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  1. I just got around to watching ep2 with subs since I've been super busy. I see I am way behind on the thread too. I had this thought, and it probably has already been brought up, but what if Angel Dan doesn't know he used to be human? That would be a good albeit very sad twist. Imagine if he didn't and he finds out about his life (childhood I guess mostly) and how he died, gosh. It's going to be hard to hear about his human death esp if it happened when he was a child. Speaking of childhood, In the childhood flash back scene at the end of ep 2, is young YS just saving him from falling into a rain puddle or from something much worse? I cannot tell. My other question from ep2 is whether YS can see his angel wings. I guess not and she is back to being nearly completely blind while she adjusts to the new eyes? Or maybe she cannot see them for some angelic reason. But if she saw them this early on it would lead to too many questions so I'm guessing she doesn't know. Has anyone mentioned thinking of the movie City of Angels when watching the show? I can't help but think about it and then I start wanting to ball my eyes out. I hope it doesn't have a similar ending omg it better not. I will catch up on the thread soon! Sorry if I repeated what's already been said
  2. Was it mentioned for sure that at some point Dominique is going to recognize fake Veronica and play along with it? That would lead to assume that he will not be so angry about the deception. But I'm not sure if that was mentioned just as speculation or if it was something stated by production as fact. Then I thought if he doesn't realize the fake Veronica, how could it be revealed? Isn't there a still shot of GH dressed like Veronica and the real Veronica wearing the same outfit and standing right next to her? That could be a scene for revelation hmmm. I wonder if at some point, Gal Hee will ditch the red cardigan and he'll still recognize her, but she won't realize "hey he's seeing me without my cardigan on." Actually, Dominique might not realize he's doing so either. That could be cute. So many curiosities how this will play out. Yes I'm starting to think about this show a lot. Obsession starting uh ohs....
  3. It's finally Saturday here and I got to watch eps 5&6. I love this couple so much! I like the added twist that Dominique can see GH's face but not her facial expressions. It made the end of ep 6 so heartbreaking though because she was really sad and crying but she said she was smiling from ear to ear What is this book they mentioned now, Confessions of Adam and Eve was it? Mark Twain did it say? I've noticed it's part of the opening sequence and each chapter is titled something Adam or Eve. Now I need to read the cliffs notes for this book. Maybe it will give some clues hahah. I really loved every time GH was pouting to Dominique to not go see Veronica. He definitely heard her. Is he really clueless as to her feelings? And gosh his feelings too. My favorite scenes in episode 6, 1. The hug of course! 2. When he sent her home from the hotel suite and he double checked on her through the peephole of the door. That was super cute. So...will Dominique realize his feelings and confess to GH before he finds out about the Veronica thing? Do we think he's going to actually meet the real Veronica? I could see him meeting her and her acting way different and him being totally confused. That could be fun. I just don't want him to be super upset when he learns about fake Veronica. No heartbreaks pleaseeeee. Does anyone out there still think Dominique already knows about fake Veronica? I know that theory was spinning and even I said I thought he did, but now I don't think so anymore. Just wondering if anyone still thought that out there? So what's up with the actress who plays her secretary friend who knows the driver? I read she's being axed from the show. Will her character be recast? I'm sure you all are up on it though. Speaking of the driver, he's one of the bad guys, but he looks so innocent hahah. I will read through the thread in a while and catch up! I can't wait for the next episodes!
  4. We are getting some dance sequences now. Ballet practice and such. NiNa is practicing hard, think she feels threatened by YS. Second lead artistic director is watching her and when she falls and hurts her ankle, he comes and massages it. She eyes him like maybe she likes him already?? They don't have a love line tho do they? He likes YS right. He goes back to his office and looks at his chart with YS' picture on it. He makes a phone call but it froze so I dunno what was said. Meanwhile we get a scene with evil director/NiNas mom who is in her bedroom and venting furiously to her husband most likely about the new artistic director and YS etc. My stream came back and we are back at the mansion. Think YS was scolding her staff again and this time Angel Dan intervened probably like what are you doing you crazy girl give your staff a break. He releases the staff from her scolding and now they are bickering back and forth. Stream froze again. It's nighttime now and raining. YS reaches her hand out the window to feel the rain and recalls the day in the park with the strange man she felt but couldn't see. Meanwhile Angel Dan is outside doing work when suddenly his wings pop out and he sees his reflection and freaks out like why are my wings out lol. At the same time YS calls him from upstairs on his little alarms. He runs and hides. Now he's furiously trying to get his angel wings to disappear lol. Meanwhile YS is coming for him. We can hear her walking stick coming down the hallway. Dun dun dun. Did he run out the window with his wings on? I missed it. But she's staring at the broken glass now and having flash back to when she went blind and starting to freak out a little. I missed some but she looked up and saw a chandelier about to fall on her head and suddenly Angel Dan swooped in and protected her with his angel wings. Awww. There was a brief flash back to when I assume they were kids and he was falling in the rain and she dropped her umbrella and ran up and caught him. Awww my heart. Episode ended with them just staring at each other.
