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  1. When Jang Hoon mentioned Jong Kook name, Choi Jung Won (co-star) said to Somin "잘 어울린다 야~ (jal eoullinda ya~) - It suits you well~ / a good match~." But then Somin denied it by saying "아니야 싫어 (aniya siro) - No, I don't like it." And goes saying he's like an "oppa" to her. The old me (younger me) well be so heartbroken right now but not anymore lol. Dating or not I'll just going to enjoy their chemistry and support their decision :)
  2. Somin be using all the information that she got/remembered to catch the fake ceo ~ A little TMI, Yang Yang county (2 hours drive from Seoul) is one of the top 3 best spots for surfing in South Korea along with Busan and Jeju Island.
  3. Is it just me or did I really heard Jongkook said to Somin something like "Are you Nightingale or what?" (referring to the famous Florence Nightingale) @02.32-02.33 when they're talking about Somin wanting to go to Sechan house to take care of him lol.
  4. he/she changed it to jongkook_somin10
  5. Sorry but I was wondering if you're actually a "kookmin fans", I mean why do you always look for the negative?
  6. I couldn't agree more about this. I've said this somewhere but I'm just gonna said it again here. The word "shipping" basically means an act of wanting or taking two people (in kookmin case) a celebrities to end up in a romantic relationship. So we are basically pressuring the "relationship". As a shipper we must always keep an open mind and try not to read too much into everything. Because I've done that and trust me when things doesn't go on your way you will get upset but that's totally normal. If you guys ask me about kookmin my answer is still the same, I still do
  7. Yup, they went to the Waffle Den branch near Sookmyung Women's University. A little Info: There's this one famous waffle store called Waffle House near Sookmyung Women's University that has been selling waffles since 1989.
  8. The Night I Miss You by Yun Ddan Ddan. Somin's recommendation song from her insta live~ The lyrics got me like
  9. oh yes you're right I heard it too so yeah I guess there's a filming then. Sorry.
  10. From Somin's 1st insta live someone asked her about "what she's been doing today" and if I'm not mistaken from my understanding she said she went home to her parents house and eat nice meal with them. And then she said "and now I'm home".
  11. Yep and you just can't help it but constantly checking on their igs lol. Anyways, just now on Somin's instalive someone asked Somin about her ideal type. She said her ideal type keep changing like the season. And then she talk about her latest ideal type. I hope someone can translate that part later.
  12. That's bcs they want dong joon to be pair with jihyo. Just search "dong joon jihyo" on YouTube and you will know why. They probably have been waiting for this whole "noona crush" since forever.
  13. today's updates~ . . . . . keep it comin lol
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