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  1. I've felt sad because I was busy last week. I often go to the thread, but I haven't had time to read your posts. I just finished 2 episodes 13-14 rambling. They touched me a lot, even though all the confused, vague thoughts in my mind that I didn't know how to express. I just know that there are 3 ways of showing a father's love for his children that his children will respond differently. Talk about Ryu, he thinks that people cannot resist the temptation because human nature is greedy. But after all, driver Kang and HR is also for the love of a father for their children. Ryu again judged their selfish love as greed while HR didn't need Lucca to know his sacrifice. HR knelt several times and pleaded with Ryu, HR accepted to be killed by Ryu. He even used his power to deceive HR, taking advantage of HR's feelings during the urgent Lucca's life to have the soul of YG. Ryu's thoughts were stubborn, but actually his method was wrong. He won the godly bet on people, but deep down Ryu's mind wasn't at all happy about what he thought was right. With only the last 2 episodes, I hope to have a romance between HR and YG, why the PD has made my heart flutter since episode 6, but recently I have not seen any hope. P/s: I used Google trans so I don't know how to speak politely. I hope you don't mind me.
  2. @triplem It seems that HR will not become an old, poor SDC anymore. However, I think the writer who let YG lose her soul is good, those who used to hurt YG just ignore or feel guilty but they never intended to do anything to apologize or comfort her properly. They need to understand the pain that YG has suffered over the years. HR has benefited everything for the past 10 years, it's time for him to repay and repent deeply. Near the end of the episode, it seemed that HR begged Ryu, but Ryu forced HR to choose between Lucca and YG. I will hope to wait for romance in the last 3 episodes, because apart from the selfish love for Lucca, HR is still a good person.
  3. I really enjoyed the comment, especially the paragraph below mentioned for my thoughts that I didn't know how to write so I skipped it. "This can’t be happening. I refuse to accept that Luka is dead. His tenuous hold on life is what started this whole nightmarish situation in the first place, and logically I understand that he’s been living on borrowed time ever since, which was only reinforced when Manager Gong saved his life a second time. But he’s the only good thing Ha Rib has ever had in his life, and he’s literally gone to Hell and back to save Luka, so it terrifies me to think what Ha Rib will do if Luka dies. Not to mention that he’s just the sweetest, most innocent soul in Ha Rib’s life, who never wanted a single thing but for his father to know and love him, and it would be too unfair of him to die thinking that he was rejected not just by the father he’s never met, but by the man he’s come to think of as his brother." (by @LollyPip )
  4. I just finished two lastest episodes yesterday. I feel very happy to be able to read many posts from all of you, including those who follow silently. I really respect you writing about a lot of aspects, having an overview. However, I would like to add about SDC / HR's sacrifice to Lucca. The older one gets, the more they aspire to have the love of their descendant, let alone SDC's entire life having lived alone in failure. (Perhaps this is the intention of the writer to SDC is an old man 56 years old). Suddenly he knew that he had a son, and the innocent gaze of that dying child was looking at him expectantly, it struck SDC's desperate soul, arousing the love of the person who became a parent made his eyes bewildered, his steps wandered, his mind vicious about how to save his son. It is difficult to explain parents' love for their children. If anyone has ever been parent, ever seen their child seriously ill, their life is fragile, they will understand the feeling of being ready to sacrifice life or reduce life so that their children are healthy and happy. In the beginning of episode 12, there is a replay of the scene of episode 2 (when HR said Ryu stole the song as a scam and asked to end the contract, Ryu burned the contract and threatened that the lives of the people involved. with the contract being changed, SDC/HR scared to put out the fire) he rushed to the hospital to see how Lucca's health was. I think the writer intentionally set up satellite characters around the two male protagonists in order to direct the two male leads to be more mature in thought and action. The personality, affection, especially the close relationship of the supporting characters with SDC-Ryu affects the two of them. But if the SDC is slowly changing his mind and acting in a positive way, Ryu develops in the opposite direction. 10 years ago SDC was poor and cowardly, now on the peak of success, SDC/HR both felt guilty to YG and saw a YG who always confidently lives rightly and has the energy to surpass fate. In addition, as a father, he saw that Lucca had just overcome death and had a future ahead. They are necessary and sufficient conditions for HR/SDC to decide to live meaningfully despite not knowing what his fate will be like. Ryu is gradually disturbed by the love of Ji Seo Young, the soul towards the perfection of HR, including Ra In, especially Ryu wants to oppose his father about the perfect soul through YG and the complexity of human, so he acted cruelly decisively. If Ryu had started with positive thought, he would now be bogged down by an evil act that was hard to recover. The moment Ryu took away HR's conscience and soul, I hated him and could not sympathize like the messenger of the lord. When I watched raw ep 9 , this scene I had nearly 3 hours, I almost went crazy to look back near morning. Until later when ep 9 had sub, I kept watching this scene many times. JKH is an actor with a great charm, splendid acting, or very hard acting, only needs a good script that has a human meaning whether the protagonist or a supporting character. I'm quite picky about dramas but most of JKH's dramas I always watch a few times.