  5. Poor Angel Dan. Think he was given all this paperwork slash homework and an alarm for every time she calls him. He's tired from reading thru the paperwork all night when she calls him. My stream is freezing but it seems funny like she's making him do karate and get beat up in front of her. May be she wants to make him strong so he can protect her lol. Think we are getting a montage of scenes. Angel Dan is getting to see how demanding she is with her staff. Like making them pick up a single hair off the floor. Think his voiceover is saying "how am I gonna find this nasty girl love in 100 days" lol I dunno just a guess
  6. Well there's some big scene going on at the ballet studio. The second lead enters as the new artistic director. He has some words with Ni Na, I think criticizing her performance? Then I think he mentions wanting to bring back YS to which NiNa reacts in shock. Now he's having a meeting with NiNas sister and mother, the evil ladies. They don't seem pleased with him although I'm assuming they're the ones who brought him on board so I dunno. Meanwhile our Angel Dan has arrived at the mansion with his mission leaf. He meets people who are leaving the mansion after job interviewing with her and they're all shook up hehe. The woman head of her staff is scolding her for being so picky I guess. So this is a replacement for Mr Jo's position then ? Omo here comes Angel Dan. He's a cutie. Ooh YS notices his handkerchief and somehow remembers the one she had even tho she couldn't see it. Whatever Angel Dan says reminds her of something Mr Jo said. What is he doing now. He's being cute whatever he's doing. I think he's pleading his case with her. She looks like she has a headache. He gets up to leave and is very dramatic about exiting. He makes her angry and she gets up to follow him. He's outside talking to himself and being crazy lol. But head of staff lady runs out and tells him you got the job. So I'm very confused about her eyesight. It appears to be back but I saw her walking stick next to her while she was doing the job interviews. So maybe it's just still blurry? I missed some parts plus lack of subs doesn't help.
  7. I guess Angel Dan has been locked out of the church for good now. His outfit has been changed from the all white angel outfit to a plain black suit. The older woman/head of YS' staff returns home and finds YS sleeping on the floor. I think she scolds her for running away like that. I missed something but she's in her bed now and an in home doctor is talking to her. I think she's getting a lot better. She seems in shock though. Sorry I'm not sure.
  8. YS has made her way on her own thru the hospital and to the funeral room for Mr Jo. Angel Dan has followed her there. He does some more voiceovers probably offering more sage advice or words of wisdom. YS is having memories of Mr Jo. She looks lost and helpless not sure if she got his eyes. She wanders aimlessly outside the hospital. I think Angel Dan's love mission had a name but he didn't realize the girl he's been following is her, YS, till he heard her name from a nurse? Outside YS gets into a taxi just as second lead male (I need to learn his name) is arriving. They miss each other. He goes to her hospital room but she's gone. She has taken a taxi cab somewhere. It's dark so I'm not sure if it's her mansion house or what. She goes to a big tv and pulls out a DVD and turns it on. It's her at a ballet competition as a child. Her dad is filming and she's running into Mr Jo's arms happily. Now in present time she's recalling her final words to Mr Jo. She realizes how hurtful she was and completely breaks down. Very sad. Ok I'm glad someone else is recapping here cuz this stream is driving me bonkers and I'm ready to give up on it lol.
  9. Ok now it's working again lol. Wonky stream. Don't worry it will stop again I'm sure. And I was totally wrong. Angel Dan did get a mission on the leaf! And YS doesn't fully have her vision back. It is blurry. Ok so there was a child who definitely saw Angel Dan but then when he went to the hospital it didn't seem like anyone could see him or maybe they were all too busy. And YS walked right by him, albeit with blurred vision so I just don't know.
