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  1. I think they extended it due to some serious plot holes they got going on.

    Like Noel past and how DJ and Noel

    are going to reunite. 
    Also Jihoon killing SY that makes no sense in any universe. ( He hasn’t gone to jail or anything. I don’t think DJ believes it or she would have him in jail).

    Reuniting Noel, Grandma and DJ.

    I’m putting this out in the universe I’m taking bets they bring back FL’s dad. Somehow he didn’t die. Uncle might have had him kidnapped and he is lying in a coma somewhere or he has lost his memory too. Him not being there has left a big hole in the story in terms of reuniting everyone. Son, husband, father. Something tells me there will be a double wedding if he is alive between mother and daughter marrying the love of their lives. 

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  2. Guess Whos Back GIF by AIDES

    For Me GIF by Liz Huett

    I have been busy and reading the thread to catchup sort of I’m missing bits here and there.?

    Burnie Burns Conspiracy GIF by Rooster Teeth
    1.Final boss uncle I believe he killed SR’s dad framed FL’s dad and somehow Noel probably saw it go down and got caught in the fire explosion and lost her memory and uncle made up the Noel’s entire life/memory to hide the truth and keep her.

    2.But in the same breath I think SR’s dad and Noel slept together but she was drugged and she probably thought she was sleeping with her husband.

    3. I believe that SR’s mom and Uncle were embezzling from the company if SR’s dad was not killed they would have been caught.

    Now to recent events:

    1. I believe that Jihoon is still innocent. I don’t think he killed SY. Something seems off. Looks can be deceiving. SR got him blackout drunk and passed out. She dragged him to the hotel. She left first and he was still passed out. When he got home it was daylight. SY was hit in the dark. I think the Uncle had something to do with this. So he wouldn’t divorce SR. The uncle needs that recipe bad like people need ice water in hell.

    3. I think that the ML and DJ know about grandma’s plan because they tell each other everything and they need to put on a performance to catch them. So they still need her to confess in the hospital room. So they still need FL dad’s phone to prove that SR was there when he died and cause his death and two that there was really a baby switch remember SR said everything DJ was fake and fabricated and with the phone recording that is proof. Can’t fake over a five year recording. 
    3. They may fake grandma’s death to trap them and once the big merger happens then the truth will come out.

    4.Im rooting for the sectary and Jihoon. They need to get together. He needs someone stable and can handle crazy in his life. After what he has been through he is going to need therapy.



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  3. Time for popcorn tin foil theories.

    Burnie Burns Conspiracy GIF by Rooster Teeth

    1. I think that SR’s mom truly hated FL’s dad, Noel and SR’s dad(due to jealousy of Noel). Remember they all grew up in the orphanage. 
    2. Chairman through the whole drama has not killed anyone. He has manipulated. But has not offered the truth unless it benefits him. 
    Also he takes his job seriously. I mean he berated SR about her gel nails and hygiene at home. I mean what villain does that(I’m confused). 
    3.I think that FL’s dad and SR’s dad being at the warehouse was an opportunity that was not planned. I think SR’s dad was going to ran away to be with Noel. But he stopped at the warehouse before leaving. His bags were packed. 
    4. I think there was some insurance fraud and/or theft going on. I think SR’s mom and Uncle are involved. SR’s mom and Uncle together make one brain cell. So there has to be a “brains of the operation”. What if it’s the ML’s dad. What if his dad was the bad guy and his uncle had been protecting him this whole. ( who knows at this point). Hiding the truth from him. 

    5. I’m mean the drama will be done soon. If the Uncle was really the bad guy he would have done something really bad by now. 
    6. Something that needs to be addressed. Now why hasn’t SR’s mom recognized Noel. I mean the woman supposedly had an affair with your husband(I would never forget your face that is just me). Only thing she has done was a haircut. I would understand if she got a plastic surgery. 
    7. I still think that the chairman will die because why give DJ 2% if that doesn’t come into play later. I don’t think he will divorce her anytime soon. 
    8. One thing I have learned in k-drama the dead don’t stay dead(for long anyway sometimes). I have a theory. What if SR’s dad isn’t dead. What if he didn’t die in the fire it was someone else and he had been stalking Noel all this time. FL’s didn’t start searching for her until he found DJ. So someone else is stalking her(maybe).

