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  1. .Not kookmin content so I didn't want to just blatantly post it lol
  2. Me: *doesn't believe in fortune telling* All the fortune tellers predicting JSM'S future partner: He makes money by talking, he'll approach her slowly, he's a celebrity too and he's a lot older than her Me: OKAY!!!!!!!!! I am a believer, Kim Jong kook fighting!!!!
  3. That's so upsetting omg. Like that's actually mean ugh. I knew they didn't care when they easily made that fan meeting in Vietnam. Thank God nothing happened to her or any of the members and the fans were nice and supportive. But that place had a whole facebook hate page with over 100, 000 people on it and they took her there. Nobody even knew she left with the members because she stayed out of the cameras, that's how nervous she was. They have never and I don't think they will ever address the hate that girl received. What didn't they accuse her off? (From getting sexual favours to down voting her award video. I imagine she can't even watch that video seeing that much people thinking she didn't deserve what she worked so hard for). They are so many pages dedicated to hating on her. Imagine the messages they sent to her DMs not even the ones they spam the comment section with. Happy she overcame it and got more people on her side. Yet they put her in the loveline situation again, another one that will definitely incite hate. Have her haters wagging their tongues about how attention seeking she is or desperate for love she is. And she just bears all this with a smile every week. They don't care about the members, Somin is a prime example of that. She really did sacrifice a lot, being a newcomer and taking the brunt of all the hate. Sad they can only think of ways for her to sacrifice more.
  4. I was even trying to see it from their point of view as a non fan of lovelines generally myself till I saw the creepy word like b**ch bye!!! Calling any loveline creepy on the show is literally insulting, it's like insinuating the members are perverted or something. Cringey I get but creepy? Lol, that's just hate. And seriously they behave like he's her brother or something. Might as well call the rest of the members that are married or in relationships creepy since they have similar age gaps with their partners. Freaking ridiculous.
  5. Can't forget the legendary pink sweater lol.
  6. Awwn, then I'm in support. He should definitely wear pink, it looks good on him
  7. This is what I find hilarious. For the sake of the show and to create jokes for even the loveline too, aren't they meant to ask the fortune teller of her compatibility with kjk then as opposed to ysc as he's the only single guy older than her on the show? Lol maybe because I'm a shipper, no it must be because I'm a shipper because it's weird or it's the editing, who knows
  8. Exactly what I was thinking. People seeing the whole taffy thing in a romantic light but it's high key toxic to the boot. All they said was they will never be separated not that it will always be good between them. It's like no matter how bad things are, they can't escape, they are trapped with eachother. They can't move on and try to find something or someone better, they are stuck with eachother. I mean there is a reason they weren't the most compatible despite having the taffy like relationship, because of the negative aspects of it. Some might illusion it as romantic but all in all it's a trap, an emotionally slaving trap.
  9. Kwangsoo : sick of hyung (yjs) always putting us in this position. Do I laugh or keep a poker face now? Nevermind I'll do both.
