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  1. Usually in awards nights actors and actresses from the same drama were seated together but it does not mean that something is going on. Hahaha Sad that ISH is not nominated. What did JWR win also rookie award? Congratulations to CEW for giving DKS’ character so much justice in the drama! He was the perfect actor for that role! It will be a very memorable award for him and of course 내 아이드는 강남 미인 will also be very memorable project for him. Since like MR and DKS this award is also his first. They have so many firsts together! This calls for SEASON 2!!! Woohoo! @icyphoenix I also wanted to move her to a different seat faaaarrrr away from CEW!!!!
  2. So happy that this thread is so much active even the show is almost 3 weeks done. I had to back reas 2 pages worth of posts for just a day of not able to visit. Everyone who has time keep voting for the https://www.asiaartistawards.com.
  3. I totally agree with you. Being comfortable with a person is not a proof that there is something going on with them. He is too inloved with his career at the moment as I see it. So in my opinion the girls who are waiting for him will need to wait quite a while. @icyphoenix I am also looking for a possibility on how we can send jtbc our enthusiasm for Gangnam Beauty to have season 2. Let me know if there is a petition going on I would gladly join that.
  4. Can’t wait to see them perform too. I am very amazed at how this group dance. They are very precise in their movements. They are moving like they’re just one. Perfect sync and they move so gracefully. I watched most of their dance practices and performances videos. Hahaha A total delight in the eye then add the bonus - CEW handsomeness. LOL Those burgers made me crave! Looks so yummy!
  5. Oh that’s nice. I didn’t notice that. Have to rewatch and check that. had been so busy with work. I missed so much posts here.
  6. I just found out about this thread now. Thanks for making one. The different sides of CEW. He can be serious, manly, cute, funny, athletic.
  7. Very true! The writer/director is very meticulous in making sure he included even the tiniest detail to support his different storylines. Their first meal together is one of my favorite scene. How candid DKS asked her and how she readily said yes. They were both so cute. I was also shocked that Dong Won was always included in most scenes from episode 1 to prepare for his major appearance in the later part of the drama. He didn’t just appear from the thin air. I would say that the writer/director dis a great work in planning this drama. If only they included some scenes with MR’s parents and DKS’ sister together with our lovely Dorae couple that would be awesome!
  8. Very well said! I loved seeing their awkwardness! Hahaha! I didn’t expect her sudden confession too. I could just imagine DKS not washing his hand that night! They way he looked at his hand before he left MR was priceless! The innocent couple who are so clueless with what they were doing was something that made me love this show even more. I am trying my best to avoid this thread so I would not miss them so much but I just can’t stop checking for an update for the season 2!!! Hahaha I wish!
  9. I agree! If only MR had her old face DKS will not have any jealous issues too. I will start to rewatch tonight.
  10. I didn’t feel that coldness at all. What I notices is that CEw kept on having small coughs probably he was still sick during their vlive. They were still both playful and CEW kept holding the camera for ISH.
  11. Exactly they’re both really worked hard to give us the best MR and DKS in the drama version. I was curious before how will CEW pull off that ‘’tsundere’ image of DKS since all the shows and videos I watched with him in it he was always so boyishly smiling brightly. So glad he was able to oulled it off perfectly. Even with a very few lines in the start of the drama his facial expressions especially his eyes were so full of emotions. He did not need to utter anything, you could tell what he wanted to sat with his facial expressions. @annie1234 thanks so much for posting the interview. He answered each and every question very intelligently and his answers showed how mature he is. To all those who are wishing CEW and ISH to date, sorry to burst your bubble but after he said their family’s motto it might take a long time before that wish will come true he should be earnest, diligent, self-disciplined and looks like he is really abiding by this motto. He really worked hard to get where he is now and still he said that he still needs to do better because he is greedy in achieving his goals. It’s good to hear that he is very focused and disciplined but I wish that he is also giving time for himself to enjoy every once in a while so he won’t feel empty after all his dreams and goals materialize. He deserve to be happy as well since one of his motto is “love thyself”. I hope tht he will never forget that because even if he’ll become very successful but he’s not happy he will feel empty at the end of the . So how is everyone now that it’s been 2 days without our beloved drama? Good thing I was so busy these past few days that I am so preoccued and not much to feel so sad. Hahaha
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