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  1. Everyone is in submarine mode . Ahjumma and everyone almost finished preparing the documentations to be submitted by the time. Posting here will only bring out the insecurities. Look at the members here who keep receiving pm about song lyrics and that shipper instagram account who make an announcement to bash OYS? If not insecurities and scared. What is it called?anyway that account already been included in the pdf as well. So for now why not sweetly wait for the sweet news of revenge? ;-) have a nice holiday everyone. Ahjumma will be going to Canada with my husband and kids.
  2. Sadly that is how bullies behave . They will not be happy if the victims don’t play their game anymore and will start crying wolf that they are the victims instead. These kind of people usually lack attention or presence in real life . They will try to seek those qualities through Internet/ hiding behind a stronger person. In this case Ahjumma will have to say , ‘hiding behind the name of fandom? ‘ Thank you so much for your cooperation guys. Shipping is shipping, we enjoy it and only time can tell but let us solve this cyber bullying and help the victims.
  3. Ahjumma already talked with some of the victims from the cyber bullying . They said they just want to stay quiet and let everything pass with time but what bother them the most is no matter what they do they are still being attacked. They have locked their accounts and stay quiet but the instigators ator went around slandering them instead. Ahjumma can look at this as a child play if not for them going to far. The account instigator who harassed everyone including OYS are still trying to defame and slander the victims. Ahjumma really feels bad for these young kids.. They only love a couple from a drama and ship with a the findings they have but now they left so helpless because of the threatening done by those people. Ahjuma really can’t stand bullying . Internet is not a place for you to spread hate and bully the weak. I do not care about fandom ,etc. i’m too old for that kind of stuff but I will stand up for the right and call out the wrong individuals. However, ahjumma will continue to encourage all of you not to fight back nor report them. Stay mature and calm. Please submit and e-mail me all the cyber bullying, defamation, and harassment proofs to my e-mail . People who can speak Korean, can help in translating the insults , harassment, and hate speech they made towards OYS in Korean. Important points: 1.Please pm me the detail of the accounts who instigated and defamed the victims (no matter locked or not): -what social media: twitter, instagram, or facebook, etc -the username and if possible : what Language , what country. As this is a serious matter, please pm me without joking then I will give you my office e-mail to provide me with all the proofs. 2. All documents will be submitted in pdf files. The insults and harassment with Korean translation toward OYS will be submitted separately through Celltrion Ent. We will submit this profesionally as stated by the company in the announcement “ Include all the hate comments on the internet..” Thank you for your cooperation.
  4. Immature people are everywhere especially on the internet since they are hiding behind the keyboards. However, cyber bullying is not something to be taken lightly. Ahjumma even saw them attacking and writing OYS name directly. What will threatening shippers and a celebrity do? Does it make them feel better and more secure? Anyway don’t fight with them but take proves of those harassment and insults done toward OYS. I read her company made an announcement of taking actions toward hate comments.
  5. Well if they keep bothering you, shouldn’t your report that person? Ahjumma thought Soompi is strict with rules. Just because it’s a private message It still is not okay. Never understand these kind of people. Why would you go to such length for just a fun thing like shipping? Ahjumma have a brilliant suggestion for them. Instead of attacking innocent people who have different opinions from them on the Internet, why not message their oppa directly to be with the one they want him to be with. It will save them so much energy. I’m really sorry but I just can’t handle seeing the cyber bullying happening around. But great job kids for being mature in responding to this matter. Responding to aggresion with agression is never the right answer. Stay calm no matter what
  6. Nicely said. That’s why ahjumma always love your post. You always sound elegant and mature. How incomparable, ;-) Ahjumma suddenly remembers my 2 lovely kids . They might laugh at me for shipping two young people but I will always remind myself to educate them well , be mannerful, polite, and grow up with full of love so they won’t have inseceutities inside them
  7. Ahjumma been laughing a lot these few days because of what has been happening but of course the cyber bullying and harassment need to be taken care of. It’s not a pretty thing to do I see the other ship trying to pick fights and harass people . Do you young kids really do this kind of thing for a mere shipping? let’s be mature and just enjoy our shipping by ourselves and not get engage in this craziness. Human beings are blessed with brain and dignity so we have to show them how to use it. Let time tell and don’t feed anyone insecurities . Insecurities can kill. Ahjumma is sincerely worried for those people. I never thought that our lovely otp posts on instagram can really cause an eruption . Let us enjoy the beautiful view of this eruption , LOL ;-)
  8. So ahjumma is right. After their bold updates yesterday, I said some pretentious new user will come. It’s not here but on instagram? Don’t they know the more they act like that the more they are giving aways that there is something that they are very anxious about? ;-) Ahjumma checked they have almost zero followers. They really want to leech off from famous account for publicity
  9. OYS really posted however she likes with random numbers and pictures. Never seen LSG wrote such caption too. These 2 are totally unstoppable , LOL ;-)
  10. Stone Necklace and diamond ring at the same time . No 6 is showing off both . At times like this ahjumma is waiting for a new user to come in here and post pretentious stuff again
  11. Ahjumma never thought that Hino is a big successful CEO. Only know her that she is LSG’s close ahjumma friend. Any particular reason why she follows OYS only but never any of his other co stars? ;-) look at our LSG choice for his brand logo on MITH yesterday, lol Pink, Star , and heart . Whose favourite are those things? LOL ;-) Aaah Fendi sweatshirt
  12. Look like we are all anticipating next year? Vagabond is finally coming and ahjumma sees why OYS has to unfollow all her followings. It’s for the best especially if shippers are tracing her through her friends. Hino being so obvious following her then followed her bffs too . To add on Atomy who keep on liking her picture , lol ;-) Glad that she has not posted any selfie this month.She obviously knows that if she doesn’t post picture of herself then there won’t be any article written about her. Anyway that is such a precious wine she received . Amarone 2006, really high quality and pricey wine
  13. Agree with this account that it’s a small world afterall. Throw in Jung Joon Young, Lizzy, Lee Seo Geun into the gang too
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