  10. Truly the cutest. "Hajimaaa, HAJIMA". I laughed so much there. Somin is a clown lmao. To be honest the only person on the show that has mentioned KJK's name in relation to jsm is yjs. Everyone else avoids it like a plague or ignores them. Hanna partners with Jong kook once (like a couple team) and Haha's matchmaking mama personality comes out. While he's literally always in the middle when kookmin banter, joke and play with eachother and pretends he's seeing nothing. Take this episode for example too, yjs makes the joke but in a very un-RM like fashion, all the members are just looking on, some smiling some serious till kjk brings up ysc and everybody is back to laughing/teasing mode
  11. So what I'm getting from this is once again kookmin is teased. They JUST laugh and change the topic, kjk is saying he'll introduce her to ysc or says she'll pick ysc? Which one, I don't understand hangul so I don't get that part. Jsm looks very glum with whatever idea it was lol and they wrap the scene up. Lol do I look like a joke to them. Anyways let's play along with the joke, we all know KJK's matchmaking skills when it comes to jsm. He did a pretty fine job in the MUD episode with Jongmin I'd say, after all he was the one making plans with her at the end lmao. Pretty fine job indeed. Hope people just know that the fact they are easily bringing ysc up like this on screen is further proof there ain't nothing going on. And what's with the switching of positions they do these days during the openings. I mean first time in the kannes episode I said it was for the sake of sukjin, second time in the last episode I said maybe they wanted Chanmin standing together in the opening though I noticed she was closer to kjk too, and now this episode. I have run out of excuses for them lol
  12. No, since the group name was originally jeon soran and yu jaesuk, he said it's now jeon soran and kim jong kook. Jsm was now like "No, it's Kookmin" lol. It's so cute tho, how she still keeps their couple name for them. Same with me, I'm just like dang, can we catch a break lmao. Every single episode they bring it up, they should at least let us and them be for some episodes, this is why it expired so fast in my eyes. There was a time it was still tolerable and funny to me, now I just press skip. I really don't know the point of the loveline tho, maybe they need content? But the chemistry of the members can carry the show no doubt without it and the funny thing is the episodes these days have been hella funny and good as hell content and even if the loveline is taken from the episodes, no one would miss it or notice. So idc why they are pushing so hard for it. And it just makes my skin crawl whenever I see someone say jsm is playing out the loveline and acting it out to get attention and screentime. I'm not even going to blame this level of thinking of the loveline, because these comments are just filled with hate and detest for that woman. The only person and I will say it again, the only person benefitting from this loveline is ysc. This is the only character on the show that has given him enough screentime and attention since he joined the show. And I love ysc, I really do but let's not pretend like his only role in the loveline is just to stand or sit and laugh. So he gets a lot of screentime for doing just that, he's literally the beneficiary in this loveline. Somin doesn't and has never needed a loveline to shine on the show. The woman gets her screentime and trends because she works hard at what she does which in most cases is making a fool of herself. Hearing people say she's thirsty for attention really irks me like I don't see anyone pointing out the 6 other original members might I add who are always the ones that bring it up and make her play that role. And some international fans really need to shut up with this seeking attention and screentime nonsense. What the hell are members on a variety show meant to do, stand and wave at the camera?? Ugh.
  13. I agree with @kookminclan RunningMan. Somin's energy hasn't been subpar with the energy of the loveline lately. She just acts her part or skit out and smiles when the members start teasing. Understandable since they link every action she does these days to ysc. Damn, I'd be tired too lol. I don't even dislike the loveline because I'm a kookmin shipper; (one thing I have noticed with kookmin is if they want to interact, they will, infact I think they just do what they want and leave it up to the editing team to figure out what to do these days lol. We saw it in the kannes episode. And even though the loveline has reduced koomin moments a little, tbh it's always been this way with kookmin even before the loveline. Them not bringing them up when they do the most suspicious of things, editing their interactions, turning the audio off any time they are talking, let's not forget the restrictions. It's always been like this, we either get lucky with moments or we don't. What I'll say though is, I don't appreciate them calling them out on their SNS interactions and cutting us off that lol. They were dead mean for that) I dislike the loveline as a fan of the show, it's like the energy during the opening or when they are just sitting goes towards trying to make something off the loveline and that's all. Looks too fake and it is fake. And I'm just worried about the fall out that's going to come out of the loveline. They are doing too much and may not realise it now but it will most likely backfire and it's not the PD or the writers that will take the hit. Hell ysc might even get off a little, the one person that will be hit the most if it backfires is Somin and yet there they are, setting her in a situation that can bring hate to her yet again. As a