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  1. 1 hour ago, endensia said:

    There's a "blowing" gesture that PMY did to PSJ on office scene bts when LYJ pull Miso to his lap. Is her gesture common at Korean culture or not?


    Like what PSJ did on bed scene when LYJ sang a song to Miso, he did some action because he felt cramps and I have ever seen the same gesture did by the other actors too.


    Maybe @twoparkcouple can answer my questions. :D  

    I just saw that BTS on Instagram , and about to asked if anyone here knows about that gestures, I wonder what that means, cus the editor team put love when she started blowing .. 


  2. Idk why, i 100% believe she won’t attend the premiere cuz of the rumor or whatever reason , but then I remembered PSJ once said “nothing is certain in life”,

    so i was expect not expect to see her  walking the red carpet tonight,

    cuz we never know what gonna happen in the next seconds of our lifes right


    i guess didn’t attend is the best way for them, cuz if she attend I’m pretty sure the headlines for the news tomorrow morning will be PPc and not the movie :D 






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  3. 44 minutes ago, tali58 said:

    Seriously, no offense, but let's never compare the beautiful romantic relationship in WWWSK  to ANYTHING in "50 Shades of Gray," which is not at all romantic and is literally about an abusive relationship.  Even people in the BDSM (sexual sado-masochism) community objected to the stalking and abuse in the relationship in the book and its sequel. 

    So sorry I didn’t mean anything, i was just saying bout the hands position.. not the relationship 


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