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  1. @skibbies I guess I have seen the term BL taking over more these day, so I was a bit confused between the 2 and made a mistake. Thank you for your correction. Huang JingYu did lay low for a while, and his reappearance in all these movies, I doubt it was because of his popularity from Addicted (not that I want to discuss his scandal). I didn't say they aren't successful right now, but they did miss the best time to boost their career. Addicted was still maybe every fangirls' first love, but comparing them to BY,ZYL,WYB, XZ, those who came later, XWZ was a bit far behind. The s
  2. DEEP ANALYSIS SERIES PART 2: FROM BL DRAMAS TO BL ADAPTATIONS - HOW DO WE GET HERE? First, we need to establish that the ban on "details expressing male-male romantic relationship" (from here on referred to as the BL ban) didn't exist before Addicted. To be more precise, the BL wave wasn't big enough for NRTA to notice, thus NRTA didn't even bother to suppress it. The BL wave started with novels, and was tailored to the preference of female readers and viewers. I won't go into details on why women love BLs, you can do research on this elsewhere. The novels
  3. DEEP ANALYSIS SERIES Things you won't find on international platforms (Yes, I wrote this myself, take out with credit, no permission required) This series may also benefit you in the future if you are interested in other potential BL dramas. In this series I use SHL (Shan He Ling) as abbr. for the drama instead of WoH. PART 1: HOW CHINESE CENSORSHIP WORKS To understand the development of the BL drama as a genre in the Chinese film and drama industry, we first need some basic knowledge about the LGBTQ community in China, the Chinese people's POV, the gover
  4. It's from the gameshow "Everybody stand by" season 1 (2019). It's kind of an acting gameshow in which judges are famous directors. Contestants are actors. They chose a team (judges are team leaders). ZZH was excellent in that show. He was in Zhao Wei's team. There's no full Engsub. The nick names laopo (wife) and princess aren't because we see him as a girl. His other nickname is Zhan Lang (Wolf Warrior). It isn't because he played the bottom in SHL either. Now is the stories behind these 3 nicknames (not just to answer your comment but more information for anyone interested).
  5. But his nickname is Princess LLD no.1 Junzhe no.3, today just dropped to no.4
  6. It's their recurring joke that they keep bringing up. Although GJ didn't come, he sent 2 grand flower stands to congratulate and later apologized multiple times. Their relationship (whatever it is) is going strong so whatever ZZH wanted to convey during the concert, GJ definitely heard and reciprocated it.
  7. No this song was released in 2019. On the other hand, this song was first sung in ZZH's miniconcert in October 2020, a month after the filming of SHL finished. The lyrics were written by ZZH himself, and he said it expressed his thoughts and feelings during the filming of the drama. The lyrics are indeed very suggesting. The title of the song is "Unsaid". ZZH said during an interview that he invited GJ to the concert and was very disappointed he didn't managed to arrive due to a family issue.
  8. They've been selling merchandise since the show started to peak off. Everything from bookmarks, miniatures, fans, WKX's hairpins, photobooks, Bai Yi sword-style jewelry... Now they're selling behind-the-scene clips (1RMB/clip, released once a day) and concert tickets. Exploitive, maybe, but I don't mind they tried, since fans literally begged them to do so :))) and fans are more than pleased to pay a bit more for some extra happiness (for example myself, tbh :))))
  9. I heard of a few cases where the main leads bought back the costumes they liked during filming, but most of the time, Idk there were no further info about the clothes, probably went into storage. But after WoH maybe there will be other dramas auctioning off costumes.
  10. Idk, I've never heard of any other dramas that auction off their filming costumes. But I've also never heard of any other dramas with such well-designed and iconic costumes anyway, even with high budget historical dramas. They may have very luxurious costumes (Ruyi's royal love in the palace, for example), but not something that is iconic and memorable enough. And for most dramas a specific character's costumes are normally of similar style and shades of color (and not very vibrant color either), so the costumes won't be as unique and stand out. WoH's case is a first in dramaland. Never have t
  11. You re underestimating the depth of Chinese fans' pockets. They are filthy rich. One of ZZH's fans paid around 100k USD for a flycam performance to bid farewell to ZZS character a few days after the ending. The highest bidder of the red costume (app 30k USD) said she will give it to GJ as a gift. A super rich SHL fan offers a Rolls Royce give-away for anyone who can provide solid proof that GJ and ZZH are dating. Among other things...
  12. It's not that China doesn't have good scriptwriter, it's just too much outside powers influencing the writing process. The filming industry is quite distorted, with fingers pointed everywhere, investors, actors with liuliang (large fanbase) who bring their own writers to fix things according to their own preferences... Everyone wants a piece of the cake. Honestly scriptwriters don't have much say in what they can write. That's why most dramas with good scripts are either 1) a production team with big enough reputation to hold up their own without being subjected to capital or starpower (like D
  13. Saying WoH is the new Untamed is very offensive to the WoH fandom. You may not know but The Untamed fandom in China is very large and toxic (they have always been since that drama finished airing). Ever since WoH started gathering attention, The Untamed fandom has made every effort to sabotage the drama and it's actors' reputation on all social media platforms everywhere, spreading fake news and pushing negative hot searches. Now it has become quite a sensitive issue, no WoH fans want the drama to be linked to The Untamed in anyway, even mentioning The Untamed in a WoH post is a no-no. This is
  14. AvenueX has explained why it's a HE in the last episode and the hints that implied they did it. So I'm not gonna do it anymore.
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