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  1. i know why he killed them but they were innocents. especially the fletcher. like you said his only crime was being a witness but for that psycho bro walked him off a cliff and looked like he enjoyed doing it. 'thank you for your work' was really creepy not what a reluctant soldier says. i get the bad guys plan its not hard to follo but theres no excuse for psycho bro - he kills to order without remorse and the people he kills are not killers or criminals.
  2. im amazed anyone can think the hitman bro can be redeemed. he shot an arrow into a womans throat when her only crime was bieng in the wrong place at the wrong time and hearing stuff she wasnt supposed to. worse than that he looked like he enjoyed killing the fletcher. the poor fletcher was just doin his job making arrows and sellnig them to a customer. that 'thank you for your work' line as he killed the fletcher was real creepy. the guys a killer of innocents if the drama gives him a free pass that will be super mega lame. not so bad if he ends up sacrificing himself to save his little sis that kinda redemption would be ok. either way its a real dark arc for a drama that was pitched for months before airing as a sweet romcom.
  3. very wise words. its also worth remembering always that bts are not 'off-camera' and we shouldnt assume theyre 100 percent candid performers are never off-duty on set even if we like to pretend that when we see bts were somehow seeing the 'real' them. it might be unscripted but in the vast majority of cases the vast majority of what we see on any sort of sns is still product approved for release. actors act, its what they do.
  4. drama billed as a romcom. her brothers probably a killer, drama is already 20% done with almost no humor and lots of blood and death and pain and lots more to come. how much actual sweet fun will we get before the sageuk scheming takes over again? how will she react to learning the brother she longs for goes round shooting arrows into women's throats? and that he might even have sired a bastard spawn? this does not sound much like a fun romcom to me.
  5. I can count on one hand the number of covers I prefer to the originals when I heard the originals first. Top of that list, by far, is this one - the Cranberries song is good, this one, I have no words
  6. i remembered that ri an knew who said the quote, but i didnt. the only name that was in my brain was aurelius for some reason. just that one word, dont know why and it took me ages to remember his first name. ri an wouldve got it straight away i bet
  7. gotta say i hope the assassin aint the brother. im already not happy about how much violence and bloodshed filled the first two episodes in what the trailers sold as a sweet romcom. if her brother is so consumed with hate he would work as hired killer for the guy who actually killed his own father and sleep with the murderers daughter as part of a revenge plan that makes this drama REALLY dark and twisted with way more angst anger and misery to come not light and sweet at all. got no probs with the assassin being the baby daddy, i assume he is, just hope he aint the missing bro.
  8. since its set in Incheon, maybe they could have a cameo featuring an assassin on the loose in the airport. just so we get a cameo from the leads lethally gorgeous eonni
  9. does anyone else think her brother was the guy on the bridge, the one who got the answer "right and wrong"? i reckon the assassin is the father of the princess's baby
  10. thanks ktcjdrama. you can tell im no scholar cos i couldnt remember the author of the quote at all. i had marcus aurelius on the brain.
  11. this dramas only 15 episodes andd almost the whole of the first two were filled with murder trechery and blood. not the cute sweet romcom the trailers pitched for sure. hope we we dont end up with a drama thats 90percent sageuk savagery and 10percent otp cuute
  12. ktcjdrama, we already knew ri an was smart she surprised jennifer once by identifying the author of one of jennifers obscure quotes
  13. interesting. im the opposite way around. lyrics are the most important thing for me and i listen to songs way way way more than i watch them. i google lyrics too so i can sing along even in languages i dont know like korean and mandarin. maybe thats why im not into kpop that muchbecause i dont care about the visuals. before it started i didnt even know the male lead in this drama was an idol or anything about the group hes in.
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