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  4. I been thinking about this over the weekend. I think they mixed up something. I feel like coming this far in the drama that Noel and SR feel like more mother and daughter than her and DJ. Their personalities are quite similar. Both manipulative and don’t like people touching what they consider theirs even if they said person is not into them anymore. Only difference is accountability. Let’s see if Noel takes any accountability when her memories come back. 

    Now it would be something if SR and DJ were related. That would hurt. 

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  5. Here are my feelings and thoughts so far. 
    The Uncle is cute for trying to flirt with DJ.

    That cat thingy was cute all he needed was some cat ears!

    Happy Bear GIF by The Plooshies


    think star wars GIF by Hyper RPG
    1.I think that grandma’s secretary is no mere secretary. I think she is a relative. Maybe her niece or granddaughter( she may have had other children she had not mention). I predict that her and the TML will get together. She will get a makeover and he will fall for her. 
    2. Noel is the center of all this hot mess tsunami. I can’t put my finger on it. I have one crazy theory. Okay DJ’s dad is innocent of killing SR’s dad. But what if the chairman is innocent also. I rewatched the first episode and I noticed that SR’s dad bags were packed in the warehouse like he was going to leave. What if his murderer is closer to home than we think. What if SR’s mom killed her dad? She hated all three of them.  So what if SR’s mom was stealing from the company(she stole from grandma it could happen). DJ’s dad said he was going to get to the bottom of it. Now SR’s dad was cheating on her. She killed to birds with one stone. I bet she got SR’s “uncle” to kill her husband and frame DJ’s dad. Of course she spent it loss all the insurance money and the business was going down hill and the chairman acquired it.

    3. ML’s dad I hope they talk about more. The uncle may have been involved in that or it could be Noel. 

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  6. I think they may extend this drama maybe like the second husband only due to maybe plot holes coming. 
    Part of me thinks that they change the storyline a bit. Something seems different I can’t put my finger on it. Oh well. 
    Here is what I think may go down. I think DJ will develop feelings for the chairman. They may imply that they slept together(they both got drunk or something like that).There is so long I married you to torture SR can go on for so long. I think that the chairman gets killed and then there is a high stakes game for control of the company. Maybe she becomes pregnant. The male lead marries her to gain control of the company. Due to the chairman changing his will. There is still a ways to go.
    I think SR kills the chairman on accident trying to kill DJ or she has Noel to help or she becomes an accomplice due to SR egging her on. 

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  7. think star wars GIF by Hyper RPG

    1.What if Noel is not as innocent? What if accidentally killed SR’s father and the Uncle is covering for her(memory loss? Keeping her away from FL’s dad?).

    The uncle seems like he doesn’t like to get his hands dirty. He had a miss opportunities to get rid of FL’s dad. He was busy keeping him away from Noel? Why is that?

    2. What if the TML’s mom is actually Noel. Noel said that they got married and divorce twice. What if the person he thought as his mom was really his stepmom?

    I like the fake marriage with the uncle. They play a convincing couple. They play well off each other. ( I can see them in one of those age gap dramas). This is how you get power and use according. She would not be able to be 10 steps ahead of SR if she married the ML. SR would still be more powerful since she married the TML. Unlike the past dramas like “The Second Husband”, “Bride of Vengeance” and “Miss MonteCrisco” where the whole marriage for power kind of fell flat. This I can get behind. 
    I think DJ called the Uncle. Didn’t he offer to help her if needed and he left his card when they went out to eat? I think he flew her to America for treatment. She still was in no condition to leave yet or toe to toe with SR. 
    The uncle has a plan for her but I don’t know what. 

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  8. I think they might be a time jump. But I think it will be the ML and FL will return married. Then we will have the TML try to break up the duo. FL flirting with the TML to make SR jealous. 
    DJ won’t get far with crutches. ML will catch her. Lol!

    I think that SR is adopted what if the uncle is her real father. They are obsessive and possessive. I just wanted to throw that out in the universe to stir the pot. lol.


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  9. Today was bittersweet. Little girl died and ML confessed his feelings again to DJ.

