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  1. In the novel the Yi city act is just as short The drama tries to evade censorship so WWX's coming back to life was brushed off quickly. Even in the novel the author left out quite a few details so how he comes back is not very reasonable (hey, fantasy novel) but I will try to use my experience in reading many cultivating novels to explain this. So according to common cultivating system, the more powerful a cultivator is, the more powerful is his soul. When a cultivator dies, his soul can either be summoned back (like how Lan family inquire souls or WWX summons Wenning) or break into pieces (like Xiao Xingchen's) or just wander off and with time, fade away into the air. In the cultivating world there's a saying, you used the air around you to cultivate your core, so when you die, you should release that power back to the air. But if a cultivator is really powerful, he would have certain control over his soul, when he dies, he can take over a weak cultivator's body by force by pushing the owner's soul out of its vessel (the action is called duoshe, duo meaning taking by force). However, then the bond between the body and the soul are not very firm (since not it's original soul) and if whipped by zidian (Jiangcheng's weapon) the soul would be pushed out of the body. WWX is very satisfied with being dead and not having the will to reincarnate so he chooses not to duoshe and his soul would have just faded away without Mo Xuanyu. Mo Xuanyu uses a very rare powerful ancient spell that is xianshe (xian meaning sacrifice) to summon WWX. The spell requires the castor to willingly offer up his body to summon a powerful evil being to fulfill his wish (meaning he agrees to die) and since there is no resistance from the original soul, the body acknowledges the new soul as his own so zidian can't push it out. The novel never clearly explained but I presume Nie Huaisang leaks the spell to Mo Xuanyu, cuz there's no way Mo Xuanyu could have come up with it by himself. He chooses to summon WWX because WWX is actually the most evil and powerful legend there is. I don't think that Nie Huaisang keeps WWX's soul all these years simply because he doesn't have the means (and WWX doesn't feel it) About why LZ's inquiry doesn't work on WWX. LZ's inquiry doesn't work on everyone, it needs a few conditions to fulfill, for example: 1.the soul has to be nearby or 2.the soul has a very strong bond with the inquirer or 3.the soul is willing to react to calling, all of which are not met. In the drama, WWX doesn't lose any of his memory, he just couldn't know what's going on in the world during the time he was dead. In the novel, he does lose a bit of it but it would be very long to explain. The reason he can be cheerful again is because he chooses not to mention the past (not that he actually forgets it) and he feels everything in the past ends with his death and he pays back his sins with his life.
  2. I don't know about animation censorship but in the drama it's not reincarnation. They evaded censorship by having Mo sacrifice himself to save WWX. WWX doesn't take Mo's body. He just assumes Mo's identity by putting on his mask. Once he takes off his mask all of his "old friends" recognize him. Both in the book and in the drama, JC saw that the Wen solders were approaching WWX, so he created a fuss to lead them away, resulting in him getting caught and taken back to his old house (where Wen Zhao was staying after eliminating his family). So yes he did lose his core trying to save WWX.
  3. I am a regular reader of Chinese BL novels and have read several of Mo Xiang Tong Xiu's novels including this one and also Tian Guan Si Fu (rumored to be made into drama soon). Her novels follow a typical style of multiple flashbacks, which is distracting sometimes, so I love it when The Untamed decided to go for a more linear timeline. Although I really love her stories, I almost couldn't go back to read them the second time, cuz they are so heartbreaking. Each and every named character is a tragedy. From heroes to villains, no one seems to be blessed with luck. So when the villains are defeated, the readers don't feel any sense of satisfaction, just sadness. Many characters you love end up dead or in misery, and if they get an okay ending they carry with them massive wounds and scars. Only the main cp get a happy ending, but after all the unbearable pain and losses in their life, the final HE tastes bitter like dark chocolate.
  4. @lizax1 It's not about censorship but I think the change is to make it more coherent. Because if WWX is really responsible for Jin Ling's parents death then the relationship between them (and also with Jiang Chen) can never be mended. In the novel they just kinda forget and be casual to each other again but it should have been very unlikely. Jin Guang Yao has to die anyway so just blame him instead. I also felt sorry for Jiang Chen bc now everyone knows WWX gave him the core but no one would know he lost it trying to save WWX.