fan, I'm not only anti this loveline, I'm also hella worried. It was all fun and games when they were setting it up lightly. But this aggressive approach, calling her his girlfriend, making her act like she's head over heels for him............sorry editing it like she's head over heels for him, when she's the one that's the actress (in terms of image) and ysc is the entertainer. It's lowkey brutal. But that's by the way. I know I literally just said a few lines ago that kookmin show off their closeness if they want to but I think in a way they are a little cautious too. Well not from KJK's side, I don't know if it's just with jsm but there is no subtle bone in that man's body lmao. 90% of the slip ups are from him lol and I adore him for that truly. I think he could be subtle if he wants to but just decided to let go sometimes. But Somin on the other hand is very protective of her relationship with kjk. She tries not to bring attention to it. Rather divert the attention (do you like her episode), switch up the story (coffee date explaining part) or give no commentary whatsoever (marraige teasing part). If it was another person jsm was singing that confession song with not kjk and yjs called her out on it, she'd have given us a back story and made a good joke on it. But was just quiet and nervously laughing when yjs brought it up and made sure to be firm and remind jsj it was "KOOKMIN" when he got their couple name wrong. Noticed the siblings and the cross was missing tho but moving on...... So yes she's super protective of their friendship. Unless kjk insists or initiates she generally avoids skinship with him. Just this last episode, there was a part she wanted to lift her tube up, kjk then immediately put his hand down to stop her. His hand was meant to land on her own hand as in to stop her but she immediately removed her hand before it could touch his. She did the same in ep 462 and even warned him with her eyes. Ep 464 too. Even in the kannes episode when they were all putting arms around eachother (where kjk blocked JSJ's hand lol), she just stood still with her arm in front. That's why I think she really was tired in the kannes episode, her leaning up on him like that is something rare from JSM's side. The only other person she hangs onto like that so naturally is Jihyo (Mongdol, the underrated ship). And no matter what anyone says, kjk suddenly put his arm around yjs and jsm was so not natural lol. It's not even like the position was even comfortable for him, so we can use that excuse, even yjs was standing awkwardly and had to be drawn back, the only person chilling in that embrace was jsm lol. And my favourite thing ever is both of them talking to eachother over the person in the middle and being all chatty, laughing and teasing and the person looking like he wants to be anywhere but between them (inserts clips of Haha, ysc and lks). Damn I need a compilation of that lol, especially Haha, his face always takes me out lmao, like his body is there but his soul has travelled to another land. Well it's been Kookmin for me from the start and will always be kookmin till they say otherwise. Funny how kjk is the active one in our ship on screen. And sometimes I get the feeling he likes being teased with her and sets himself up for it because lol, he's been unnecessarily loud and concerned about things he wouldn't bother with before since this lovleine started lol.
  14. Haven't they said this before. It was the same in the last forecast back in 2018. That if they get married they won't be able to divorce so why are the members curious or confused lol. And I'm sorry but if they think I'm going to buy the "Among these people, there's one person you get along with extremely well" line with, they are joking lol (they are really close friends sure but without this loveline, no one was looking at them romantically. Like they are so platonic they didn't make anyone guess their relationship, it was always ysc is one of Somin's bestie too). Anyways the article said they are the official couple on the show so I expected no less when it came to the fortune reading. Sechan has no money or women this year tho If we go along with the trailer, so I wonder if they are trying to use that statement to cover that fact up as it could reduce the presence and believability of the loveline. I'm not even looking foward to JSM's own, they only broadcast half truths when it comes to her fortune. They said the same thing about ysc and jsm last time , talked about her and lks too but she ended up being the most compatible with jongkook who was not even brought up once from what they showed us. I wanna hear Kookie's own, I doubt they'd manipulate and edit it heavily. He's not in a loveline currently or in a promising one so I'm curious about his own and all the other members. They plan on keeping the loveline for a long time so this much from them is expected. And it's okay, I'll just skip it's parts in the future so I can enjoy the show (I'm just not into cringey lovelines, I either let it play out without paying attention or just skip it). But since it's official they might as well chill on it and bring it up naturally now. It's exhausting watching jsm do something or anything on the show and knowing they are going to bring ysc's name in relation to it one way or the other like damn give us and her a break. Even shippers don't go that hard for the people they are shipping lol. https://www.soompi.com/article/1379238wpp/yang-se-chan-and-jun-so-min-to-get-their-compatibility-checked-on-running-man Soompi says the members were shocked as they were the official running man couple. It's different from what the other article wrote lol. Who to believe.
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