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  1. I remember this episode. this is one of the many episodes that I found KJK reaction strange. during the intro, they teased somin about her insta update, something about her phone has 20% power left. the boys were teasing her about it. KJK reaction at that time makes me wonder if he has something to do with that 20% power left. My delulu mind would say they were talking on the phone during that time
  2. People might find it funny seeing KJK being grumpy and salty. I kind of finding it a bit tiring to watch. I think the PD’s should lay off all the loveliness within RM. Let the members decide which direction they want to go. I mean look at chanmin, sechan is an unwilling partner in crime. Everytime there’s a loveline he seems scared of offending someone ( u all can guess who). Looking at the way KJK treats HaHa, I’m sure sechan wants to avoid being on his bad side. Somin is just being somin, working hard as usual. KJK is just too transparent with his feelings, and I have a feeling that YJS always remind him of his action after every filming. When KJK and the gang came in last, and he starts complaining on Somin, you can see that YJS just ignored him. I’m sure if YJS indulge him on that, he’ll have a lot to say to Jaehong. By the way correct me if I’m wrong, when he said about the split, I thought he said he can do the split but other people’s leg. Meaning he just want to split jaehong legs himself. With him being salty and grumpy sometimes makes it tiring to watch especialy when he starts pointing at someone being the spy. I just wish the PD will let somin have a loveline with the guest instead. At least we don’t have to watch loveline every episode and somin can have some rest from it
  3. Reading all your thoughts on KJK, I kind of pity kookmin. I do hope that us kookmin clan will no be so judgemental on whats happening in RM. It's just a show and it doesn't represent their every day life. Don't you think its hard enough for them to hide their closeness during RM and here we are adding more burden towards them when things doesn't goes our way. Looking at kookmin moments before chanmin gives me the confidence that they're secure in their relationship. KJK is very dependable, always backing up somin in everything she's doing and somin seems to realy adore him. and that to me is enough. Cause as long as I've been a RM fan I've never seen KJK acting the way he's acting now. And from MUD we know that he'll only change when he found that someone. Let them breath, they've enough hate already from the other shippers and fan. Let us kookmin clan be more understanding and supportive towards them. To me there's only kookmin unless they announced they're in a relationship with other people.
  4. I find this week episode although hilarious, a little bit disturbing, as it seems KJK is getting meaner this week. Somin also seems a bit wary of the way KJK is acting. I guess participating in the chanmin loveline everyweek is taking its toll on KJK. Although he seems to control his temper when somin is around, him pushing the members during the name the food game is a bit rash. It looks more like he’s letting his frustration go. I do hope this chanmin episode will quickly disappear. Its making everything so awkward. It seems to me KJK is starting to get more possessive of somin and having chanmin doesn’t help as KJK is not realy good in hiding his feelings.
  5. I really don't want kookmin to be highlighted. I loved the subtle way they interact with each other. I guess kjk is also getting exasperated with the chanmin loveline. I mean how much can a guy take if you keep on pitting his gf with other guy. I dont blame somin, she's just doing her job as always.
  6. I don't really mind seeing KJK hugging Jihyo. They've been together for so long and they might have history together. The fact that they've relationship with other people during this time means that they don't consider each other for marriage. although i might be wrong. Just as somin's proposal to sechan, KJK also might make that kind of proposal to jihyo. Who knows. I kind of pity sechan and somin because the pd are forcing them for chanmin to happen. Its making everything more awkward as sechan is the reluctant party. Somin being the hardworking person is willing to do anything for RM. I really admire her hardwork. And I think everyone in RM has a soft spot for her because of her willingness to try anything to make the show successful. I really don't understand how people can hate her for all the hardwork she has done for RM. She practically has to do everything to ensure that RM continues to attract people. The haters should thank her that they're able to see their fav member until now. On sechan part, I think apart from the fact that he knows something about somin's love life, he also has a girlfriend. Somin described him during the bus ride that he knows when to say no to ladies and he will stay loyal to his partner. Probably that's why he is reluctant to participate in Chanmin. But from what I see, sechan does have a soft spot for somin and I think in a way he really likes her. From the way he treats her, even though he might have a girlfriend, he would't mind participate in Chanmin. If somin is really in a relationship, I think the way sechan acts now shows that he is very wary of somin's partner and he's being extra careful not to offend him. Whoever that person is
  7. Why do I have a feeling that somin's shirt is a gift from kjk. He seems pleased when he saw the shirt somin's wearing.
