymore. Although we always see her smile, laugh, being cheerful and playful we don't really know what's going on in her mind and what she's really feeling inside. I think it's because i really really really like her and don't want her to get hurt that makes me feel like i want to protect her although i know i can't. Ok that's enough with my rant lol. Here's a picture of young SoMin with a "tiger" lol
  12. Chingus please help report this account if you only look at the posts without reading the captions you won't know that it's a hate account but if you read the captions you will see that it is a hate account. And read the comments they don't only bash on Somin but also on Jongkook. They don't mention his name literally but if you read the comments you know they are talking about Jongkook. Please report it. Thank you
  13. Jongkook just can't help himself lol. He has to tease her whenever he has the chance. That's cute tho. It's even cuter cause it's not even SoMin's post. It's Haha's and it's a birthday post for Kwangsoo. Haha doesn't say anything about Somin in this post but Jongkook thought of SoMin while reading Haha's caption. And immediately mentioned her in his comment. Kookmin means cuteness cause they are just too cute. No KookMin in the latest episode but we got kookmin through their social media interactions. Now whenever SoMin posts something many fans will tag Jongkook and ask him to comment.
  14. Jongkook kept looking at Somin's direction when Somin's friend singer was talking about her
  15. Yeah i noticed it too. Especially Jongkook's mother. She was laughing but looked so nervous. And the MCs and other mothers didn't even ask Jongkook's mother if Somin and Jongkook were that close after Haha said they get along very well. Like the MCs and mothers already knew that they are very close. And also don't you all find it weird that JaeSuk and Jongkook wanted to set SoMin up with a guy on their own show? JaeSuk wanted to set SoMin up with Saeho and Jongkook introduced Jongmin to SoMin (although Somin and Jongmin had met before on a show). JaeSuk and Jongkook knew the guy each of them chose for Somin is not her type so why would they even want to set her up with the guy? And from that MUD episode, when Jongkook asked SoMin what she was doing and she answered that she was eating, he then asked her "with whom?" He didn't ask her where she was. It looked like he knew she wasn't at home. Cause when she said she was eating, my thought was she was eating at home and that mean she probably was eating alone. When he asked her whom she was eating with, he sounded like boyfriend who wanted to check on his girlfriend lol
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