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  1. @loveredrose I couldn't agreed with you more about ZLY/FSF relationships. If they are dating, I am very happy for them. I can't speak for others, but the reasons I ship LGX/ZLY, its not base on their drama/ reality show/movie I ship them bec there is an actual facts that happen in real life that ZLY/LGX use to go on a date and we have the actual fact to prove that. Also, another reason I ship them bec of their none stop flirtatious on weibo. Even now ZLY/LGX still have endorsements together (swordsman love/Xtep's/vatti..etc) and when zly wear moon and stars on Valentine's day..which gives us hope. As for ZLY/LGX ship, even tho we dont have as much real life evidences like ZLY/FSF, and if ZLY/FSF are dating, once again i am happy for them. ONE LOVE everyone.
  2. OMG!!!!! another XINGYUE brand's SMFK, oh zly please stop linking yourself to LGX (or your couple's items)..you can choose Nike or Adidas, why XINGYUE SMFK couple brand's. Am i delusional here..lol OMG!!!! I remembered when ZLY she was rehearsing MISS U....MISS ME with her XINGYUE couple brand's, was ZLY missing LGX's, when ZLY was rehearsing.. Now look at ZLY wearing XINGYUE brand's again..Oh ZLY is tho jogging pant comfortable in your couple's brand's SMFK..oh ZLY stop missing him and stop wearing anything deal with moon and stars please...its too much already...
  3. I agreed with @piowpiow you don't need to apologize, you already apologized it's once and you don't need to it again.. Some of us here are a fan of ZLY's and some are a fan of LXG's. We come together as shippers bec we love our XINGYUE . Since soompi is a public forum, feel free to post anything you want, as long we don't break rules.
  4. I am not sure if i get the date correctly, ZLY and their mutual friend post on April 20 and I believe ZLY/FSF scandal was on April 30.. In between tho date there is a high possibility that ZLY could be vacationing with FSF.... The reason I am saying this bec as if right now ZLY have nothing to promote, and for ZLY to have another scandal with FSF, I don't know.. (We all can say that FSF love to create scandals to promote himself but for ZLY, she is not like that, ZLY is not the type to create scandals)...I am skimming through each pages, maybe i am missing some important info, so can you please enlighten me @cenching.. Thank you...
  5. I too was always a fan of ZLY. I become ZLY/LGX ship bec of LT's and uni pic.. I love their interaction and hidden messages toward one another..even tho the directors busters our XINGYUE love secenes, but Xtep's event, cosmos brides, PA press conference, and their swordsmen mini movie which made up for everything..And I am ok with that.. Uhhh! I really miss ZLY short hair during that time she look so adorable.. My percentage had drop when ZLY have the latest scandals with FSF... Correct me if Im wrong ladies, the scandals with ZLY and FSF, its look like it start around ZLY and their mutualfriend hanging out by judging her length of her and that time FSF was extremely MIA..but I am so glad to see ZLY finally when on Vacation.. I absolutely love ZLY bikini..she look so gorgeous...
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