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  1. I was very busy so I missed post from page 54. I'm so glad that my thoughts are right, only HK is sick, the more DH will show that she loves him very deeply and there will be more romantic scenes in the hospital (like CLOY), but here is very funny by the appearance of Byung Jin, the atmosphere at that time as a third person broke into the room of the newlyweds. Except for laughter and the situation where Keunu wanders like a homeless, I appreciate the love story of DH and HK expressed very real from words, gestures to the scene. It's just a simple love story, we should cherish each other and when it ends we need to let go. I could not imagine that without SSH and SJH, would Dinner Mate appeal to many people ? The soundtrack has great support for this drama. I have to thank the PD for the great direction. I actually watch full episodes several times (which I didn't do with CLOY). P/s: The forum SP's new interface is hard to see. It makes me uncomfortable.
  2. There are three scenes I like best in episode 13. - when DH sat down and screamed, then cried bitterly in front of JH. - The second scene is Gunwoo being angry at Noeul (I really like Gunwoo's words and his acting). I cried when GW laughed bitterly - DH sat beside HK and touched her face with her hand, she cried because of his pain I think DH is unbalanced her mind. She needs quiet time to balance her emotions, then continues to love HK with her complete feeling for him. Even without the death of his mother, she will soon meet him. The suffering of his mother's death is just a catalyst that makes DH strongly believe in herself toward her love. What I like most about DH is that while in love, she cherishes her lover. No matter how painful she still lives positively. She went out to enjoy wind, or went home to eat with her mother, took a game and cleaned her house. Also now there are many lovelorn like JH and Noeul in real life. The pitiful lovelorn adults, instead of trying to relieve stress, they always mope in the corner of the room, thinking of ways to seduce people who no longer love them. They are stubbornly assuming that they love their partner will make her / him happy while they are harassing and upsetting the life of their ex, and they become psychopaths themselves. An episode worth considering, though for many viewers it is sad and lacking in romance. Chingu! I'm really looking forward to the next episode tomorrow. Our HK can smile happily again
  3. I think I understand DH's feelings, including lying and even when she calls JH. Perhaps we blame DH too much. 1.We are the audience so we see the danger from JH, but she and the others don't realize it. When coming back to DH, JH always begged and pleaded softly, seeking ways to please DH and her colleagues. 2. She didn't know JH threatened HK and took HK's business card. 3. JH has promised that after finishing the project, he will return to America. 4. DH only sees that he protected her when the filming happened. DH has been in love with JH for 6 years, they have been through a lot of happiness, besides that she has an honest nature so she called to remind JH to see a doctor without noticing JH being obsessed with love and breaking into her house. 5. When A Young convinced DH to work with JH, she said that DH needs to end the obsession with JH's abandonment. Because of this obsession, DH always devoted her love and did everything to Lee Young Dong (2nd love), but she was also abandoned again. She accepted suffering alone but did not dare to tell her dinner mate directly who she was. Lucky to her when he loved her. For her, HK is the perfect man. With the 3rd love, DH was more afraid of being broken, more HK had seen everything in both of DH's previous love stories, so she did not want her to become more pathetic in front of HK. She did not want to have any trouble from the first love caused to HK, so she lied to hide her incident, without knowing that JH threatened HK before they fell in love. When DH sat on the sofa and reminisced about what they would eat for the evening she paid for, then she thanked HK because he tried not to ask her even though he knew she was covering up the incident last night. At the end of episode 12, her face panicked, confused and scared when she saw HK grabbing JH's shirt. That was beyond her imagination. Chingu! Have you noticed how often HK exhales, and the types are very different. His work always listens to others and tries to relieve their spirits, but it's impossible to cure his own pressure, so he often exhales to lighten his weariness after a tiring day of work. But then whenever meeting Noeul, HK always breathed heavily, like there was a heavy rock in his chest. We only see that HK always shows love towards DH, without seeing HK becomes more smiling when meeting DH. She has made him laugh and remove the obstacles in his heart. At the first meal, HK smiled when DH said that he did not consider her a woman. At the second meal, despite the poor scenery, he ate very well and looked regretful when DH urged to leave and she would pay. Since the third meeting, the level of fun on HK's face more and more, and HK always exhales comfortably to remove the pressure in his heart. And now, even if he is worried about DH, HK's exhalation becomes less, shorter and much more relieved. I write wildly what I think. Whatever the last 4 ep, I will not be reduced love for Dinner mate and not affected by your blame for DH. @PreciousByTheBay I think the write car is a company's, when DH found HK, she usually used it, sometimes she took a bus. @nyzah13 : Me too. SJH age is actually a good match for SSH age. I have seen many couples who are the same age as them.
  4. I don't know about the psychiatry, so I don't understand what writer meant when JH heard the lie of DH to create the illusion for people with obsessive-disorder. Also, I sympathize with DH lying, but I really didn't like when she telephoned JH, knowing clearly that he had broken into her house to look for traces of love. She was foolishly worried about his health. It is absurd. In my opinion, DH should stand outside her house to wait for HK to come and then both go inside her house to observe, so it would be more reasonable. Although it can make DH even more embarrassed with HK, but the protective of HK will make her more confident about this new love. As for Noeul, I absolutely hate her brazenness. She is extremely selfish and arrogant. When asking to break up or come back, she always dismissed HK's feelings, just thinking about her feelings. GW even recalled the distress that she caused to HK when they were in love, but she was seem just suffering for herself because HK canceled the appointment. The way she asked HK to come back to her or join the project was so arrogant that it was ridiculous, like no one could replace her in this world, no one better and prettier to be able to worth HK's love. The process of Noeul trying to win back HK's love started with an arrogant attitude, then a unblushing face, then crocodile tears, and finally tried to use a cowardly way to enlist reporters and fans. @akhenaten: I really love your post. However, I can be quite merciful for JH but I cannot accept Noeul's selfishness. I doubt JH's trap and the article from Noeul will simultaneously destroy HK's honor. Oh, I really hate the exes, but thanks to their nonsense, the couple quickly realize who their true love is.
