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  1. Too tired tonight to watch with subs. Will do so tomorrow. Glad to read people saying they liked it better with subs though. Hopefully I will feel the same. Honestly I think a lot of the problem was we all got our hopes up too high after the pajamas/bed pic and the child storybook pic. Lol. But also I really hate when the main couple mentions having  children in a drama but then they don't follow through and show us the couple with children at the end. 

    This is kind of off topic (but has to do with my thoughts on most kdramas). I will write something briefly about the movie Yesterday which is currently in theatres here. Read at your own risk as it contains a spoiler from the movie...


    I left this movie thinking "this is what the k-dramas need to give us at the end!" The movie ended with showing a sequence of the main couple with two adorable children. Why is it so hard for k-dramas to give us this?!? Lol really good movie though definitely recommend.


    So anyways one last question...

    Does anyone know if the OST will be available for purchase? I would love to have a hard copy of it to listen to in the car and such. Please please. :)

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  2. Okay, I'm going to try and be happy. Even though I'm still annoyed by this literally last second happy ending. I would've liked them to reunite maybe on the beach where she did the rainbow dance for him. I mean the bench is a good spot too. I'm happy for Dan that he got his wish to be human. Really happy. Still want more time with him as human though. I suppose we are all gonna be feeling this way. 

    If anyone wants to try and translate the final voice over from Dan, I'm curious what he said. 

    Do we think JKW is going to be interested in Nina at all now? Sure looked like it. But that'd just be weird after everything.

    And poor Elena got completely dumped to the wayside lol. Oh well she was weird anyways. 

    Is anyone still worried about RuNa in the future? That b**** is crazy. Hopefully she got a life sentence in prison!


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  3. She starts crying. He reaches over to wipe her tears. For a minute she thinks she can feel him. Now she thinks she's really going crazy. Like she can really feel him. She's questioning if he's really there. She stands up and he does too. She reaches out. She can feel his heart beat. Omg!! His feather disappeared!!! His heart is beating. Did he finally become human?!?! Thank goodness!!!!! He seems shocked and she reaches up and hugs him. They embrace. Voiceover by Dan. He became human but not before the writer gave put us through complete HELL. Over a show about an Angel! No kiss or happy ending sequence with kids or anything grrr. Oh well we have to use our imaginations! 

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  4. Back at her home, YS is going on rampages against the house staff again. She's back to her old ways. She seems desperate for Dan. She goes outside and sits on their favorite bench in the rain. Ms Butler comes and holds an umbrella over her head. She comes inside. Okay she's talking like Dan is still there. Oh these are flashbacks. She has been speaking to Dan who is not there. Ms Butler has brought a psychiatrist I think. YS has been given pills. But she's also drinking alcohol with Ms Butler. 

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  5. I guess time has passed. YS has returned to the ballet company, still working with JKW. They meet with reporters. Then go into an office and talk a little while. I guess about Dan. I still can't stop crying. 

    Inside the rehearsal room. All the dancers are reading about the trials of the evil family I guess. RuNa sits in a prison cell. Not sure what happened to aunt. YS comes to see RuNa. I still can't stop crying. I guess the only way for them to be together now is if YS dies and they meet in heaven? I don't want this. Anyways YS leaves RuNa with harsh words, just angering her even more. 

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  6. Wait it was a dream right? Why they confusing me like this. 

    We see Angel Dan and YS return home. But still a dream right? Ahh I'm confused. 

    Flashback of Dan after he disappears. He went to an all white place and received a scroll to read. He's reading the scroll aloud in his head. 

    He's telling all this to YS. 

    Scenes of them together now. Planting flowers and watching scary movies together. Dan freaking out. YS laughing at him. Playing Jenga together. Flicking foreheads. So happy. He's in bed, reading her a bedtime story. Guys they are totally fooling us. I just know this is a dream!

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  7. A new day. JKW and Ms Butler at her side. She's off the ventilator. But still not awake. Ms Butler is crying and upset. She must think Angel Dan just ran off. That's right she doesn't know the truth does she? Oddly, Angel Dan's handkerchief is still by her side. The feather still sparkles. It isn't turned black. JKW seems confused about this. 


    Dream sequence. Angel Dan entering YS room. She wakes up. Is so happy and sits up. She hugs him. Of course just a dream. No lean over and kiss scene yet.

    End of first half. 

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  8. RuNa in her jail cell. She begs the guard for news about the ballet. He reads off something about Nina. She seems happy but then he plays some audio clip for her. Now she's upset. So I dunno if Nina is performing or not. Guess not. 


    Back to YS in hospital. Nina shows up with flowers. She doesn't go inside the room. Just leaves the flowers outside her door. Time is passing. Days it seems are passing. No change in YS. No Angel Dan. 

