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  1. I just realized one of the oldest and biggest PPC account on IG has been deleted. I checked the SNS of the owner it looks like she does not like PPC anymore. Oh well, it's her opinion. Let's wait and see in the future who are meant to be.
  2. PMY is so quick to update about her whereabouts in Bali but not when she was in Phuket last year vacationing with WWWSK team. What's the difference. Fyi to other neighbors : PMY and PSJ have been uploading pics on the same day for several years. Not only the same day but same places anywhere on earth too.
  3. It's not true. I know someone who has a verified instagram account. Not very popular but she is a celebrity ( a singer) in my country. So her ig is verified. They don't have secret feature that people they follow can be hidden. I think PMY has a secret account so she can see other posts. Or she can see their posts on the Search section of Instagram. The ig algorithm makes that portion as a suggestion of posts you might like. I noticed it when SHK deleted her private account recently, she started following accounts in her ig it used to be zero following.
  4. Although I am sure I did not join the posts about "anatomy during lovescenes" but I am curious which specific posts the moderator is referring to. so shippers here who posted it will be aware.
  5. Attendance list in a concert? Only fools believe that person. I pity that shipper she has become desperate to create her own fake story because THEIR SHIP HAS ALREADY HIT BIG WAVES AND HAS NOT EVEN STARTED SAILING AS THERE ARE NO CAPTAINS. THE TWO CAPTAINS THEY WANTED ARE ALREADY COMMITTED IN OTHER SAILING SHIPS.
  6. @quietobserver for SSC shippers SJK looked so in love with SHK but for ChaeKi shippers, it was all promo and he was secretly dating MCW for a long time I happened to read their Soompi thread before. I am having fun reading some Soompi threads whenever I'm bored. The different delulus amuse me. I guess the same all out delusions will happen for other ships of PMY with other actors and PSJ with other actresses until such time there will be a wedding.
  7. @quietobserver SongSong are very elusive to public eye nowadays but before their wedding, they were very different from ParkPark because even if they have rumors they acted like normal co stars and appeared in each others fan meetings and award shows. The secret travels abroad are the only similar and its common among celebrities in Korea to secretly meet abroad. Jennie and Kai did that, also LMH and Suzy and all others. @Matilda_Anne Sorry but their delulus are so similar with some delulu ships I've known before, just to point out one example: If you are familiar with how their shippers before shipped Bo Gum with Hyeri after Reply 1988 because of matching clothes, matching sunglasses, being close on set, etc. But it turned out that she was dating the other guy in the drama.
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