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  1. I screamed. She is so chaotic lmao, how can she jump him in front of so many cameras without a care in the world. Na Ra was shook! It kills me that she's that happy to see him but won't answer his kakao messages (remember when he called her out under Ji Suk's post for it). Jaesuk was lost for words. I know he has been shocked by Somin before but i think she really shook him up this time. And I just know he is going to spend the entire episode saying they don't fit and don't look good together. Somin really jumped on him and nearly wrapped her legs around him tho, please e
  2. Lool, all the male actors she has worked with absolutely adore her so anyone that believes otherwise shrould rub their eyes. I remember when she wished KJS a happy birthday and HSJ came under the comments angry at her for not replying his messages on kakao(soooo cute btw). So if anything, she is obviously the one that pushes them away. Then she posts with HSJ and KJS gets jealous and asks what about him, lol. I know she wants to do more melk now but can she just give us one more rom-com for the road. Directors need to wake up and cast HSJ with her once again like hello? H
  3. Omg I was/am excited!!! Their banter is always so cute. To think she tried to convince us that they ignore her and avoid her during filming. She needs to stop telling lies! I'm so happy to see her on a new project. I know some people were not as excited about the news since she's not the main character and it's also a low budget movie but I'm happy regardless. Even more so about the character she chose, a prisoner is something very different than the genre they have boxed her into and it looks like a character with a lot of depth. Sixth Sense makes me so happy you can i
  4. Hmm, this is so true tho. She only ever clings like that when she is shy with Jihyo among the members. He was also saying something when she was doing that but they muted his mic. Their relationship growth is really beautiful to see
  5. KJK: "I should take care of Somin" "I'll keep you warm, I was worried about you" Me:
  6. "I'll keep you warm, you know what I mean" no Jong Kook, I don't know what you mean. I am a 2 year old child please explain it to me. I loved the episode. I even loved the other loveline because it looked natural and cute. They both played along so it was so cute to me instead of leaving me irritated like when they force lovelines. I was so suprised when Somin went to Jongkook's team in the beginning and so was Jongkook lol. Him getting all soft and talking about how worried he was about her because she dressed lightly was so funny to me because it reminded me of that e
  7. This was the cutest part of the episode for me. They didn't actually walk in together, he actually was sitting alone drinking his coffee. Then when Somin walked in, he stood up to walk with her and they took their sits. I just found it adorable because it made it look like he was waiting for her but who knows if that was actually the case, okay I'll stop being delusional. And the last game where they asked if he will be able to get married in 3 years was so hilarious to me. I guess since I started to see and ship them more as close friends, I didn't read any deep meaning into anyt
  8. Hmm, I don't know for this. We have brought it up before if I remember correctly and it's still happening lol. I don't think its serious tho, for the most part they don't tag her too all their videos again. Or do they? Can't keep up with these things lol. And I don't think it will be a problem lol, if it was going to be one it should have been in 2019 when we shipped them aggressively lol. So yeah, they really can do without tagging her too tbh, but if you're reading this thread we love your videos, we are just suggesting not trying to be rude. I don't talk enough about how much I l
  9. This was so cute, he is such a gentleman. I so much love that about him. He didn't even need to do that because Somin could have leaned away without his help, I mean she herself can see the if the water wants to touch her lol. This is another melting moment. My ship His favourite doensaeng for real because which other member does he do this for on the show? He has this subtle but loud way of showing his favouritism of her. Subtle in the sense that it's the little things he does or notices, and loud in the sense that he's vocal about it. Him promoting her book when
  10. Lmao this is why they edit their scenes if indeed the overlapped audio was her saying that to him. And Jongkook is very shameless for going after mostly her, probably payback for her saying she will pinch his nipples. That interaction killed me, Somin needs to be chained. And what is her obsession with his nipples, you'd think the other male members didn't have them the way she goes on about his own.
  11. They edit their parts out everytime and when they show us, it's a rushed 2 seconds clip of when he rips it. Maybe their discussions prior to the name tag ripping are not for the cameras or they don't do as much banter as the others because that is the only explanation for this injustice towards me Jongkook running while screaming to rip her name tag was just so cute to me because what the hell was that lol. That was definitely Kookie at work not Sparta. What kills me is how Somin stays fighting like she has a chance of winning every single time!
  12. Ohhh, makes sense. This was most likely the case
  13. Guys,what does this article mean?? https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/609/0000393493 I think it's a project to honour a late musician. Other big actors, comedians and singers are taking part too. They will release a video, individually of course (well I think, you never know) to show thier support or.... I actually dont understand but the bottom line is they are both involved in this. Hmmmmm, Kookmin is it just mere coincidence or....... Or they are talking about Jeon Somin the idol not Jeon Somin the entertainer and actress because this coinci
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