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  1. @partyon If that how much he miss her Clearly she thought \miss him more than him judging by her kiss back +2
  2. If that how much he miss her Clearly she thought/miss him more judging by her kiss back
  3. @partyon I think virgin oppa need to learn from my taxi driver oppa how to use hamlet affectively +2
  4. Lee Soo-hyuk .. @elan1 partner maybe we need to go on surfing trip @Min2206 Hey you twin @partyon +2
  5. @Min2206 I have no clue @gm4queen but sell your hunted house isn’t completed it should be completed drama +2
  6. now I believe HaRa’s mom is scary one in the drama , she don’t need to undress to scared anyone her expression only do the job Vs
  7. can’t understand why BM want loyalty from EJ to her brother when even her friend can’t be loyal and sell her brother for pork trotter
  8. that ridiculous, everyone knows about HaRa kidnapping her son , but Seriously EJ could learn something from him , she should have made BM sign one she is a loose cannon
  9. hey @Min2206 , @sadthe1st , @Wuzetian @elan1 glad to here from you , you missed around , I find this one but he failed the interview, he so shy for my liking @Thong Thin wish you quick recovery +2
  10. @Min2206 the nurse naughty girl to do what CPR until doctor come @joccu I will choose to mr romantic, but I wouldn’t be sure who will be doctor in my case +2
  11. @partyon , @joccu , @sadthe1st @Min2206, .. @Wuzetian when she wake up tomorrow who will you like to treat you Option A - meow option B - mr romantic +2
  12. @Lmangla I love the grandmother, first to run with her grandson no time to listen to the gossip , she afraid he may get kidnapped by these shady people in the room
  13. @joccu save journey to home @Wuzetian it’s different drama as @Min2206 explained in the post above , the guy is Ryu Jun-yeol @twinkle_little_star where my business partner @elan1 I miss her around +2
  14. @partyon @twinkle_little_star @sadthe1st , @joccu , @Thong Thin @ @Min2206 @Wuzetian who more perv A: oops B: my mistake +2
  15. You can’t believe how suffocating was my engagement to SA , yes I can you doing it now to me
  16. @partyon @sadthe1stI will open anti fan club for overdressed oppa ~ abs from I married anti fan @twinkle_little_star wish you too great weekend
  17. Just how money time she gonna kill him option A option B option C Helper : How I gonna find blender that fit him
  18. @partyon @4evrkdrama @sadthe1st @Min2206 , @joccu maybe I am not crazy about virgin oppa because he missing something Me Ep 1 - fishing for it Me EP 5 seasoning him to be more delicious +2
  19. @joccu I’m doing great how are you @twinkle_little_star back to you , wink, winks +2
  20. 4evrkdrama @BlackLotus1025 @elan1 @gm4queen @joccu @kokodus @Lmangla @larus @Min2206 @mirmz @Thong Thin @twinkle_little_star @Wuzetian +2
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