  10. Well, Angel Dan got lightning zapped back to the church front steps after bringing the car back onto the bridge. He got locked out of the church and is now in trouble with the senior angel. He got taken somewhere new, an all white room. The senior angel receives a scroll and reads it to Angel Dan. (While this is happening, the second male lead drove up on the accident scene and called for help. Our ballerina is in the operating room now). Angel Dan gets his mission. I think he was surprised to still be in one piece and alive lol. They are back in the church now. Meanwhile YS is out of surgery. I missed it but I guess she can see again. Also Angel Dan can be seen by everyone now and he's happy cuz when leaves fall on him they don't contain missions anymore. Okay so I wanted to recap and my stream worked for like 5 minutes but that's it, it's frozen again! If it starts working again I'll add more. Sorry!!
  11. Lots of good points being made on here for things I had totally forgotten about! The writing might be on the weak side and some things not making sense (it was weird when HJ asked online about a fake pregnancy test and YC messaged her back literally 5 seconds later lol) but all that said I'm still really interested in the show because of all the questions I have. Hopefully when the answers come out they will at least make sense heh. So are we all pretty much leaning towards Shady Seo as being the true killer of SY? Cuz I know I am.
  12. I just watched the first episode with subs. Boy I really started tearing up at the end. The scene was so beautiful and tragic. Yeon Seo is really relatable to me at least like when I faced a lot of depression. Feeling like everything/everyone is against you, pitying yourself, saying you want to die...but then when faced with death, you realize you don't really want to die, you want to live. Man it's like, I get that. I really hate that Mr Jo is gonna be dead and her last words to him were "stop acting like my father" because you can see how much Mr Jo cared for her. She's going to be real heartbroken over that. We haven't found out how her parents died yet, have we? I was kind of confused on the relationship between her and the director of the company/aunt/distant cousin/evil lady...do they actually have a familial relationship or not? The same with Ni Na...are her and Yeon Seo related? As for our angel Dan, he has such a kind heart, so I hope he doesn't get too punished for saving YS. I guess his punishment is going to be finding her love. Will he become visible to all the humans during that time period then, I wonder...I guess we'll find out tomorrow. Also I'm very curious when and how he died. It seems like he was appointed protector of animals around his current age. If he died as a child, what's he been up to till now? Maybe children cannot be angels. I hope they explain it. I wonder if we will get to meet the deity aka God in the series at all. Oh yeah, one more thing, the OSTs are going to be amazing! Looking forward to episode 2!
  13. I was able to catch the very end. It was sad. Someone rigged their car and the father got into the accident with her in the backseat (sorry I don't know character names yet). I think her father died but she was still alive. The angel I think came to bless the car and walk away but then he could hear her talking? Well she was talking and he started freaking out and covering his ears like he didn't want to hear her. Then there was a brief flashback. Perhaps our angel and ballerina knew each other as children, when he was still human? Anyways the car fell off the bridge and then it was like time stopped and the angel swooped down to save her. It was a really pretty scene but it seemed really sad too. I can't wait to read the subs and of course watch the rest of the show so I have some clue as to what's going on!!
  14. I just watched 5 & 6. Let me write some questions/thoughts, then I will go back and read through the thread... - In the flashback HJ was having...I was very confused. Were there 3 kids or only 2? I couldn't tell if first we got a flash back of her and her brother watching their mom getting beat up (as little kids) and then it cut to HJ as a teenager getting beat up, or if the teenager was getting beat up in front of the little kids? If it's the latter, then was HJ the littlest girl or the teenager? And then who would be the 2nd girl? The sequence was hard for me to follow even the 2nd time around... - When did HJ learn that SY had been revived too? Clearly she told YC about it, but I don't even remember her learning about it in the first place ?? Did I completely miss it. Probably, this show is making me miss lots of stuff. - The different photos have me all kinds of confused - in the new photo we were shown, we were supposed to focus on the kid in the foreground or the one standing all aloof in the background? I need a screen shot of that photo... - Why didn't YC kill HJ when he found her again? He clearly wants her dead. Did they make a new deal? I don't trust HJ at all, although I do understand if her motive is fear of YC. - Is HJ's mother still alive? Did YC send a pic of her to HJ? That part went quickly... - Ummm why was the landlady revived into a man? When I saw the face when she fainted I thought dang she looks rough. Then it was revealed she was now a man? Eh? - Who was the other girl YC killed in the bathtub? Any significance or just another one of his unlucky victims? - Shady Seo....definitely working with YC now we know also his son...it also *appears* he was the 2nd person present at SY's murder (and I feel like the one who actually did the killing but we'll see)...I don't get his motives for helping YC, though, it seems YC trained him to be a fighter from a young age. From what we know, he hasn't been present at any of the other murders besides SY (if indeed it was him there), so it's not like he's just pure evil like dear old dad. Hmmmm. - Lastly I'll just say I did laugh real hard when CM woke up and thought he had become a woman. I also loved SY's little gazes at him when he was speaking the foreign languages. She was thinking the same thing I was, dang he's pretty sexy being all boss man like that (same with in the LAN meeting, we like a guy who can take charge). - And also lastly I feel so sad for SY and the scene with her parents and afterwards when CM was like it's different for you than it was for me...they might not accept you as being their daughter *cries* - But why oh why did SY want to move back into the apartment where she was killed?? Anyways I can't believe we still have 10 episodes to go! I have no idea what's gonna happen except probably some more people getting killed and more people getting revived lol, that's as far as my guessing goes with this show!
