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  1. Does anyone know why it doesn't show up on my WeTV App? Does it depends on the different region one lives in that determines what can be watch and what can't be?
  2. Does anyone know if this drama is a happy ending? It says 10 years but so far we are only 5 years in. Anyone know the timeline and is willing to spoil a bit?
  3. I do know that they used the same voice dubber as the one in the anime.
  4. Do you know why he has the wen sect scar? Do you know if it was it explained in the book? Where did you watch all the episodes...I really want to jump a head too...
  5. I'm kinda scared to start this one. I love Liu Hao Ran but... I just haven't gotten myself to pick it up and watch it. Might wait till it's almost ending.. and is it just me or is there not a lot of hype of this one... If anyone can recommend this drama in one phase or word, how would you guys describe or recommend?
  6. Can't help it but sad that at first no one was accepting of Xiao Mi taking over Su Cheng's position. Gotta go watch it with subtitles to understand why but it was kind of sad. At least Xiao Mi was able to pull it through and later got accepted. I thought everyone would at first be welcoming but I was surprise it was the opposite.
  7. True. Since he is back as Mo, I hope he can somewhat use some spiritual energy and somewhat protect himself. I believe I read somewhere that Mo is actually really low in skills with his golden core... I guess that will affect WY.
  8. Wow...if you all think about it, how would it really have been if WY decided not to go to Jin Ling's 1 month celebration....
  9. If anyone finds any teasers or trailers/previews of the next episodes (especially ep. 13 & 14), please let me know. This wait is going to be long until next Wednesday.
  10. @Lululililululu Mind spoiling for those who hasn't read Tempest Chambers?
  11. @moon-flower @elsanna Thanks! I'm just hoping it won't be too confusing since I can't tell the difference between Mo Xuan Yu and Wei Ying. I know that in the beginning of the drama, Mo Xuan Yu wears a mask but not sure if he will continue wearing a mask for the entire story (i doubt). @moon-flower I do hope that there is more than +15 episodes in present day! I'm more excited to know what happens in the present since I know that he changes when he is Wei Ying.
  12. Anyone knows if we are going back to the future moment where Mo Xuan Yu is present yet in the story? Or is everything right now going to run until Wei Ying "dies" and then we are done with the flashbacks?
  13. Anyone who knows of spoilers, could you please clarify somethings: 1. How does Lan Wang Ji know that Mo Xuanyu is Wei Wuxian?
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