    I am going to give ML a pass for not telling DJ about little girl’s death it might have hindered her recovery she is almost ready to go. She was a mess when her father died.

    Also the SML gets a pass today to he is so heartbroken. I felt sorry for him. It wasn’t his fault. It’s SR. If she didn’t push DJ off the cliff this most likely would’ve not happened. Now she blames the SML because she can’t take accountability for anything it’s always someone else's fault. 
    Now the mystery who hit the little girl.

    1. TML when he left in the early morning he stated he was not sober yet.

    2. Which I think really happened. I think that it was SR. I think that SR was driving TML’s car or her car and wasn’t paying attention and hit the little girl. 
    I think karma would hurt more if SR killed her own daughter.  
    They are trying to make SR go insane.

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  10. I can’t wait. Let the fireworks begin. SR is crazy like she needs time in the looney bin for a while. I don’t think there is any redemption for her.

     Oh Seung-ah posted on her instagram how she did the cliff falling scene and underwater scene. Look cool. She did the cliff scene with wires and the underwater scene with a pool and a diver next to her. 
    I think they either edited or redid the water scene because in episode one if you look in her hand that was closed and opened when she was drowning there was an sd card. But now there is nothing when she opens her hand. Fixing a plot hole.

    I’m glad they had this episode before the weekend. I was getting tired waiting.

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  11. They could go two ways with the fake daughter.

    1. She dies 

    2. They do a DNA test and it shows that FL is not the mom and SML takes custody of her.

    Here is what I think I still think they are going kill off the fake daughter to move the story line forward. The FL has to lose everything to order to get revenge. Plus they are showing the real daughter more and more while the fake daughter is getting scenes here and there. So I’m thinking they are phasing her out slowish. I think keeping both will create a plot hole that would be hard to get out of.

    After “ drowning” she becomes a vengeful bride. So the second marriage will be a fake marriage or will it? FL could get married for real under the assumption of being the fiancé and sign real marriage papers. 

    So it’s a toss upon who she will be married too. ML or TML. I think SR’s karma is to married to SML and they both suffer each in misery from sickness to health all their life.

    I don’t want the TML to get hurt to bad. He is like a puppy. Look at his cheeks. So squishy. Staring Shiba Inu GIF


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  12. Here is what I think. I think that SR gets Jealous pushes FL off whatever it is and she “drowns”. A stranger rescues her. While she is in the hospital they call the ML who states he is her husband. He takes her to America for further treatment. There is a time jump a couple of months 6 at the most. ML comes back with FL as “wife”.  Now TML and SR maybe married(a marriage of convenience) but when FL comes back as ML’s wife he becomes obsessed and tries to break them up. SR becomes obsessed that the TML still has feelings for FL and tries to get back at FL.  FL uses her amnesia to get revenge. 

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  13. With today's episode here is what I’m thinking.

    1.subconsciously DJ knows that AN is her daughter. The way she held her.

    2. ML is going to spill the beans on the cheating duo to help DJ to get grandma to believe her about the adultery. He can fill in the gaps of the story. 
    3. I think that DJ is going to have a serious illness where a blood transfusion will save her either her bio mom or daughter or both will save her. With her fainting out of nowhere more often something is brewing. That also may contribute to her amnesia. Also I think that the uncle will use her amnesia as an advantage for what don’t know. 

    4. I think the player will get played. I think the TML is going to used SR and she won’t see it coming till the end. 

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  14. @maribellaSR stated in the episode that Song Se Yi is her real name(I find it odd that the FL named her daughter after her best friend from childhood close too).

    One thing I found odd. Cheater’s mom knows SR’s mom like they grew up together. So what are the odds that childhood friends meet up. Her son marries DJ who once was friends with SR and SR has an affair with DJ’s husband. Sounds fishy to me.

    The actress who plays the FL posted on instagram her scripts. Looks like they are up to episode 72. 
    FL either fakes amnesia she either marries the ML or the TML. She might marry the TML to get back at SR. I hope not I like him so far. 
    I like how the FL is acting smart and doing things her way. “The Second Husband” I didn’t like how the FL took credit for everything when basically all the ideas came from the ML or her friends. She would come in at the end and they would congratulate her on her plan. I was like she didn’t even come up with that idea. I hope the FL keeps it up. Makes things interesting.