  8. I think what's so interesting in this episode is that KJK is proud to admit that he's a cheesy boyfriend. Before he seems embarassed especially during the role play with Somin. The fact that somin is as cheesy as him, makes him free to express and show how cheesy he is with his girlfriend.What makes it so fun with this couple is that I'm seeing the side of KJK that we never knew. He became more cheeky, cheerfull, less angry and not so focus of winning as before. Its really funny and fun to see KJK in RM nowadays.
  9. Did you all notice what somin said during the makeup session? She said that when she got married please delete all the pictures of her in custom. To me this is definitely saying that she's in a relationship now and thinking of marriage. Who''s the lucky guy? I hope its the one that we're hoping for. But if its another person, I'm still happy for them. I think it's about time both of them find their respective partner. Regarding JSM-YSC loveline, I really don't have anything against it as I know they're BFF. I think sechan is a very good person and always treats somin nicely. To me he's been somin's pillar of strength when they start RM. They really support each other and I'm really thankfull to sechan for that. I think the reason why sechan is reluctant to go into the loveline plot is because of his good manners. He probably knows that somin is in a relationship now as they're very close and probably knows who the BF is, and because of that I think that's why he doesn't want to be drag into the loveline regardless of how desperate the PDs want it to happen. And furthermore if the loveline do happen, JSJ will definitely make a fuss about it and protest. Just like he did when sunny was one of the guest
  10. i felt sad for Somin in this week episode, but I think that will give her the motivation to work harder. Go Somin . However, the fact that KJK doesn't say anything to Somin after she return is quite strange. He is always the one who likes to encourage people whenever things doesn't go well. In RM he's like the 2nd leader after YJS so he always has something encouraging to say to the member. When Somin return he seem at lost, didn't know how to react and he look restless after that as if he just wanted to go to Somin and comfort her. The fact that he is in another group prevented him to go and comfort her as it might seem strange that you're comforting your rival group for their loss whereby you should feel happy that your rival group is not doing well. KJK really doesn't know how to hide his feeling well and thats the most refreshing and funny thing to see from the anyang tiger. I hope their relationship continues to blossom into whatever they want it to be. Such a sweet, cute and lovely couple
  11. I have to share my thoughts on kookmin as they're so cute I was a RM fan back in their glorious day. Then suddenly I found the show became a bit boring week by week until I stop watching. However I did manage to watch episodes where somin became the guest. During that time I was intrigued by KJK reaction towards somin although it didn’t cross my mind that there’s something more. I like somin, I’ve watched almost all her daily drama. After the 1% drama I totally love her as an actress. She’s cute, but she doesn’t realy have that vibe of a lead actress for a prime drama. But that makes me like her more. When it was announced that she will be joining RM, I decided to watch again and I was hooked again. I especially love the chemistry of Kwangmin and Yoomin. However I was always a bit offended by the way KJK treat somin in RM. He always act as if he finds her every moves offensive and I thought that he must hated or resent her so much. And that always puzzled me, caused KJK is always a gentlemen when it came to the ladies. I always thought that it’s because of the firing episode and in a way he’s being rebellious to the new member. What puzzles me more, there are times when he showered somin with so much compliments and then at times he switched back to being mean towards her. He especially seems to take offences if somin were not agreeable with him or criticized him as if that’s the worst thing people ever did to him. I mean come on, you’re in a variety programme, you shouldn’t take things seriously as your job is to make people laugh. The moment I start thinking about KJK and somin is during the yeobo episode where they did a drama at YSC house. During this episode KJK was all friendly with somin. He even touch her during the guest comedian part, which was a big deal to me. He seems so friendly with her and so jovial during that episode. As I continue to watch them, I noticed that KJK became brighter, cheekier and colorful. It really warms my heart seeing him like that. All this while I always thought he’s just one tough guy who likes black all the time and not a fun guy to be around. Lately I saw the real KJK, the romanticist, kind, gentle, cheeky and caring person. I love seeing him like that and I hope he continues to show that other side of him. I’m not going to speculate on the reason or the person responsible for the changes. But if it has something to do with somin, I’ll be one of the happiest person in the world. p.s Its funny to see KJK being so distracted lately. He just doesn’t seem like the KJK who is always focus on winning the games.
  12. Hi everyone, I was a lurker b4, but now an official member because of kookmin
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