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  1. If anyone can do some ep. summary caps, I would really appreciate that! Also, I love spoils too, so if you have read the novel and know the real identities of our leads... please tell me! I want to know how and when Zhang is going to find out about Simon's identity and why is Simon not revealing his true identity....
  2. If anyone knows where this drama will be sub, please let me know! Thanks!
  3. If anyone has been caught up past 40+ eps. Did anyone see the possible teasers for next week? If you did and understand what is going on, please elaborate:
  4. I'm excited that this show will go beyond volume 6. I've only read up to volume 6 of the book since that was all that was in English. I was very obsess with this series after the first "The Lost Tomb" show starring Li Yi Feng and Yang Yang. It has been forever to get here lol. If anyone knows what happens after volume 7, comment below please! I've seen so many shows that does time jump but I want to know what happens in volume 7 and beyond in the book series but unfortunately, no English translation. Probably after this, I'm going to go back and watch mystic nine since I never fi
  5. I've been away since there hasn't been anything good to discuss about lately. It's kind of sad that I usually come on these forums to discuss dramas and it hasn't been so active. Looks like everyone else has gone to "mydramalist" to put there comments there... Overall, I also haven't read the novel but I am also open for spoilers...if anyone has any to share. I agree with you... I'm finding characters getting on my nerves... I really hope these characters get smarter soon. I don't think Shen Tianshu is scared of Lord G (FL's Father) becau
  6. At first... I was like.. is this drama going to be something similar to heaven sword and dragon sabre where the Zhang Wuji was able to pickup and learned many different kind of sect arts to become the most powerful. Feels like this drama is the female version of it. It's drawing on me since I'm on ep.20 already and will have to wait until next week for new eps. If anyone knows, please spoil:
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