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  1. Hi! It's been a long time since I posted in this thread. Honestly, I did not think the Montblanc gift was of any significance when I first saw the paper bag but now, another coincidence with Shinsegae?? Could this still be called "coincidence"? Lol
  2. Long time lurker here, I just wanted to put my perspective out there since I feel that things are getting out of hand. If there was anything between PSJ and JYM I would assume it all started during Youn's kitchen. BUT when the dating rumors with PMY came out, PSJ did not deny it as someone who is committed to someone else would have. Also, the interactions of PMY with KJW I find it sibling like or more on the guy bff vibe. I can say this because I act similarly with my guy friends. Bottomline, we should not take things so seriously. Honestly, when I first heard that PMY was doing another romcom so soon I was apprehensive and I dreaded seeing how her interactions with her new leading man would be. But now, it's completely flipped around and I'm just enjoying everything.
  3. Hi guys! Quick question, how do you join the dvd cafe? I was able to create an account but I keep on getting stuck on the policy agreement page. Help!
  4. It's Luke Conde from hashtags Edit: Losing in this manner really is a hard pill to swallow. It would have been more believable if PSJ was beaten by LJS. Oh well.
  5. Will this voting be the sole basis for the best actor award? I'm sorry I am not quite familiar with this award giving body. Because usually I have seen some award shows giving separate award for best actor and there is also another for popularity vote.
  6. I have been monitoring the votes and it seems that JHI is gainimg over 1k votes in 15mins. What bothers me the most is that I can't do anything about it.
  7. Guys the gap is widening and is now at 8k. I tried to create another user acct but can't click on the verify email button. Those crazy fans definitely have a lot of spare time to just sit around and vote all day. If the organizers refuse to step in then we have no other choice but to beat them at their own game.
  8. Sorry but can anybody guide me where to download the app used to vote? Is it on the android playstore? Thanks
  9. Guys how do I join the kakao group chat? Whenever I try to join I keep getting this message "You can't join open chat rooms at this time in accordance with our Operation Policy" Help! I really want to join
  10. Hello!! I'm back! I can't keep up with you guys the pages are moving relentlessly lol. It's a joy reading your posts, unfortunately I've been swamped at work. This page has become somewhat of a stress reliever for me. Btw, I'm also very much interested to join the private group chat. Please pm me if it materializes.
  11. Have you seen NJH's reaction when fans chanted LSK's name at a fanmeet? Lol it was priceless he got all shy, sorry for veering offtopic but I can't help imagining of the same thing happened to PSJ (fans chanting PMY's name) he would probably pass out
  12. Good day everyone! I'm new here at this forum. I have shipped a few couples in the past but I have never entertained the idea of joing such discussion threads. Well my first ever ship was Nian (Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder) from the Vampire Diaries. Then, I became addicted to Korean dramas and ended up shipping SongSong then Swag couple. I had a few months of "slump" with regards to Korean dramas as only very few of them has managed to pique my interest lately. Not until, WWWSK came along and now I'm obsessed. I still can't move on from the drama and still rewatch my favorite scenes from time to to time. And now, I officially started posting at forums as well. This forum has been my safe haven so to speak as I am still having withdrawals.
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