  5. @peachfuzz If I remember correctly, there was a paragraph in the first few episodes, HR was determined not to take YG's soul (or anyone's), he accepted Ryu to take his soul away, but Ryu insisted forcing HR to find a senior soul and threaten to revoke SDC's first aspiration. (the life of his son). Since HR met YG he has different emotions such as guilt, bitterness, anger, regret ... (@triplem: I really love these words). However, whether HR always feels guilty for ruining YG's life or sometimes being touched by YG's affection for SDC, he is always alert to pursue his plans, he have to take the soul of YG to protect the first aspiration. Before Lucca was ill, HR/SDC had 10 years of searching for his son when he saw the boy only once in the hospital, with his face unknown. HR always says Ryu is a fraud because HR can't find his son, but HR still tries to follow Ryu's request. This proves that SDC/HR really loves his son, although he is not aware yet. Perhaps he thought simply it was necessary for his responsibility and to reduce guilt. When HR found out Lucca was his seriously ill son, the son quietly returned to Korea to look for him, beside SDC/HR was performing his best on stage by SDC's song in the cheers and cheers of the audience. A successful HR is in danger of fading, and an SDC that failed 10 years ago nobody cares about his music is being applauded by thousands of people. SDC suddenly realized that his passion for the recognition of his music was an illusion. Because he chose to live selfishly for music, he hurt his relatives. So after the performance, the weary HR came into the backstage, every happy and painful memory was recalled. HR / SDC had to be so painful that he was sick all week, and he apologizes to his ex-wife in a coma (I watched this episode ep 9 many times but I still didn't understand it until the end of ep 10). Ryu used to say "Don't assume that I did everything. In the human world, you bring more things upon yourselves". By the end of episode 10, I wondered if SDC understood this. In the past, if SDC had chosen his family, maybe he would not fail, without selling his soul to the devil to get the most important aspiration. Now I wonder if Ryu is gradually being moved by the heartfelt love of SDC / HR for his son when HR is at the peak of success and accepting to give up his own life to save his son. Or Ryu consider this selfish sentiment of SDC which SDC want to take YG's soul as another reason to justify human selfish greed. I'm writing rambling but I'm honestly very happy to read and share my thoughts in this forum.
  6. Maybe I'm one of the few people who look forward to their love line. I don't think there's an age gap between SDC/HR and Yi-Kyung. SDC was rejuvenated both physically and mentally. Just recently he have remembered his past and should put himself in the position of the old man, so if HR/SDC has feelings for Yi-Kyung it is acceptable. Right now, the person HR loves the most is his son. His feelings for Yi-Kyung are not strong enough, and then it will never be greater than the love he has for his son. In preview ep11, Ryu will extend the contract for HR, which is a gap enabling to develop HR/SDC’s feelings for Yi-Kyung, besides maybe the memories of SDC and his wife will be reminded. @40somethingahjumma : I would love to read your insightful words, and want to write a lot of things, but my English is so bad that I quietly read and leave. Now, because I love this drama so much, I am trying to write every part of my thoughts and share it here.
  7. I finished ep.9 with Engsub, a wonderful episode. I love and love this drama so far, music graceful. Maybe just WDCYN will be my Best drama 2019. Jung Kyung Ho never make me disappointed. I watched his dramas from Time Between Dog and Wolf, and then I were fascinated by his character - HoDong Prince of Ja Myung Go ( It's my favorite drama). Every one of his characters is always charming and profound, even though being a cowardly or dishonorable initially. JKH has always played great characters that kept me focused on drama. PS: I hope to write more but my english is too bad.
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