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  1. There is no chemistry between Soohyuk and Yuyeon. "I Love you" confession feels empty & the back hug is awkward. I am a fan of N but he is a miscast; he doesn't match this rich kid character and his acting is meh. The master/maid relationship would be more heart fluttering if a better actor were cast imo.
  2. woah this rich family has no class especially the mother and daughter. The daughter's behavior is a spoiled rich kid but the mother like ???? awful manner. I don't like Lee Hyunwook's character at all in She Would Never Know. I thought his character would be different; a honest & loyal s/o but hmmm look like Han Jiyong is a cheater in here too. I can already feel pain for Hisoo. She is so nice. I don't get why she totally forget about the Kang Jakyung's inappropriate behavior. That is a BIG RED sign she's a psycho. Anyway Lee Boyoung never disappoint me. I'm shoc
  3. I don't know if obsess is the right word to describe MH but she sure did become super crazy after working for him. She only think about what makes Hanseok happy. She cannot think about or for herself like Chief Han; he knows things has gone too far and looks for an escapes. I don't understand her action in ep 19. Does she thinks he can make the situation better or is she in love with him???? Why? It confuses me. Edit (add on): I agree. Hanseok's crush/obsession/love or whatever you called it for Chayoung should've been explore more. It's kind of "off" when he said
  4. What make HS and MH think killing VZ's mother will do any good to them? He is in the mafia and they saw what he did to his rivals in Italy. HS & MH don't think ahead about the plan and outcome. All they did is bring out the killer side of VZ. I hope VZ harms one of the two. I seriously cannot let it be a "warning" like the past. VZ should hurts them bad.
  5. idgi Choi Myunghee felt injustice when her senior/superior asked her to clean their mess but she helps BABEL, orders people to kill someone then she got scared by bloody clothes? She act all tough and scary yet get scared easily.
  6. I WAS WRONG! FK PRINCE YP. JHJ clearly said it's her idea yet he got mad at CJ and SY. He & BI cannot take rejection well. I'm glad HJ redeem herself unlike these two. The 2nd lead males are very unlikable. BI loves SY and know that his father and Great Dowager want her dead/depose but do nothing. He should be as mad at them like he to CJ.
  7. I hate how easily people can enter the Queen's room. Where is the privacy, manner and respect? It's the Queen's residence and no one reports to the Queen that such & such has enter her room? The Grand Dowager & Byeong In will used the writing to overthrow the King since they're desperate - Byeong In's jealousy and Grand Dowager's greed of the throne. I love Cheoljong. He sees & understands other's side of the story. He blames himself for being a reason for HJ's selfishness and betrayal. He knows his head eunuch has reporting him to the Dowager but forgave him bc of orde
  8. I'm not worry about the Prince since he has slowly warm up to the Queen. He dislikes the Queen but he listens to Cheoljong and doesn't plan to harm to the Queen on his own. He is not blind by love. BI is scarier than his adoptive father. With the pregnancy news, he will go crazy. He's the real antagonist. Unlike HJ, who realizes how she cannot has the King's heart, is willing to lets go & find her truth self while BI got madder. BI is smart and crazy. He knows about the bad deeds of the Kim clan yet direct them to hide and wipe all of the proofs. There is no return for him.
  9. Childhood Truth Cheoljong will finds out who helped him by seeing the name of the yellow book currently in Hwajin's possession or reading the bad deeds of the Kim Clan from So Young's father secret book. Part of me have a feeling So Bong will spill it out to Cheoljong. So Yong / So Bong I think it's So Bong. She wants to control the kiss. But I don't really care who it is So Yong's emotion at the moment or drunk So Bong. Kdrama has holes so I don't want to go too deep. imo don't focus too much if the feeling Mr. Queen has for Cheoljong is So Yong or So Bong, it can ruin
  10. King Choeljong's family was exile and when the late king (queen dowager's husband) died without heir, the grand queen dowager made King Cheoljong ascended to the throne so she & the Andong Kim clan can control the court.
  11. I understand how mad and unfair the King and Prince YP feel about their family being executed by the Kim clan but can Price YP not be so blind about everything the Queen does? He is getting on my nerve. He is afraid of the King falling for the Queen & also falling for the Royal Concubine. He will harm the Queen someday. I don't have good feeling about him. OMG we will get to see Queen Cheorin in Jang Bong Hwan's life tomorrow??
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