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  9. At the hospital, aunt and uncle bring flowers for YS. Ms Butler throws them on the floor and yells at them (good). Flashback to aunt talking to Angel Dan. Aunt has made it into YS' room. Still remembering Angel Dans words. Aunt and uncle kneel down in front of her bed. Really? You tried to poison her. Kneeling ain't gonna be enough. Throw their butts in jail please. Aunt is begging forgiveness. You weren't crying when you tried to poison her. Oh ok police detective is there too. Throw em in jail. They leave. Ms Butler left with YS. She holds her hand and cries. 

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  10. Scene fades out. Fades back in. YS is in a coma now it seems. JKW is sitting with her. He puts Dan's handkerchief in her hands. He recites Dan's last words to her it seems. Ms Butler walks in. She tells him to go do the final performance of Giselle I think. He goes to the studio. The dancers are rehearsing. Nina seems hesitant. JKW seems to be convincing them to perform. Not sure. The dancers are supporting Nina. 

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  11. Back to hospital. Angel Dan and JKW speaking a little bit to each other now. This must be where JKW is asking Angel Dan so are you human now? It's 1130. Time is almost up for the day. What is going to happen? Angel Dan must think he's going to disappear now. He hands the handkerchief to JKW. He's crying. I'm crying. Let's all cry this entire episode. 

    YS still in surgery. 

    Angel Dan kneels down. Preparing for his judgment. The clock is at 1159. YS is being revived with the heart shock thing. Dan is disappearing. Hes halfway disappeared. He completely vanishes, as YS heart fully stops. She flatlines and he's gone. 

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  12. Begins with flashbacks of their sweet moments together. Then we see YS collapsing in Angel Dan's arms off stage. And cut to her being rushed into the hospital. Dan has to let go as she's taken into surgery. His handkerchief, now covered in her blood, lies on the floor at his feet. He lifts it up. She's in surgery while Angel Dan just stares at the emergency doors, remembering Hu's words that YS must die. JKW walks up to him but remains silent. 

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  13. Good morning, it's almost time!

    Bear with me, I just want to make a few comments without having read through the forum since yesterday morning. After having watched with subs, yesterday's episode was even more beautiful in my mind. I liked (well, maybe like is not the correct word) how both Angel Dan and YS were stabbed in the same place and both fell into each other's arms. Tragic, yet beautiful. Mad props to YS for continue to dance on stage, essentially dancing to her death. I realized with subs that she was dancing because she believed if she danced beautifully enough, God would have mercy on her and Angel Dan. Even though her actions were purely selfless, and she was absolutely begging for Angel Dan to be saved, she also spoke the words aloud in her head "I want to live. I don't want to die" similar to how she did at the beginning of the show after the car accident. It broke my heart. Of course she wants to live with her beloved Angel Dan. I found myself wanting to beg to God to have mercy on them too, and it's just a dang fictional show lol. 

    So anyways, I'm curious how today will play out. I wonder if when Dan steps into her hospital room to kiss her, will he be invisible, like at the beginning of the show? I feel he will disappear, at least at some point for a little while. But I also feel confident that he will return. As for JKW, for a long time I thought it'd be best if he were granted an afterlife with Matil or something of the sort. Now he's said he wants to live. He's driven me completely bonkers throughout this entire show with his ridiculous pursuit of YS. However, I hope now he can be granted a "true" human life (mortal) and live the rest of his days directing the ballet. *If* everything works out happily for Angel Dan and YS, do you think YS will continue dancing? I know dance is her passion, so part of me wants her to continue. But maybe first her and Angel Dan can take a long hiatus and leave for some place quiet and relaxing for a while, where they can just enjoy each other's company. 

    There have been so many memorable scenes from this show. I mean, pretty much every episode had at least 1 if not more than 1 super memorable scene. What has been everyone's favorite? Honestly, all of them have touched me in one way or another. I suppose my favorite was when YS told Angel Dan that she could just quit dancing for everyone else and only dance for him the rest of her life. Also the kiss in the rain that led to the bed scene was beautiful. Also, the childhood memory of the rainbow dance. Okay, let's face it there were too many beautiful moments to choose just one favorite. 

    All right, just a few minutes to go. Hugs to all, let's hope for the best!!! 

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  14. My heart hurts. I shouldn't have watched today's episode either. How to wait another 24 hrs? I *really* thought that Nina would somehow be killed on stage. Kudos to the writer for the twists and turns today. Though I really hate whenever the bad guy (or girl in this case) magically escapes from police. I would've liked it better if RuNa really was the devil in disguise and then could teleport with the snap of a finger like Hu could. I'm proud of Dan for not giving in to her temptation, though I'm pretty sure if he knew before the cops came that RuNa had stabbed YS, he would've stabbed the shiiii* out of her. But maybe not. I was a little confused. Did Nina go on stage at all today? I thought she was up there the beginning of the 2nd half? But then suddenly she was in the locker room with YS and YS was back out there. Really interested to see all the subs, esp the voice overs.

    Any predictions on how this will wrap up? I hope we get wrap ups for all the story lines, by the way. Sometimes characters fall away like they didn't ever exist, and I don't like that. I even want to know what's up with Elena haha. 

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