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  1. guys.. why do I feel like the wedding scene in the 10th life is going to happen first before all hell comes loose. Like she is going to marry him and find out that he is demon later...
  2. Just pondering... do you guys think Si Feng is the star of mosha... or will it follow the book that it's our FL in the end?
  3. The reason why I asked in the first place was because... Ten Miles of Peach Blossom, Ashes and Love, and the Pillow Book gave me this kind of stereotype that there would be at least some kind of respect.
  4. My biggest question is who is Hao Cheng? Is he just an immortal official in heaven that protects the heavens? Cause he somewhat acts like the heavenly emperor.
  5. Lol, same here! Therefore anyone who understand chinese, please explain for us! Thank you in advance!
  6. I don't mind you spoiling just make sure to use the spoiler brackets. Since you read the book, can you explain something for me... Thank you in advance! Anyone, please feel free to write down your opinions...because I love reading everyone's opinions on dramas!
  7. When there is english subs and you happen to stumble upon this message, please let me know! I am waiting for the english subs!
  8. Another drama that I am waiting on subtitles for. Let me know if you know where to watch with subtitles.
  9. I can't wait till subtitles are out so I can actually understand what is going on. It's sometimes sad having to rely on subtitles because you don't speak or understand the language. If anyone finds subtitles, please let me know. Back in the days, there were at least dramacaps to help me understand before eps were all subbed and up to date.. now... it's a different story.
  10. I don't understand ... if someone could please explain...
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