  15. I don't know anything about the male leads, but I like the female lead and the story looks interesting, so...I'm in! Let's do this
  16. Has he brought her flowers yet or is this from a scene we haven't seen yet? *I haven't watched yesterday's or today's episodes yet* Anyways I'm looking forward to the scene whenever it happens
  17. I've missed too much to properly recap. It appears to me SY knew the phone was bugged (maybe it was HJ's phone?) And lured YC to her as she was dressed as HJ? K nope I have no idea what happened there! Lol I missed too much. I think she got dead CM's body and dressed it like a girl lol and so YC went in the hospital room with the abyss ball and accidentslly revived CM who was dressed like a girl lol this show
  18. HJ hides her face under the umbrella. He goes to help her up but she runs off. She runs into SY. Dude HJ get it together. Okay cut to HJ and SY inside now talking about what happened. I wanted to see SY chase down that evil YC . HJ seems like she was going to open up to SY about her childhood but she couldn't do it and ran off... Oh shizzz does YC have SY's phone bugged?? Ahh what is going on
  19. HJ and SY are in a taxi following YC...detective park was watching from a big cctv screen and giving thrm directions but now I don't know what's going on. Detective park got called away I guess and they had to give up the chase... I'm not sure how much HJ knows at this point but she seems to be cooperating with SY... Ok maybe they did successfully follow YC. YC is walking around with the abyss ball while SY is running around in the rain. Her and HJ split up. SY spots YC and the ball first. But then HJ spots him. She gets a glimpse of his face and remembers being held captive and then run over by the truck. She realizes it's the same man and falls down. YC turns around.....commercials lol
  20. Landlady tries to pretend like she didn't see anything and leave but he grabbed her from behind with a knife in his hand. The show is not turning down the violence.... YC is digging a grave for the landlady now. The abyss is throbbing. He threw the ball right next to the lady's body. Lol guess it's gonna work on her! But what happened to the body of the first person he killed? Hmmm YC that dumb idiot killer buried the lady with the abyss ball. Is he really so dumb not to realize the abyss ball is something magical? He watches in shock as the ground starts to move. Zombie apocalypse! Oh wait it's not that kind of show...heh
  21. Ok it appears YC killed someone else. I can't tell who he killed. A woman it seems was lying bloody in a bathtub. YC was sitting on a bed when the abyss ball started to throb. The woman must have died at that moment. Someone is banging on the door. He opens it. It is some landlady I guess. He lets her in. But he leaves. Ummm there's blood splatter all over the wall. The landlady sees it but we don't see her discovering the body. Instead we see YC outside and leaving. Hmmmmmm. I'm missing a lot sorry. Oh shizzz is YC gonna kill the landlady too? Yes I think he is. Dang he's killing people left and right....
  22. Caught a flashback. It was a dream HJ was having. Think she was a kid with another kid. I guess they were watching their mom get beat up tho to be honest the women getting beat looked more like a teenage girl! It must have been HJ's mom unless it was HJ being beat up but then who were the kids? And if it were HJ then she got a whole new face. Anyways the man doing the beating up was definitely YC. We didn't see his face but heard his evil voice.
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