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  1. Going to be a little blunt too and you seriously need to calm down. @kookminclan RunningMan said somin was happy these days and not in reference to it being attached to kjk. And from her posts and updates, she looks in a happier and healthier place since her return. Even if she's not as bright in episodes now, it has literally nothing to do with kjk lmao. The woman has been attacked for years by haters, so associating her bad mood with according to you, "KJK's unhealthy demeanor" is a little extreme. And lol are we seeing the same person? KJK's been glowing lol. How did you get to the conclusion he was sick or unhealthy. That man is glowing from the top of his curly hair to the tips of his muscular toes. Like you said, you don't watch the show so it's very premature to judge based of 1 minute clips on IG and gifs. If you can't bring yourself to watch the show these days then you shouldn't jump into conclusions. I think you're the only one that sees things the way you do. I'll advice you watch it to clear your own doubts and give yourself peace of mind. Nothing is wrong with kookmin. Jongkook is aging beautifully, the man is 45 and he looks damn good. I don't know about the 45 year old you know but he looks really healthy and youthful for his age to me. Somin said it herself that she has changed since her return, I do want the somin before her break back but we have to give her time to get there and fully feel comfortable in her character once more. She has been putting on a good performance so far, especially since we know how much hate she has been receiving packed with the publicity the hate has gotten. She really is holding up well. And from her live yesterday my baby is glowing so my kookmin are very fine indeed.
  2. Yes I was finally present for it. She's so cute whispering to us like she isn't the only one there. The ending was so cute and funny too, I don't understand hangul but I guess she kept telling us goodnight and neither us nor her was leaving??
  3. Yjs was the MVP this episode, I fell off my seat when he went bankrupt and shamelessly went back to the sit to gamble again. And yes I agree with everything else you said @MandelBrot, this is the millionth time I am missing Somin's live, tears. When I saw the notification, she already ended it. I think it was some sort of Q and A
  4. Welcome to the sns drought club lol. Don't worry they will soon give us something else to focus on, stay strong lmao
  5. Seriously off topic but am I the only one that feels like since Somin's return, she has not been her usual energetic self on RM? Like her first two episodes when she came back were fine but since then her smile just looks so sad for some reason to me. It obviously has something to do with the bullying she's been receiving but I don't know if I'm imagining it or just reaching. She plays her character safe now, it's only kwangsoo (the predictable but unpredictable wild card of running man lol) that somehow throws her for a loop so she has no choice but to go to battle with him. And I'm happy because kwangmin has been the highlight of RM to me since she came back. I know I have said this before but I really really hate them for doing this to her, I hope she knows if it gets too much she can take a break off social media, we will fully support her. We complain about what we see but i know her DMs which we can't even see must be a hateful mess. Seeing her like their posts sometimes just breaks my heart. I hope her sad attitude recently on RM is just a figment of my imagination, it's so sad to think of my bubbly sominnie being rudiced to that because of idiots without a conscience. In a way, it's one of the many reasons I'm happy she has another variety show. It can be some sort of healing show for her. But I know those brainless idiots that are obsessed with her will still follow her movements their and harass her but it won't be as bad as on RM and we can see yoomin in their glory once again.
  6. What kills me is that most times he does this, everyone else is straight faced. Like when she did the 'sha sha sha' ago.
  7. It's the way both of them are turned towards eachother while sitting on the table. We love to see obvious body language
  8. Jongkook took a selfie in that angle once and hasn't looked back since then lol. Well no one can say he isn't versatile now, he isn't giving us pictures of his legs no more.
  9. Ahhh, the casting for this new show is genius, the female cast will wreak chaos and I'm here for it lmao. Poor jaesuk is going to be stressed the hell out. Goodluck to our national MC. I can already see him complaining to the members on RM about it. So Glad I'm gonna see sominnie on another variety show. Anyone knows if this will be a seasonal variety show or it will just be a long running one? I was so shocked with the news especially since we (her fans) were expecting any next casting news to be related to a drama. But I'm still so happy about this. Yoo jaesuk fighting lol!!!
