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  1. Hi, it's been a while since I post anything in this forum. I hope it's not too late to say congratulations to Kim Jong Kook for winning Daesang for SBS Entertainment Awards and (correct me if I'm wrong) became the 2nd and only male to win both music daesang and entertainment daesang after Lee Hyori. Anyway, I just watched the latest RM episode and I thought I want to share my two cents about the whole ex-lovers talk. (Somin entering the room) Jongkook : She's here to hit on the owners. Jongkook : She's here to seduce the owners. Sechan : Who knows? She m
  2. the last thing I want to do in our kookmin clan forum is to talk and discuss about SA shippers so let's just drop this topic and just focus on KookMin. Thanks.
  3. Somin and her superstition beliefs lol~ *throwback JSM to YSC : Someone is thinking about you. That's what a loose belt means. YJS to JSM : Why do loose belts mean someone is thinking about you? KJK to JSM : Is it true? JSM to KJK : Yes. KJK to JSM : A pimple on the forehead means someone likes you. JSM to KJK : That's due to hormones. (LMAO) KJK to JSM : That's what I heard. *yesterday's episode so in this clip you can hear (earphone on) Somin said "Omo! hehe" wh
  4. When Jang Hoon mentioned Jong Kook name, Choi Jung Won (co-star) said to Somin "잘 어울린다 야~ (jal eoullinda ya~) - It suits you well~ / a good match~." But then Somin denied it by saying "아니야 싫어 (aniya siro) - No, I don't like it." And goes saying he's like an "oppa" to her. The old me (younger me) well be so heartbroken right now but not anymore lol. Dating or not I'll just going to enjoy their chemistry and support their decision :)
  5. Somin be using all the information that she got/remembered to catch the fake ceo ~ A little TMI, Yang Yang county (2 hours drive from Seoul) is one of the top 3 best spots for surfing in South Korea along with Busan and Jeju Island.
  6. Is it just me or did I really heard Jongkook said to Somin something like "Are you Nightingale or what?" (referring to the famous Florence Nightingale) @02.32-02.33 when they're talking about Somin wanting to go to Sechan house to take care of him lol.
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