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  1. International solid fans and other group shippers are making excuses on parallelisms between HPL and WWWSK by dissing WWWSK story and chemistry. Ok fine whatever floats your boat.
  2. They kept comparing HPL and WWWSK / PMY-KJW and PMY-PSJ in their drama Soompi forum threads, ig, twitter how HPL is better and PMY and KJW chemistry has more "realness" (their actual word ) than PMY PSJ. But when we are the ones who do the comparisons we are called bitter and envious.
  3. PPC shippers are always branded as negas, bitters and so on and so forth when truth is her solid Korean fans do not even like HPL too and I agree with them. The plot is not focusing on "Her Private Life" anymore.
  4. PMY is very busy filming last episodes of HPL. Filming a drama is not easy it involves sleepless nights. Especially now that they have no more time to spare as day off as they have to wrap up all remaining scenes. So even if KKY will invite her I do not think she will be there. I still remember PSJ and PMY were busy filming the weekend before WWWSK finale and they wrapped filming WWWSK on Wednesday the day when Ep 15 aired.
  5. PSJ is indeed Best Kisser. His kissing style is very different. His next drama partner will be so lucky. Hahaha I just noticed we both wrote PSH but it is actually PHS. the bestfriend of PSJ
  6. Good for the other ParkPark shippers lol I think PBY said if she has someone special but she will be keeping it secret. I wonder if it is PHS. She is also close to JIS. PSH will enter the army very soon. So I expect PSJ and V to go out bonding with him anytime soon.
  7. In 2017 FM Bo Gum was called Nation's Prince after Moonlight Drama. In 2019 he was called Nation's Boyfriend after Encounter drama which in Korean is called Namjachingu literal meaning Boyfriend Hahaha at Forklift. For me Bulldozer is a very sexy nickname for PSJ
  8. No bed scene happened it was sexy but very short and and the next scene was already them sleeping in bed implying they had done it with her wearing his shirt and she dreamt of their childhood together which is so WWWSK He was called Bulldozer because it was what he was called in WWWSK remember what Kim Mi So called him.
  9. I agree but PSJ is called Bulldozer Boyfriend in Korea. The one they call as Nation's Boyfriend is BoGum.
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