  5. So the ending is officially out. All the good guys get happy endings, About the villains, some are satisfying, some are not. Stepmom's death, great, but why the hell let her destroy Gu family's shrine? She was dying yet had to cause some more damage? And GTY's 3rd brother's acting is so fake (or maybe it's the voiceover's fault) but it really put me off mood. ED, well I understand she's the Emperor's official mother so the Emperor just couldn't do anything about her. I've read quite a few novels and the worse outcome is just being detained for life. But why is the Emperor still so sentimental about her? She tried to kill him, his comrades, and started a rebellion against him. Get a grip man, you're too old for mother-complex already. And Molan. Like, I get it, she is still welcomed back to the house. But how can they be so casual with her? She freed the woman who tried to kill her own Grandmother, and they just let it pass like that? Are all these people Saints or something? On the other hand, all our beloved characters are doing great. ML and GTY, QH and his wife and the whole Sheng family. TSoML's ending is fulfilled. Thank God Hunan TV didn't pull up any other trick.
  6. So has anyone heard about the scandal that Hunan TV created with the last episode? Well Hunan TV has always been notorious for tampering with dramas they broadcast. So they had quite a difficult time last year. They poured their money on many blockbusters but they all eventually failed, until TSoML. TSoML is doing too good, so they tried to squeeze some more value out of it by extending it another few more episodes (not in the original director's cut), making it unnecessarily long and tiring. Now to the last episode they decided to divide it into 2 parts, broadcasting in 2 days. They first aired TSoML's half episode, then they proceeded to air their new drama instead of the later half to push the rating of their new drama. All viewers just kept watching cuz they thought it was the commercials and they were expecting the ending. So that new drama actually has extremely high starting rating but angers everyone. Now there goes the new drama's favoritism along with Hunan TV's reputation.
  7. Is it a little disappointing that the Zi Yuan Ruo doesn't have a nice meaning. Zi are chosen later in life so shouldn't it be picked carefully?
  8. What I'm really pissed off in recent episodes is WHY GTY NOT TIED UP LOOSE ENDS? I mean he has so many, so many weaknesses and he just left them hanging. Hasn't he ever thought that his enemies would use them against him? Why didn't he keep written evidences? Why left MN alive when she's proven to be able to cause quite a damage? And the whole thing with Bai family. He kept no evidences. At least if he thought things carefully and keep some of his enemies' weaknesses in his hands then there'll be less things against him now. They are his enemies. Shouldn't he keep check on them and have some kind of leverage? Didn't he know once he lose his ground all of them will come barking like dogs? @Golden Flower I don't know that many details but I heard the imperial court can suspend a Marquis/Count's proposal for an heir so I guess at least an Emperor could drag time before choosing someone he sees fit to bear the title. I mean the Emperor doesn't say to withdraw their title so he at least have that much authority, right? I think unless they are royalty, noble families pay for expenses themselves by income they get from real estate and shops like normal families. Who pays the expenses depends on who's managing Gu family's asset, Stepmom or ML, like how they are usually paid before. If family asset has been divided then they each pay for their own. About tax I'm I'm not sure, I guess they don't have to pay since they are still noble. Stepmom and GTY's brother's wife still have their noble women titles, since they were bestowed on them due to their husbands, not GTY, so they retain full rights as noble women. But it may not be historically accurate since I got my knowledge from novels. But technically the Emperor can do anything since he has absolute power. It's just how far he can abuse it before being considered a tyrant. Dragging some noble title is pretty much within boundaries.
  9. I don't always care about historical facts in drama, it depends on which type of drama I'm watching. For example if it's some kind of comedy or action or sci-fi period drama then it doesn't matter (like Eternal Love or Princess Agent or Ten miles of peach blossoms), but TSoML is good bc it depicts the realistic life of women in the Song dynasty, so of course I want to know if it's doing it right. I really doesn't have to be very accurate, but if at least it shouldn't feel absurd. Even if it didn't follow history, if the plot was consistent then it would feel more real and relatable. Even if not comparing it to the book, the drama has started to lose its touch in the later one-third. None of the females in this drama have Zi, so I guess it's not common for females? Or females don't have Zi in Song dynasty but they do in a different period?