  5. I have faith that DH will not say goodbye to HK, on the contrary she will become more confident with HK's love. The first day HK confessed to DH, she was reluctant to reject him with the reason that he knew so many bad things around her. Perhaps DH lied to HK because this time she was very ashamed to not make HK more bothered. Today's episode is a step back, it annoys me because of JH's pitiful cunning, and Noeul's absurd shamelessness, even Gunwoo's ignorance of emotion. However, I really love the moments when HK silently soothes the spirit of DH, including her own words when she sees him the next morning.
  6. HK has confirmed love and said love DH. I guess it's time for her to take a step forward now. After many incidents happened around her, HK was always patient and gentle by her side to comfort and trust her, so this time JH came and harass HK, she would tell him "I will never say ..... eating with you has become uncomfortable" as in preview. And HK is asking Noeul or someone that you are honest
  7. Maybe KHK got a bad reputation, JH calculated so disgusting, and I feel so sick with Noeul. I firmly believe that HK will not misunderstand DH about that night, but JH will intentionally use provocative words and make HK angry according to JH's plan. And DH probably worried about HK so she rushed to HK's clinic. I trust that JH and Noeul's tricks can not deflected from the love of HK-DH I know Gunwoo is very kind, he always wants people to treat each other peacefully, but he is being taken full advantage by JH to find the pity of DH and harm HK. Yeah, I really love the moments DH and HK are together. The music is really great in every scene.
  8. I remember there was a scene where after Keunu asked them to talk, it transferred to HK's office, HK and DH were watching Audrey movies, DH was watching very passionately, HK felt abandoned, so he asked her that she liked the movie likes him more, she replies yes, he pretends to be sad and she turns to appease him (They're really cute and HK pamper her). However, now I review the raw version, it doesn't have that scene
  9. A Young is really a friend and good boss of DH, she always keeps JH that night so that we can be satisfied when seeing HK and DH spend all night together with kisses.
  10. Although not related to Good Casting, .... but I really admire Kim Ji Young's voice. This is the main OST of drama she and Lee Jong Hyuk have been in. https://youtu.be/KJy41gOWakg
  11. Yes. He was talking to her after he got her to drive his car after the hospital. He talks about her mother's kimchi. The way he pretended like they had just broken up for weeks or months, not for 5 years with a brief message. At the same time, the accident that he caused was random, while he threatened HK, and thought a lot about how to work it out. Me too. I felt sorry for him at first, but the later I found JH too terrible. I was also scared when he shouted at HK, and kicked the table.
  12. I feel JH is too scary, I imagine if I meet someone that I cannot love them, but they are always clinging and lying in wait for me like JH. It is shudder. After the wedding party, DH received HK's business card and soon after she went to the supermarket with A Young, but JH took advantage of that moment when he came and broke into DH's house to find out the relationship of she and HK. He is so frightful, there is no trace of a man who has ever been in DH's house, except HK's business card on the table, but he also tried to take it away. I guess that after threatening HK and DH, that night JH continued to be on the watch near DH's house, he did not see her coming back, he thought that HK still see DH (while DH was at the convenient store) so he came back and crossed the red light with a inhibitive, angry mind. And maybe JH thought he couldn't destroy HK with his article, so then JH hurt Noeul and HK was responsible for her, and obviously the main couple automatically separated from each other. The scariest scene I didn't dare to look at JH, was the scene that he pretended to laugh and talk to DH in his car. However, I have to thank him for informing HK that his dinner mate is DH, otherwise HK could not understand DH's thinking why DH refused to meet him. JH and DH fell in love for 6 years, then they ended for 5 years. So when JH met HK, he said that they love each other more than 10 years, even though they separated sometimes but still love each other.
  13. I am worried that JH will write a post that destroys HK and if it is not enough for DH and HK to break up, JH may harm HK like the way it did with No-eul but it will be more cruel. Actually, JH felt that DH had feelings for HK. When JH was in his car, he looked at the pictures in his phone and remembered DH's acknowledgment, so he went to see HK , lie that over the past 10 years both of them have always loved each other (in fact, HK knows they broke up in the last 5 years) and threatened HK to leave DH. At the same time, JH injured NoEul to separate the feeling of DH for HK.
  14. This content is spoiler The flashback flashes when KHK is driving, and he says to himself, "I was really looking forward to it, I could face the girl tomorrow, then we could have a meal". "Actually, I was angry, because a girl even her name is unknown and a man first met." "I was scared. Not because of me, but because that person was hurt." On the rooftop: DooHee: Sorry. I didn't want to deceive you, just .... KHK: I don’t care. I miss you so much. The girl who used to eat with me, the girl who camped with me, the girl who said she liked to drink coffee milk, the girl who was heartbroken because of her previous love, I really miss her. After knowing that the person who said "bastard" to me is PD DooHee, I still remember that, that's why I came here. I said the result will be the same. You said the results may not be the same. I want to believe once. Now, I ... am gathering the greatest courage in my life. So, I ... like you, Woo DooHee. In addition, while driving in a car, KHK sighed and replied to Noeul, "No. It's all out. Angry, passionate, there's nothing to you."
  15. Is Michael's superior a powerful person? It is unreasonable for Michael to find CEO Seo's location at the airport, which is very large. It takes someone to look closely at the camera to find exactly where the toilet Mr Seo is. Mr. Seo's passport checker is very suspicious.
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