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  1. I like the chemistry the most and the feeling I was watching a relationship between two adults and not shy teenagers. I found nice the idea of ZF pursuing her dreams, her determination. What I didnt like is the development of the business plot because it was too rushed and not really explained. And I didnt like that SL gave up on taking back WangFeng, even if it was the same in the book and it was understandable. Also the second lead plot was a mess. But overall, it was a drama I enjoyed.
  2. I read that according to their weibo, it is going to be extended. I dont know if it is true, but I would like it since it feels to me they are rushing the business war and I would love few happy episodes.
  3. I think it is a very realistic dynamic. ZF is excited about her new life and what SY is doing to help her . He feels lost and I get it is hard to see your gf with the man that ruined you. Even if he supported her, I get his insecurities. ZF takes him a little for granted
  4. I agree, I ca't get invested in QQ and Wu San SL. I am starting to skip their scenes. But I don't see their chemistry.
  5. I really like this drama because of the chemistry between the leads and they seem to have a relationship that is different from the usual Cdrama despite the breakups. And I love his sister.