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  15. Song Se Yi is FL’s fake daughter(cheater and SR’s daughter). FL’s dad was trying to tell ML that Song Se Yi was SR’s daughter with his dying breath.

    @kboramint I don’t think they have been found out just yet. I think that SR’s mom was found out to have her hands in the cookie jar one two many times(stealing money). Grandma found out most likely disowned them. 
    Burnie Burns Conspiracy GIF by Rooster Teeth

    I have been racking my brain trying to figure out who DJ marries. She is supposed to be a vengeful bride. 

    1. ML- number one contender. But he gets mushy when it comes to her. Plus they maybe saving him for the end

    2. TML- possible. But they have never met. Yet. So chances are slim. 
    3.Cheater- I don’t think she would touch him with a 10 foot pole. Slim to none.

    4. Uncle- A throw away thought but if could happen. Then she would be the Madam of the house and if SR marries the TML she can make her life miserable. Also her Bio mom would be jealous of her( how she acted when the uncle was looking at other women)

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  16. I thought of third element for a third marriage. Idea Brewing GIF by Out of Office
    A double wedding. FL and ML and then SR and SML. They get marriage at the same time. SR and SML get married 2nd and then ML and FL get married third . 
    There is no wedding without drama. 
    Will SR secret of being the fake heir come out after marriage or cheater husband  spills the beans and what will SML?

    Blackmail or divorce? Use her for his own evil plans we know nothing about yet?

    ML and FL will DJ regain her memory? 
    If she does will she seek revenge under the guise of amnesia to remain under the radar of the suspicious SR?.

    Most important the wedding dress will her mom make her dress knowing she is her real daughter  before or after the wedding?

    Suspense Nerding Out GIF by Nickelodeon


    sometimes I think I should write my own story? Lol! 

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  17. I think I figure it out.  I think DJ is getting set up to be drowned at the herb master place up on the mountain or whatever it’s at and there will a large body of water there waiting. 
    Now how? Could it be?

    Boss Grandma sends her on an errand and SR follows her? Pushes her in and leaves her for dead?

    SR lures her there( but she is not by herself criminal uncle or cheater is with her) by saying boss grandma told her to run this errand? Her partner in crime pushes her in?

    DJ arranges a meeting with SR to accuse her of killing her dad and SR admits to her evil deed. To silence DJ she pushes her in the river to kill her and she sees that she has not resurfaced leaving her for dead?

    Who will save the heroine? Season 9 Phoebe GIF by Friends

    Acting Schitts Creek GIF by CBC

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  18. Well? Hmm? Third Marriage element? If the second  husband has taught us. It’s not always the main couple and/or timeline is screwed up. So?

    1. Noel- married to FL dad then married and divorce the uncle twice so he could be consider the third marriage(uncle’s obsessive and possessive love for Noel started this hot mess in motion. He missed his first chance and he got a second chance with her with the falling out with Noel and FL’s dad and SFL’s dad and bonus got rid of competition. 
    2. ML and FL we’re both married and now divorce. One marriage for both and when they get married it could be considered a third marriage. 
    This could be a way there is a third marriage element for both. 

    @Ameera Ali if could happen with SML but he way to self centered. He would have to meet her somehow. That might be a stretch. 

    think star wars GIF by Hyper RPG

    What if she gets rescue by none of them. A complete stranger saves her. She wakes up from small time lapse.( where she is consider dead there is a funeral and everything). She has a whole new identity. Now remember that blogger/vlogger at the beginning who filmed her and the ML. What if she sees that footage online and she is like maybe he knows who she is and looks for the person who filmed her. So she returns to town and people see but they feel like they are seeing a ghost. ML sees her first and figures out she is DJ and helps her get her memories back. Or the real daughter sees her first. I think she would have to marry the ML to get into the lion’s to get revenge on SR and help ML get revenge on the uncle.

    or even wilder cheating husband saves her and marries her again because she has amnesia and doesn’t remember the divorce and he mad at SR and also doesn’t want the ML to have her.  But the ML helps her regain her memories and she sets out for revenge. I still think the fake daughter will died even though she is cute. Her death would move the plot on. Anyway she divorces cheating husband again and married the main lead. 


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