  10. This made me chuckle because it is so possible that it just might be true. Especially the #healthy resolutions. Somin letting us or whoever know she took fanta not alcohol. I had poor internet so my Instagram was taking time to load so I only saw the IG stories icon for a while and saw kjk updates, while waiting for my feed to load, I just automatically knew somin posted too lol. Like I'll just be shrugging it off and enjoying their constant updates and subconsciously I keep expecting the other's post when I see one person's post
  11. It's the way these fans feel so entitled that has me wheezing. Who the hell are they to sue him. Sue, sue??!! Do they even think before they speak. They went out of their way to ship him with someone else like all other shipperswhen he didn't ask them to and they want to sue him because he didn't live up to their expectations?? Lol, they are really delusional. Sometimes I read their comments and I'm always so confused, like there is delusional shipping and there is DELUSIONAL. The amount of hate some of them have for him now shocks me, it's even worse than somin sometimes. It makes you wonder if they ever liked him in the first place because it's pretty extreme to like someone enough to ship them with your bias then suddenly turn into their anti. That's extreme as hell.
  12. Lmao dumb people. I hope they are still quiet, in fact they can be quiet forever since somin is probably talking wherever she is. It will be properly appreciated lmao. They thought the live stream was a fan meeting or what? Lol. The live went fine, it wasn't done in a way that the members could see viewers comments.
  13. Thank you all for voicing out my thoughts. The show is becoming too scripted lately. Yes, it's always scripted in a way but now natural banter between the members is less, I miss their lunch interactions especially lol. They go straight to the missions. The recent episodes always have a handful of members just pacing around or spacing out throughout. I still find it fun, the way I adore the members I don't think they can ever do no wrong to me lol but I was heavily disappointed with the live part. I dont know, maybe because I raised my expectations to high, I just didn't expect them to stand in a line and talk it out lol. I feel like Bo Pil PD has great ideas too, but the execution is another thing. And if they rely heavily on scripts, it also constricts the members characters and versatility. The mystery themed episodes are good once in a while but back to back is a little hmmm, sometimes it's nice to just see the members play games and have fun. Episodes like 452 where it was running man members vs crew is still their highest rating episode since the year before. Some of us just watch the show for the members, I can watch them play and banter all day. I just want more of that. There has also been a lot of guests since he became the PD, I love guests but I also want the members only too. I just feel he needs to find a balance. Yes many overseas fans want the old running man back but that was like 10 years ago, entertainment has taken a lot of turns since then and also the members. He might be trying to please them but I hope he doesn't make it the priority. We like chill themed episode too that just consists of natural banter, plenty slapstick comedy and the members having fun. I do commend him giving giving us more Mongdol. The games look fun too, it's just the execution part for me. I hope he finds some balance soon. Like somin and Jihyo were literally on their sits throughout the episode just looking around lol. Knowing Mongdol, I'm 100 percent sure they didn't know what was going on most of the time lol. And me too, sometimes I couldn't keep up with the findings and discoveries and rules
  14. I knew I was doing too much when I started comparing the leaves on the trees in KJK's post to the ones in JSM's own. I'm like okay, I need to chill. But i did spot some similarities......okay I'll stop lol.
  15. Y'all remember when this moment happened?? Kookmin really going to behave like this never happened and not give us a at least a sneak peak at the behind the scenes practice. I need the kookmin siblings to make a return on RM, idc if the siblings tag isn't applying anymore. At least through that dynamic, we got plenty behind the scenes kookmin scoop and stories which were backed up with 'we are closer now'. They were in one big heart for God's sake and singing the confession song, I just can't handle the cuteness. Kjk: Jeon somin dance!! Jsm: *alright oppa, I'll give it my all* Kjk: * still gets shocked by her boldness and turns away to stop from laughing out loud* Lmao, that part always makes me laugh. Somin like, you asked for it and you shall recieve. I'm so sorry to yjs the original lol but I want kookmin to perform it again in any of their future fanmeet. Thou the possibility is so low, it will be so nice to have this duet from them again. And jongkook cheesing big throughout this performance is so cute, he almost lost his cool and laughed several times lol I love it! Somin: *points to her lips*-or kiss me instead Kookie: *who went for a milder description*- almost laughs out loud
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