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  1. I couldn't agree more.....Notice that most people only reacted AFTER there is a counteractions from opposite site.....I am waiting for the truth regarding the pregnancy, I hope she isn't pregnant like what she keeps announces to the world. IF proven otherwise........ Because no one ever denied being pregnant just like Ruby Lin and Yang Mi, they chose to dodged the Qs because it's not good to announced the pregnancy before 3 months...Let's wait and see......
  2. Your opinions about FSF based purely upon bad rumours and you refused to see how he already clarified everything openly repeatedly. Let me try to put myself into your shoes, walk a mile and say this: According to the long time rumour, FSF has an extraordinary family background that made him one of the most eligible bachelors in Mainland China. His social status will be something that ZLY craves for because despite all of her achievement she still looks down upon because of her poor family background.She got plenty of money but she has no social standing. So she threw herself to FSF when she was given a chance to worked with him. Remember, based upon paparazzo's reports/videos/news/pictures, she was caught TWICE spending the night in FSF's house NOT the other way around even though both of them residing in Beijing.....Chinese have a special term for that situation, it translated roughly "door to door delivery". Now the rumour of her pregnancy is very strong and there is no wedding date announcement yet, so can I say that she purposely trapped the most eligible bachelor in China and his family is not happy that is why no wedding??? Please ladies, don't throw knives at me....I am only trying to let @ElleWoodsen to see this case from different angles, I am not bashing ZLY....Peace...
  3. @USAFarmgirl Thank you for the lovely welcome.... @lynne22 I love it too..... 470
  4. Completely agree with you!! She has the opportunity this coming OGT PressCon to shows up with a sexy cropped top outfit to shut those big mouthed people up.....OGT is her artist JinHan’s first leading role, she has a commitment as a Boss to her employee....As I know aside from a very hard working and professional artist she’s also one of the best boss in the industry...... I am sure she will be there, she doesn’t have any work anyway at the moment.....let’s wait and see....
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