  10. I agree with @Golden Flower the Emperor can't just take away the Marquis title. There are 2 types of noble title in feudal China: the non-inheritable ones (given to minor contributors) and inheritable ones (given to major contribution to the country). In heritable ones, those that were bestowed for people helping in establishing the dynasty are the most prestigious (like Gu family) and can't be ripped off bc some descendant committed a crime. The current emperor can only take away titles that he bestows himself (for those with major contribution in his time). Titles that were bestowed by previous Emperors can only be recalled under the crime of treason or similar level. However what he can do is leaving the title hanging, meaning he drags the time needed to make a decision on the heir. This dragging time can be months or years depending on his Majesty's preference. During this time, Stepmom's title is unchanged since she's still the previous Marquis's wife, and they can still keep their residence. But they will lose many privileges since women can only socialize in a small circle and no men in the house have noble title, so they can't socialize with other noble men. The role of men in families is very important. Even with the Marquis name, if no men in the house have the Marquis title then their status will drop drastically.
  11. Technically the Emperor can rip someone off their title and give it to his relative if the one holding the title proves undeserving of it. The title was bestowed on GTY's ancestors and is inherited by their descendants, it doesn't have to be GTY, he is just someone in line, it can be passed to the next person in line, which is his brother, or even his cousins. And by the law if GTY has been ripped off his title, his son is no longer eligible to inherit it. I agree, there is so much scheming going on at the same time and some doesn't even make sense. It's dragging the drama too long and it feels tiresome to watch recent episodes.
  12. Actually there are 2 types of exiling that can be used in feudal times: - Literary exiling: meaning an official/citizen is convicted of a crime, he will be escorted to a snowy northern bordering area to do hard labor. - Metaphorical exiling: meaning when an official lose the Emperor's favor, he will be demoted to a bottom-level official and sent off to a faraway poor rural place with no prospects of promotion. I thought this is what happened to QH since I remember in the novel he also worked for a period of time as a local official. But it seems I misunderstood. He just got demoted. I realized it when QH appeared again in the drama but too lazy to edit my previous posts.
  13. Characters like Molan and Aunti Kang are detestable, but I'm more angry at their parents, mothers who destroy their daughters' lives in the name of love and the near non-existent father roles. It makes me wonder how they would change if they had been raised and loved by someone similar to Grandma, or how ML would turn out if she hadn't grow up beside her. Many villains in this drama are just products of the era, how a distorted social system traps and drives people crazy. It's a system that can enlarge the darkness in human hearts and those with weak resolve and faulty moral compass will succumb to jealousy and greed. I hate them and at the same time pity them.
  14. I'm not sure but based on my knowledge on historical practices, unless her father openly disowns her (which he won't do cuz it will stir up a public scandal), he has to take her back. Not only that, to avoid public eye the divorce will be done as quiet as possible. What he does to her after that though, is behind closed doors. It can either be being grounded or exiled for life. Or he can give a signal to her husband to kill her off in silence (I don't think he would do that but possible). All and all, they will deal with it underground. These are 2 methods that are usually used in this kind of situation if both parties are smart. Another stupid method is that the husband kicks her out while the father refuses to take her back. Letting her loose is usually the root to another trouble.
  15. Technically it's not a crime but it's not encouraged, reasons are: 1. The most prioritized mission of a man is to produce an heir. Back when filial piety is the guideline for everyone's actions, not having an heir is considered the biggest offense. And taking into account the medical condition of the time, the stake of a child not making it into adulthood is high, so men from noble families would have the responsibility to produce as many sons as possible, and that couldn't be done with just one woman. So elders usually use this excuse to shove women into their juniors' houses, sometimes for political causes. 2. In feudal times China, people tend to blame the woman for a man's misbehavior. For example if a man only has one woman, then his wife would be accused of jealousy, wicked, overpowering her man. These are very negative traits when judging a woman, which will put a lot of pressure on the couple. His peers will mock him (scared of your wife etc) and at some point they will break. Also in a marriage, having concubines is a method the husband (or his family/elders) uses to establish power over the wife and her family. This method is totally legit and not considered underhanded at all. 3. Sometimes lowborn women are considered as gifts or bestowals (for men with playboy personality this actually has positive meaning). Rejecting them is considered rude and make the giver lose face. So sometimes a person from a higher status could use this excuse to plant a spy or to serve other purposes. Again, it's not considered underhanded method. This is very interesting because it can be used in various ways (mostly by royals bc most of the time people cannot refuse their bestowals). Depends on the quality and status of the gift it can be considered as a symbol of fondness, a punishment or a shame to either the husband or the wife.
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