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  1. @howaSD and SY are singers in real life. SD is part of a group. This drama has some funny moments, Ms Hong is setting up her son for failure, while bringing SY and SJ closer together.
  2. @angelwingssfThese dramas all seem to end the same way. Criminals get off easy as though nothing happened. I saw a some of the new drama Left Handed Wife, and it is the same, there is amnesia, truck of doom, lost baby and this this one will switch faces of the actors. I will take pass on this one. Just remember the writer's name like Viyra said and be wary of her future dramas. The dramas are somewhat frustrating and send a negative message, crime pays in kdramaland and there is little punishment. Happy New Year to all..
  3. @sava2savaThe next drama is Left Handed Wife, according to Asiawiki.
  4. @watchumlotsWatched with subs. GY wants to be friends with SN, who ruiined her family and left them homeless. GY even holds her hands. Also, SN is let out of prison for a day in her bright, pink prison garbs, which is used for good behavior to visit her family at their home. The writer allows SN with a 10 year prison sentence to visit her family on furlough.
  5. Finally, saw this episode raw, It's a good ending for GY and JH. I'm satisfied. SN got what she deserved.
  6. I enjoyed reading everyone's comments and thanks to those that provided Gifs. The drama was a fun and frustrating ride. The actors did a good job, but I must say SN played the antagonist part well. Wishing you all a happy new year and we are kdrama addicts to the end.
  7. @celebriannaEmily told SN they signed divorce papers a while ago, she was clinging on using her illness as an excuse.
  8. Contract wife told SN she signed divorce papers a while ago with JH, she was clinging on using her illness as an excuse.. Emily thanked JH and told him she's sorry, he apologized to her also when she gave him the back hug. JH always pat Emily on the head, there is no embrace.
  9. @celebriannaJH also told GY family, he filed divorce papers and the father told JH he has to register their marriage if Jh wants to live with them and they want him to bring a bigger ring than HG. GY told him not to underestimate her even if he brings a ring. JH tells GY he is sorry for making her wait so long when they embrace. Emily doesn't want JH to go to us with her, she wants to go alone, he told her to wait a few days.
  10. SN is still on the run, the writer made sure she is in this drama to the end. SN ruined many lives, but can't face the music when it comes to atoning for her sins. GY has become stronger and also courageous, she and JH make a good detective couple.
  11. @fansdramaIt's a shame that a drama with so much potential spent so much time on SN and her wickedness. The writer could have at least had the main leads have a week of being a family. SN still free to roam around and cause trouble with drama almost over. Main leads at least are a couple in real life, so they will have their love in the end.
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